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Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. I have a generic guide here, but wanted to break things down into more specific ones. There are lots of spirits to collect that get added to your constellations and some can be tricky to find. This guide will show you where all the Season of Belonging spirits are found. The season is over, but each spirit may return as a Traveling Spirit in the future, and this is how you can find them.

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Season of Belonging Spirits:

NOTE: Scroll down to see a chart made by @sky_tea11 that shows the cost of all the different items available this season. He asks that you not post it anywhere else without permission.

1. Daylight Prairie — Confetti Cousin:

The Daylight Prairie spirit is first, and can be found in the butterfly fields. Just fly up to the top of the round cave where the Butterfly Catcher spirit is found. Just light it to get it started.

This is the easiest of the spirits to catch, as you just have to collect enough flowers before the timer runs out. Others can help, so it should go fast.

The statue is near the exit that leads to the bell towers. The spirit’s expression is Confetti.

2. Isle of Dawn, Boogie Kid – Dance:

The Isle of Dawn seasonal spirit can be seen from the where you’re standing before you release the call to get to the temple. There’s a cave in the distance with clouds between you and it.

Here’s how to get to it. Release a call and fly up to the temple. Then, walk to the right side of the temple and look for a tunnel inside some clouds.

Fly through the tunnel and you’ll land on the island where you need to solve a two-person puzzle to access the spirit.

The spirit starts right in front of the door. Light it up, then have a friend help you open the two-player door.

Head inside. Have two people light the two stones on the main floor to open the ceiling. Chase the spirit and he’ll head up through that hole in the ceiling.

Then have one player get up on the little hill and light the third stone, which will bring the elevator down. Someone has to keep lighting it until the other player gets on the elevator.

Have the person on the elevator light the stone in the center to hold the elevator for the other players. When everyone’s on the elevator, stop lighting it and it will go up.

Get off the elevator on the second floor. Follow the path to another two-player door and unlock it to reveal a jar. Melt the wax cover to let loose the butterflies.

Head back down to the center of the room. Call the butterflies to help carry you up through the ceiling to the top of the cave.

Chase the spirit and follow it through the tunnel.

Follow the path and keep going until you see the statue.

Light the statue to release the spirit and get the Dance expression. It’s the cutest!

3. Valley of Triumph, Sparkler Cousin – Sparklers:

For this spirit, complete either race in the valley. Head inside the temple at the end. To the left, there’s a gate that requires one Golden Wasteland spirit to get through. The seasonal spirit is inside there.

Light the spirit to get it started.

This is an escort quest, so you need to carry the light to each form of the spirit until you reach its statue. There’s a time limit, but it’s super generous and shouldn’t be a problem.

Follow the path to meet its next form on the staircase that splits off to the left and right. Take the right staircase up.

Continue through the opening to the next room and up a spiral staircase.

Continue through the next opening and drop down to a crab pit. There’s another staircase down here. Take it up and head through the next opening to find the spirit again.

Here there’s another opening and another drop. Drop down to the second crab pit to meet the next spirit form.

Continue along the path back to the main hall with the double-staircase.

This time, take the left staircase up.

Continue through the opening and along the path to a small staircase that leads to the Winged Light and the next spirit form.

Continue along the path to the exit.

Down below, near the meditation spot, you’ll find the final form and the statue. Burn it and then get the Sparklers expression!

4. Vault of Knowledge, Wise Grandparent – Pensive Stance:

For this spirit, enter the Vault of Knowledge and find the 2-person door up on the right. Get someone to help you open it and go through.

There’s a gate inside that requires one Vault spirit to open.

Continue through until you see the spirit. There will be a short cutscene. Then just follow the spirit through the maze.

Follow the spirit up the floating platforms and through the opening.

Just keep following him. It’s pretty straightforward. Go down the two holes.

And past the ladder.

At the end, light the statue and you’ll get the Pensive Pose.

5. Golden Wasteland, Pleaful Parent – Plead / Don’t Go:

This spirit is found in the graveyard/boneyard with multiple krills roaming around. The starting point is the crab pit. It’s also the ending point. It’s off to the right, a little past the catapult.

You have limited time to get to the end point, so take friends with you! The crabs also drain the spirit if you let them.

The emote is Plead!

6. Hidden Forest, Head Pat:

The Head Pat spirit is in the Sunny Forest area, where you find the new caverns.

Here’s how to get to the Sunny Forest area. It’s through a gate that requires all eight Hidden Forest spirits.

To get to the new caverns area in the forest, head left of the bridge and through the hole in a tree.

You’ll then encounter a platform that two or more people need to stomp on to get through. Or it might be open already and then you’ll just see a hole. Note that while it’s fun to drop down, you can take damage from hitting walls. So try and slow down.

The spirit will be on a small hill on the other side of that tunnel.

Burn all the wax on the jars to release the butterflies. Then call the butterflies to lift you up.

Use the mushroom caps to get up to the ledge to the next spirit form. Then continue through the hole to the main caverns area.

Follow the spirit up the large mossy structure in front of you. Then follow it across the gap to a small outcropping with a door.

Here you need a friend to open the door and hold it open for you. Then head through and hold the door open for them from the other side.

Once you’re both through, find the next spirit form.

Head down the stairs and open the door. Go through to find the next spirit form.

Now, head across to all the mushroom caps and use them to get higher up. There’s a flame at the top that will recharge you instantly. Use that as a jumping off point to get to the larger structure surrounded by birds.

Go inside the cave and call the butterflies to lift you up.

While in the air, look for another cave opening. Head out through there to find the last spirit form and the statue.

Burn the statue and then collect the Head Pat expression.


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