The Company Game: MAZE Walkthrough Guide

The Company Game
By: gary gogis (Chain Reaction Games)

The Company Game is a new puzzle game by Chain Reaction Games that asks you to crack codes, play with your device’s settings, and interpret Morse code. The puzzles can be tricky, so I’m here to help you with a step-by-step walkthrough guide. This section will help you with the second part of the game, MAZE. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


LIES | SAIL | MAZE | Review


Level 0, Ερείπια / Ruins:

Just tap the white dot and then watch the intro for MAZE.

Level 1, Entrance:

Use the sliders to rotate the tiles so they make an image of a doorway. Then, watch the sections of the maze as they get cycled through. Tap when you see an X in the correct corner to keep that tile in place. It should look like the photo below.

Level 2, Firewall:

Tap EDIT FIREWALL. Then, rotate the rings so that none of them touch the line. Then you’ll get a message from FQ1948.

Level 3, Encoded:

It says:

“Szo Escpp Laewk Eqbp Cfx Twbusfg.”

Notice the first letter of each word spells SELECT. So select the text and the option to Decode it will come up. Choose that to see the words:

Tap Three Times With Two Fingers.

You can also use a Caesar Cipher you find online to see how it was decoded. Anyway, use two fingers and tap the screen three times. That’s it!

Level 4, Blink:

You get a message from Lame Frond. Then you’ll see a pink grid with blinking squares. If you pay close attention, you should see that the empty squares make up a 2. Then tap the middle of the bar to switch to yellow to see a 4. And last, tap on the right side of the bar to see green and an 8. So enter 248 as the passcode.

Level 5, FaceGram:

Pinch to zoom each photo and look for a tiny letter. You get:


Then, pull up the arrow at the bottom of the screen to see a cutout of each of the photos. That’s telling you the order to put them in.

You get:


So the code is TOWER!

(NOTE: This level is later used to solve Level 8. That’s what the orange dot is for.)

Level 6, Tower:

You can only see half the text here, because the other half is all black. But if you go into to Settings > Display & Brightness and then switch to Dark Mode (or Light Mode if you were already on Dark Mode), you can see the other half. Now you can read BLACK TOWER HOTEL.

Level 7, Records:

When you open the level, you see another message from Lame Frond. Now you have to guess the password. You have four attempts before it resets. It’s like the game Mastermind. Green tells you when you got a number and location correct. Yellow tells you if the number is right but location is wrong. And red means that number isn’t anywhere in the password. Just keep trying until you get it right, as it’s different each time. Then select the Maxwell Hospital Cardiogram Records to complete the level.

Level 8, CardioGram:

There’s that same photo of the man in a parking lot. Then you see the cardiogram records. Zoom in on the clipboard and notice the dates. Go back to MAZE 5 and “like” the three photos that are dated the same as the dates on the clipboard marked YES. It should be the ones dated October 02, 05 and 12. Then you’ll see a big heart. Tap it a few times to get a code. That’s the code for Level 8! Go back to Level 8 and press the green arrow. Enter MH-120515 to complete the level.

Level 9, Wiki:

Read through the wiki about something called an Mvelope. Notice the last page gives you notes for creating the mixture:

+2 C = -1 O, +2 H = -1 C, +2 O = -1 H

Tap START MIXING to create the treatment. The easiest way to get each element to 100/100 is to just add a lot to each to get them over 100. Then just remove the extras. You’ll then have the eyedrops.

Level 10, Eyedrop:

Tap on the eye dropper. You need to get the number at the top to match the number at the bottom. But the real clue is the color sandwiching the eye. You need to point your phone’s camera at something the same color. So first, find something red, then mint green/blue, pink, and then yellow. You can also take a screenshot and then point your camera at the photo on another screen.

Level 11, Cryptogram:

This level is tricky. First, tap the little document icon and read the Cryptograph User’s Guide. Then tap on the ? to see a coded message. There are some clues there. Then, follow the instructions. Open your phone’s settings and find The Company Game under your list of apps. Open the game’s settings. Scroll down to see the gear. Push the gear’s slider to the right. That will turn on the green light on the lock in the game. Then, change the light color to red because of the red circle around OK on the coded message. Move the slider to where the two arrows going in opposite directions would be, because that’s also on the coded message. And last, type in LOOK by the eye emoji because that word is also on the coded message. Then press DECODE to decrypt the message.

Level 12, Search:

First, it says:

“I keep having this dream… I’m wandering through an endless parking lot… I’m searching for something… I wake up just before I find it.”

Then it says:


Do you know what you’re SEARCHING for?”

Open MAZE 9 again to see that they were searching for the Mvelope in the parking lot.

So use your iPhone’s search feature to search for Mvelope. The Company Game will come up as an option. Tap it to solve the puzzle.

Level 13, Slideshow:

There’s another message from FQ1498. Then, there’s a play button next to a question mark. Press PLAY and watch the slideshow. The images are from MAZE 1! Go back and watch it again. You can take screenshots of the letters that go by quickly or take video and scrub it slowly. The idea is to find each of those images in MAZE 1 and note down the letter you see. Then put them in the same order as the slideshow in Level 13. You should end up with ABOMINATIONS. Tap the question mark and type in ABOMINATIONS to complete the level.

