ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe – Walkthrough Guide

ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe

COTTONGAME, the makers of ISOLAND and ISOLAND 2, are back with the third game in the trilogy, ISOLAND 3. The puzzles can be tricky, as well as finding all the achievements. So this guide will help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my achievements guide here.


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1. Pick up the scissors and use them to cut out the paper drawing of the spaceship.

2. Once the spaceship lands, head right. Talk to the man sitting here and he asks you to help him build a fire. Continue on down the mountain to the beach.

3. Pick up the rock. Also, notice the drawing on the wall.

4. Notice the pearl that got washed up on the shore. You can’t pick it up. But go right, then back left to the beach again and you’ll see a clamshell. You still can’t pick it up. Go right and then back again and this time the shell will be replaced by a bugle. Pick it up.

(Achievement Alert! At the same time as the shell appears, so will a strange rock. Tap it to see that it’s really a crab and get the Environmentalist achievement.)

5. Head right again. This time, go up and pick the fruit from the flower.

6. Head back down. Go right.

(Achievement Alert! Feed the fruit to the bird to get the Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep achievement. Just make sure to go back up after and get another fruit!)

7. Pick up the stick. Then tap on the door and solve the puzzle. You just need to make the metal rods pull in in the right order so none of them get stuck on the others. It’s different each time, but I’ve given the order for my puzzle below to give you the right idea. Then head inside.

(Achievement Alert! Tap one of the sign posts to get the Rock the Signpost (Don’t Rock the Signpost) achievement.)

8. Talk the the man here. He asks you to help him find his bugle. Since we have it already, hand it to him. He’ll play and part of the ceiling will collapse! Head deeper into the cave.

9. Grab the lamp key. Also, throw the rock through the middle top hole and then take the seed that pops out of another hole.

(Achievement Alert! Tap the long piece of moss on the right to get the Once in a Bloom Moon achievement.)

10. Go back to the guy with the bugle and throw the seed in the water. It will turn into some fruit and grow a flower. I’m not sure how to pick the flower yet, but grab the cube.

11. Go back inside the cave. Place the cube in the slot where you found the lamp key. The door will open. Go through.

12. There’s something buried in the dirt, but we have no way to dig it up just yet. Use the lamp key on the lamp and turn it to see a mural on the wall. It’s a clue! Either take a photo or copy the four symbols using the notepad.

(Achievement Alert! When you see the mural, you’ll get the His Dark Murals achievement.)

13. Go back to the beach. Head left to some vines and then up to a strange machine. Tap on it and change the symbols to match the ones you saw on the mural. The machine will start turning like a crank. It will act as a beacon.

14. Head back to where the bird is. There’s a boat! Get onto it.

15. Take the MOON sticker/ticket. Then talk to the captain. He talks about a red bird he saw once. Give him the fruit. Also, notice the number 1 by the triangles.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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Can’t even get pass the very beginning of the game- got the scissors, grabbed them and tapped on the paper. Multiple times- every corner every inch and nothing happens. Any advice?


Use it on the circle in the middle


They pushed out a fix, which somehow didn’t show up in the account overview, but anyways, there is an update and it’s fixed now.


Awesome thank you


Where do i use the shovel?


Cave that you open up with

the cube

Also, don’t erase your hint sketches! They persist with a new game!


Where you found a shovel?


In the wall with the 3 doors. U will notice a crack in the wall


what order do you go through the three doors in?


Figured it out! I went through the left door twice and the red drops at the top turned blue, and then the right door twice (that one turned red), and then the middle door twice. And then the fourth door appeared.


I dont understand the colours in spaceship clue? Turning all white to green uses up all 4 tries so cant change the others?


I cant change the colours in 4 tries? Do you have a video of how you did it?


