Veritas: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

By: Glitch Games

Veritas is the latest puzzle adventure game from Glitch Games. You wake up in a locked room without any idea how you got there. It turns out you’re in a facility called Veritas Industries, though you can’t remember much. You need to solve puzzles and make your way from room to room to figure out what’s going on. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Now we’re in a new area with several options. There’s a puzzle on the floor and a keypad on the wall. Ignore both for now and head through the right door. Keep going straight. When you come to a room with the option to go straight ahead or down to the lab, first go straight ahead. Two big doors will open. Notice the strange machine in front of you and the error code. Read note 9/16. There’s also a slot to place something.

2. Go through the left door to to the viewing room. Notice the door is closed and there’s a cross on it. Also, one light is lit up. If you go back and then through the right door to the viewing room, you can see the other side of that same cross door. Take a photo of it.

3. Now go back to the left door and press the door controls so the next two lights are lit up. Then go back to the right door and take a photo of the cross. Then do the same thing for the last three lights.

4. Go back and this time head down to the lab. Keep going until you see a body. Examine the toe tag to see it’s Philip Latane and that number again — 0896. Also, pick up the QR piece.

5. Keep walking straight ahead until you see some QR codes on the wall. Take photos of them, as they’re clues we’ll use later.

6. Continue ahead through the next door to the lab. Take a photo of the blue test tubes on the table.

7. Examine the second table. Pick up the QR piece and get the padlock key from the drawer.

8. Go back to the first room of this chapter. Instead of taking a right, go through the left door. Zoom in on the blue lights on the left side. Use the clue from the blue test tubes to solve the puzzle. Then take the light switch and read note 8/16.

9. Continue ahead to a locked gate. Use the padlock key to open the padlock. Go through.

10. The main thing to notice here is the box with the FRAGILE stickers on it. Take a photo, because it’s a clue.

11. Open the box and take the sponge. Also, read note 7/16.

12. While here, zoom in on the locker and then take the QR piece.

13. Go back a bit and through the door to the Observation Room. Replace the light switch and turn it on.

14. Now you can see what’s in the room. Read note 10/16 and open the file. Take the QR piece and take a photo of the polygraph questions and answers.

15. Leave the room and enter the Calibration Room. Examine the polygraph machine on the table. Grab the QR code and then look at the results for the five questions. Take a photo.

16. While here, take a look at the glass window. Drag the screen so that the triangle matches up with each of the three triangles in the other room. The last one is a bit hidden on iPad. Take photos of each one so you have three sets of Roman numerals.

17. Go back to the first room of this chapter. Look at the box on the floor. Take out the photo of the FRAGILE stickers and turn it upside-down. Then tap on all the pieces that should be red. Then take the QR piece and broken telescope from inside the box.

18. Go through the right door again and to the body on the table. Use the broken telescope to break the glass on the door to the left. Then use the telescope to hit the switch inside to open the door.

19. Read note 6/16 and then continue through to find a clue on the floor. Take a photo of it.

20. Go back to the first room of the chapter and head through the left door. Use the clue of the red dots to solve the red lights puzzle. Take the QR piece and the QR scanner.

21. Go back to the first room and then through the right door. Notice the hashtag on the right wall. That’s a clue to help you with the QR code puzzle.

22. Open the panel and insert all seven QR pieces. Then take out the two photos you took of the QR codes on the wall. Use the red lines to figure out where each piece goes. Then use the QR scanner to scan it and get the code 141204.

23. Go back into the lab. Tap on the second table and pull out the three clues you got in the Calibration Room. Use the clues to open the box on the table. The three arrows represent the triangles you saw on each clue. Tap a button to enter the three Roman numerals. When all three are correct, it will open. Take the key card.

24. Go back to the first room of the chapter. Look at the big LOCKDOWN door. There’s a keypad to the right of it. Insert the key card and then enter the code from the QR scanner to unlock the door. Go through to complete Chapter 2 and start Chapter 3.

That’s all for Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

Prologue + Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapters 5 6 7 8 9 | Notes & Journal Entries

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  1. Michelle

    I love your walkthroughs because they are so very thorough. By the time I am stuck, it is often because I missed something minuscule, and watching a video can be time consuming and tiring. I always look for your walkthroughs first.

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