Level 14, Hotel Portal:

You get another message from FQ1948. It tells you to go to LIES.15 and connect to the network JS0000. So go to LIES.15. Some things have changed and there’s a lot to do there now. Bear with me.

The error at the top translates to: M is seven

More coming soon!

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  1. jetuser

    I’m stuck on maze 20 now

    1. Jack

      How did you solve Maze 14?

    2. Sam

      Which part? For 20 you need to place a call. You may need to go back to 18 (note the light switch drawing on the handwritten note on 20 … there are some weird markings there ….)

      1. Nikki

        Can you provide more info on what the word is? IΓÇÖve tried everything

  2. tk03

    IΓÇÖm stuck on maze 15. IΓÇÖve gotten the values of p and r. I havenΓÇÖt figured out the way n works as a variable (any kind of pattern) and now IΓÇÖm stuck on the final equations and I find them so circular that I canΓÇÖt solve one without the other.

    1. Sam

      You need to do the equations in order. I found that I had to do some guesswork to figure out what x was — it wasn’t what I had from my a/b/c/x/y/z notes.

      1. tk03

        I did try to do them in order. But you need psi to solve lambda and omega. And I canΓÇÖt figure out n for the psi equation.

        1. Sam

          I believe it is the n from the 6th equation (= r – p).

    2. Cedar

      What’s p & r? I can’t figure it out, I’ve forgot most of my algebra!

  3. Sam

    I’m stuck on the completion. Got to the end of the maze on 25, but can’t figure out what to do from there.

    1. Josh

      Yep same. Got the trap ending.
      I accessed the 5050 code through Robin Hood but that just gave some flavour text I think?

      Edit: managed to use the symbols from the phone page plus the moon symbol to get a different ending

      1. Sam

        Thanks! That’s so annoying, I had tried almost that combination; I feel like the second circle from the inside is not consistent with the hint. Now to just figure out how to “fold”.

        1. Jetuser

          How do you figure out the third symbol?

          1. Sam

            The symbol that is the third ring from the inside is the only one that looks different than the one on the Maze.20 page.

  4. Nanie

    I canΓÇÖt get past the arrows in the ΓÇ£bestΓÇ¥ ending. Has anyone?

    1. Sam

      How did you find the best ending?

      1. Nanie

        When you get the ΓÇ£neutralΓÇ¥ ending, instead of going through the M-maze, just walk next to one of the walls until you reach the end, then follow the same instructions. You get the different ending and IΓÇÖm stuck in the part with the white arrows and black background.

        1. Sam

          Is the neutral ending the one that ends in ΓÇ£escapeΓÇ¥?

          1. Nanie


        2. Bill

          Could you explain how to get the best ending more thoroughly? IΓÇÖm very confused.

  5. Matt

    What do you do for 19?

    1. Sam

      You have to invert the screen (itΓÇÖs an accessibility/display setting).

      1. Wyrm

        What do you do after that? IΓÇÖve inverted the screen, the picture says ΓÇ£CUTOUT,ΓÇ¥ but I have no idea what IΓÇÖm supposed to do next.

  6. 6ix9ine

    how do you do maze.20?

    1. Sam

      Your problem may actually be maze.18. You have to complete that with a Morse code light switch sequence.

      1. Beckett

        What is the sequence

  7. Jack

    IΓÇÖm stuck on Maze 14. How do you solve it?

    1. Sam

      As noted on this site, it tells you to go to LIES.15 and connect to the network JS0000. At that point, the notes for that set up a bunch of equations. There are 6 preliminary ones (do in order of the first number, 1-6), and then the three Greek letters. The trick is that while you can find a,b,c,x,y, and z written on the notes next to the cardio gram chart, the number for x is wrong. For that, go back to the notes on this site for SAIL and see what you had previously gotten for x. Then you should be able to solve with simple algebra.

  8. Sam

    I have no clue what to do to get to the third ending. It looks like I should go to the center of the first maze, but before I walk down the pat, I need to do …. something? A Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║foldΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ? I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Nanie

      When you take the screenshot make sure that it doesnΓÇÖt disappear from the screen. You need to tilt your phone like you would a rubbish bin lid (donΓÇÖt know if youΓÇÖd understand xD). If the screenshot disappears from the screen then you get ΓÇ£escapeΓÇ¥. IΓÇÖm stuck in part after thatΓÇÖs once I get to the arrows.

      1. Sam

        Just to be clear: you mean the screenshot icon on the purple background, not the one of the actual screenshot, which has a yellow background. And what keeps it from disappearing? If I tilt the top of my phone towards me? Or away from me? Or is there something i have to touch while doing that?

        WRT the arrows, I havenΓÇÖt seen them, but have you tried the Morse code tree that is in maze.20? That has left/right.

      2. Sam

        Finally was able to do what you said. The arrows: what you do is start with one arrow (I think it’s the middle one) and trace your finger through in each direction to the next arrow, then do what that says. That is literally the last step to completing the game.