I’ve played through 3 times and have found all but one flower. A couple of the odd achievements: Super hacker: through trial and error I found this is “sleep” Heeeeeelp Me: before torching the vines on the doorway, free the bug by tapping on it a few times. If you torch the vine and the bug flies off you don’t get the achievement Hidden Achievements Yesterday Once More – Find the lute. I found this but don’t recall when. I think it just came up during 2nd play Touchdown! – Watch the spaceship land. – let the credits play and… Read more »

Ryan Zollinger

You can get find the lute in round 1. You need to tap on the picture of the little girl holding a lute from isoland 2. I think that this is in the toy robot, but it could be in the dark room or by the window.


Thanks for the ‘touchdown!’ Achievement. I have got 20 out of 21 flowers as well, I’m letting all The others bloom first then will see if the last one will show up.


How to solve the color door. Been stuck all night


the Ones with the eyes?

Ryan Zollinger

Just started round two and it is WAY different! It’s way more changed than the round two in any of their other games. The puzzles are similar, but they have changed a bunch!


Please help with the books and the sliding tile puzzle!


Numbers in bookshelf tells you how many books must touch the circle with the number in.


When will a man in a cave be good at trumpet?

Ryan Zollinger



Whats the last puzzle solution? The one with 4 color planet and the giant octopos


Go to the room with the egg on a table, there’s a hint with the egg


I am really stuck on the puzzle with a time capsule. I have already seen the film, photos in the back room and files on the computer. But still no ideas. Can somebody help me? Please


Check the computer, again.

Time capsule help

Would you say the icons on the computer correspond in some way with the icons on the time capsule? I’m not seeing the resemblance and not sure what else I could be looking at on the computer.

Richard Roling

Hints about the computer password please


If anyone finds the last flower, please give me a hint


I found it on the big fish’s back but I don’t know why it appeared.
I think you should wait long time.


I can’t figure out the computer password


Watch the film again.


Sorry, what film are you talking about?
Update: I now realize there’s a projector in one of the rooms but cannot play the film on it, any hint for items needed to play the film?
Update2: I figured it out, first I got the rocket to launch and got batteries then I got the robot fixed, then I found the film.


Having trouble on the face emotions puzzle in the backroom. I see different pictures with different facial expressions on the ship, but I’m having trouble putting it all together.


Nvm. Figured it out

Richard Roling

Please help me with the smiley puzzle


Me too. Smiley face puzzle


I’m stuck on finding the battery to power up the robot. Anyone have tips?


Figured it out finally. The math problem with the rocket photos. 🙂


The legendary giant fish achievement is tricky, what am I supposed to do to find this fish?


On round 2, stay by the puzzle that signals the ship.


Where can I find the clues to solve the Time Capsule? I’m at a loss on this one.

Time capsule help

I figured it out! There are TWO computer passwords. Both of them are related to the Dark City film. One of the passwords just shows you a bunch of icons (nothing to be done with them), but if you figure out the other password it will show you the Time Capsule solution. Hint: Both passwords begin with S, but the one you’re looking for begins with SH.


I think I’ve stuffed up,
when you finish the game the first time, I restarted the game from the beginning again but now I’ve got to the coloured puzzle on the door to get in space ship I can’t do it.
Any ideas?


I have noticed that the color puzzle has a pattern to how you have to do it. (I’ve done it a few times because I am a fool) Find the central part of the puzzle that is a group of one color (color 1) Change color 1 to the color closely surrounding it (color 2) Then change that WHOLE part (the combo of color 1 & 2 that is now all color 2) to the color surrounding that (color 3) ***Each time I did it there were remaining triangles that ruined it, but the trick is to change the WHOLE… Read more »


Thanks for the usefull walkthrough , im waithing for rest of it


Will the brothers ever play their musical instruments? Also what do I have to do to get the flower in the cave to grow?


I would have the first page of this tutorial done already if I could pick the strawberry/flower.
I touch it and it floats off the right side of the screen??
I’m stuck and annoyed at this point…

Laura Mipsome

Touch it again in the air to grab it

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