The White Door: Day 7 Walkthrough Guide

The White Door
By: Rusty Lake / Second Maze

The White Door is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Rusty Lake. It ties into the whole Cube Escape and Rusty Lake universe. It’s generally easier than their previous games, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. This section is for Day 7. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Day 7:

You can watch my video of Day 7 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Turn the handle and slide open the door. You’re now Robert visiting the corrupted soul in bed.

2. Time to add color to the room! Go to the dinner cart and move the red items to the left and the green items to the right. Then eat them all.

3. Press the red button to bring color back to that wall.

4. Open the window to see that only part of it is colored in. Also, make note of the bird’s coloring.

5. Eat your breakfast to bring back color to that area.

6. Go to the computer and do your memory training. You need to use the arrow keys to fill in all the spaces with color. You can only touch each space once, so it has to be one continuous line. The first one is easy, but I’ve drawn a path for the others. The window will fill in a little more.

7. Flush the toilet and then clean the mirror with the towel to bring back color to that area.

8. Open the recreational box and color the bird the way you saw it in the window.

(Achievement Alert! Open the bottom dresser drawer and color in your ID photo to get another star/achievement.)

9. Now the window is colored in. Go to it and tap the bird to make it fly away. The shadow will walk up to the bench. Tap it. That will make the shadow get out of bed. Tap it so it walks towards Robert. Then match his hand to the the shadow’s hand to take his place.

10. Tuck Robert into bed to start Dream 7, “The Bird.”

11. Tap and hold to start walking.

(Achievement Alert! Tap each of the trees you see, including the one to the right of the bench. Then, when you get to the robin in the tree, tap on Harvey the parrot before tapping the robin. The image Sarah draws will be the Rusty Lake Hotel instead of the robin. Close the book and you’ll get the star/achievement.)

12. When you get to the woman on the bench, tap and hold again.

13. Tap the bird twice to make it fly away.

14. Pull her hand down to her notebook. Then pull her eyes down. Pull her hand away from the drawing and then close the book.

15. Close her eyes and then watch the credits. That’s all for the main game!

And that’s the end of Day 7! Click here to continue to Sarah’s Day or choose another day below.

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