  9. Reed

    How do you complete Maze 25 and how do you get all 3 endings?

    1. Sam

      I assume you got to the first ending (the trap). For the second ending, you need to turn the dials in Maze.25 based on the notes in Maze.20. For the third, you need to do the same thing as the second, but after you take a screen shot, you need to quickly flip your phone (quickly tilt the top away from you until the phone is upside down).

      1. Reed

        Where exactly do you take a screenshot?

        1. Sam

          During the finishing task sequence of the second and third endings (after fiddling with the volume and turning the phone on its side). (first you go through the maze that opens after you select the right symbols on the dials/circles in Maze.25)

          1. Reed

            DidnΓÇÖt realize I needed to use the volume buttons or the bottom of the screen :p, thank you!

      2. Beckett

        What are the symbols based on the notes in Maze.20

  10. E e

    How do you do level 20 on Maze? The morse code part with the light switch. When the light is on does that mean dot or dash?

    1. Sam

      I think itΓÇÖs speed of up/down not the position itself.

      1. Cam

        So I have done the morse code thingie but nothing has happened, I have tried it numerous times doing different timings and doing it with either the light or the dark and still nothing, any ideas on what I should do?

        1. Thecompanysail

          Same here I canΓÇÖt figure out this. I am supposed to use the hidden word on 18 right?

          1. Nikki

            What is the hidden word? IΓÇÖve tried Everything with Morse code! Fit, lit, night, moon, NOTHING!

  11. Trin

    Aight. So IΓÇÖm 100% stuck on maze.20, I think IΓÇÖm missing a portion.

    1. E e

      I know for the phone one you have to call someone then just hang up. For the light one I have no idea.

  12. JennT

    WhatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s up with the widget you can add on iPhone? I have played with it for days now and have made out some numbers with it… 1427 I think. But from there I have no clue what it does and what it is exactly for.

  13. Jaydin

    I still canΓÇÖt find the code to the password on maze 14

  14. Jaydin

    I still canΓÇÖt find the password to the WiFi code On maze 14 because I donΓÇÖt Know algebra

  15. James

    For Maze.20 I finished the extras for 18 and 19 but I donΓÇÖt understand the call. Do I have to call a specific number? And what do I do after they pick up?

    1. James

      Nevermind I figured it out haha.

      1. Peter

        What is the number?? I am stumped

        1. Peter Conlon

          Got it!

          1. Rachel

            Help I’ve tried everything I can think of!

            1. Brayden

              Try receiving a phone call instead of sending

  16. Kat

    Please help on Maze 20. I’ve found the hidden symbols on 18 and 19. But I’m at a loss how to complete 20 with the phone – I don’t have a phone application on my tablet; am I going to have to download one?

    1. Kat

      Nevermind. I got it.

      1. Peter

        What did you finally understand?

        1. Peter Conlon

          Got it!

      2. Jen

        What did you get? I am also playing on my tablet and it can make and take calls via FaceTime but that did nothing…

    2. beckett

      i found the symbols for 19 and 20

  17. Gary

    I canΓÇÖt figure out Maze 24. Tips?

  18. Gary

    Can someone give me a kick start on MAZE 24? I canΓÇÖt figure out what to do.

  19. Sam

    Pls wat is the code for js0000

    1. Jill


  20. Cedar

    Does anyone know how to solve the JS0000 code to gain access to the camera system on Maze 15?

  21. colpet

    I am stuck on Maze 20. I don’t know what to do with the picture of the phone. I am playing on an iPad and do not have a cell phone.

  22. Shaelin

    How do you complete level 19? IΓÇÖm stuck, I already inverted the screen and got the word cutout but I donΓÇÖt know what to do next

    1. Level_Up

      The 4 buttons around the frame represent a letter (C,U,T,O), press them in order to spell out CUTOUT.

  23. Beckett

    What is the code for maze 14

  24. Beckett

    IΓÇÖm stuck on maze 14

  25. beckett

    how did you solve maze 18 to get the symbol

  26. Nikki

    Not complete!

  27. Michael

    I got Maze 19 and 20 but I canΓÇÖt figure out 18. Am I supposed to type out LIT with the light switch in Morse code?

  28. Olivier

    Seriously, if someone can help me. IΓÇÖm stuck on Maze 24. I also have several questions. What patterns does the file 6889 follow? Is it only Greek and Geometry? What file is the right one for 6889 (I donΓÇÖt see any which obviously fit both Greek and Geometry on the list) and how do you enter the pattern cards symbols?

    Other questions:
    What is the Pattern B? ItΓÇÖs the only one I donΓÇÖt really understand.
    Just to be sure, Pattern E means the number has a 0, right?

  29. Mateo

    I know that basically nobody is on this thread anymore but this is a last ditch effort so, I can’t figure out the symbols based on the notes and I’m starting to feel really stupid. Could anyone help me out?

  30. Adel

    I’m stuck on level 22

  31. IAAdam

    please help me i don’t know what to do after the screemshot in ending 2 to get best ending

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