ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe – Achievements Guide

ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe

COTTONGAME, the makers of ISOLAND and ISOLAND 2, are back with the third game in the trilogy, ISOLAND 3. The puzzles can be tricky, as well as finding all the achievements. I already started working on a walkthrough for the game, but this guide will helps you find all the achievements. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Environmentalist: “Throw the crab on the beach back into the sea.” – You can’t see the crab the first time you visit the beach. But when you leave and come back, there will be a rock in the water. Tap it and you’ll see it’s a crab!

Leviathan: “Find the legendary giant fish in the sea.” –

Super Hacker: “Input the secret code into the computer.” –

Once in a Bloom Moon: “Find the moss that’s different.” – In the room with all the holes, where you find the lamp key, tap on the long piece of moss on the right. It’s alive!

One of These Things is Not Like the Other: “Wait for the last flower to bloom.” –

Rock the Post (Don’t Rock the Post): “Rock the signpost.” – This one is easy. When you see four signposts, just touch one to move it.

His Dark Murals: “Discover the mural on the wall.” – Use the lamp key on the lamp to reveal a mural on the wall.

Heeeeeeelp Me: “Free the bug from the vine.” –

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep: “Feed the bird once.” — Feed a fruit/flower to the bird.

Codebreaker: “Find the fourth door in the shrine.” – When inside the shrine with three doors, go through the the first door twice, then the right door twice, then middle door twice to reveal a fourth door.

I Am Number Four: “Solve the code on the spaceship.” – You get this by solving the triangle puzzle on the spaceship.

Lookin’ Out My Back Door: “Discover the big bird outside the window.” –

Gotta Go Back in Time: “Return to the past aboard the spaceship.” – You get this by solving the colored puzzle on the spaceship and going through the door.

Not Once, Not Twice, but Thrice: Grab the three childhood objects.” –

Movie Night: “Watch the movie once.” –

Child’s Play: “Fix the robot.” –

Leaving on a Jet Plane: “Find the plane in the child’s study room.” –

Flower Lover: “Find every flower. (21/21)” –

And the last two are hidden! I’ll add them once I find them.

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  1. smjjames

    A couple of them are gotten through gameplay.

    Find every flower 21/21: I’ve only seen two flowers in the game itself. There are a few found in the language selections, but those don’t count apparently.

    Hidden ones:

    1. [spoiler]Find the lute: tap the lute (looks like a guitar) in the picture inside the Yuri Gagarin statue. It may be possible to grab it while getting the item you pick up, I think that happened to me.[/spoiler]

    2. I haven’t gotten this one yet, but it may have something to do with [spoiler]the planet name labels you can pick up during gameplay and burn in the bonfire.[/spoiler]


    You have to play the game through more than once (when you click “new game” it warns you that your progress will be deleted, but it remembers you already beat it once and the game is slightly different) and then you see a bunch more flowers in game. I’ve gotten 20/21 but I can’t find that last one! I also haven’t cracked the secret computer code or the 2nd hidden achievement.

    1. smjjames

      I see, didn’t realize that. No idea whether you can still get the [spoiler]labels[/spoiler] if you miss some on the first playthrough

      Also, for the computer code, [spoiler] it’s ‘sleep’, I found it by trying a bunch of words that could be made with the available letters. All it does though is put a folder on the computer screen which you open and contains images of other titles by the devs, which aren’t tappable for some reason since you’d think they’d link to the app store pages.[/spoiler]

    2. Alex

      I can’t remember if I got this one already, but the third playthrough I noticed the pencil is a flower. When I tap it, nothing happens. It could be because I already collected that one or maybe a bug (I noticed some bugs before with not collecting the flowers).

    3. Adam Sultan

      Same boat

      1. AUDREY

        Just found my last one on the back of the giant fish when it pops up near the beacon. You have to wait on that screen for a looong time.

  3. smjjames

    I had an entire post with stuff and it didn’t show up, what’s up with that? 😛

  4. Beeps

    How do you light the fire? I have the stick (clue says its like a match) IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve tried using it with the fire, giving it to the man… tearing hair out!

    1. E V

      You use ΓÇÿflintΓÇÖ to light the fire. Once lit, you put the stick in the fire. I donΓÇÖt remember where the flint is though.

  5. Baz

    Is everyoneΓÇÖs last flower to bloom the one in the boot in the room with the bookcase on the 2nd go round? 14:21 to go on the boot flower and 13:05 for the one underwater near the fish, for me.

    IΓÇÖve only got ΓÇ£One of these things is not like the othersΓÇ¥ & the last ΓÇ£HiddenΓÇ¥ achievements to go.

    1. CatReader

      For me, and for most of us, I think, the last flower for the achievement Flower Lover (finding all 21 flowers) will be the one that
      SPOILER ALERT: eventually appears on the back of the whale after waiting a very long time for the whale to appear by the beacon and then waiting even longer (or perhaps coming back for a second view of the whale). By that time, I think we have tapped on the twig-like plant in the boot, and I think it was counted in the 21.
      However, the flower for the achievement One of these Things is not like the Others (wait for the last flower to bloom) is
      SPOILER ALERT: is the blooming of the plant in the boot, soth blossoms that look eerily like eyes. That action occurs quite late in the game play, and I didn’t spot it until long after I finished everything else (including the second hidden achievement) and in total frustration, I roamed the game scenes andd saw the plant had changed.

  6. Doofenshmirtz evil inc.

    The second hidden achievement is Touchdown, you have to watch the alien ship land, so just beat it the second time and watch the ship fly till the end and it will take you the the next scene nothing after that

  7. Trent

    The rocketship battery math problem.

    Picture #3 says 12:38. Picture #2 says 96000 km. Picture #1 says 20 km/s and a ?.

    Completely not intuative. The numbers 1, 2, 3 mess it up. It’s 12 HOURS and 38 MINUTES of fuel in picture 3. The ship then travels 96000 km in picture 2. The ship then lands or was travelling at 20 km per second.

    96000 km at 20 km per second is 4800 seconds which is 80 minutes.

    12 hours and 38 minutes minus 80 minutes equals 11 hours and 18 minutes.

    Enter 11:18 into the clock looking timer and the rockship will take off and smash revealing the battery inside for the robot.

    Completely wrong order and the time units are terrible for this puzzle.

    1. Usagi

      The picture is in order. The 1st picture show the spaceship takes off at 20km/s. Second picture shows that the spaceship flies over a distance of 96000km, which takes 80 minutes at 20km/h. The last picture shows it touch down at 12:38. Which means it must have taken off 80 minutes before or 11:18. Put that number in the clock and the spaceship model will take off.

  8. Maria Benton

    Is there a way to get the robot to show back up? I kept on with the game and now that I’ve gone back around a couple of times, the robot is no longer in the room. Just the butterfly

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