ISOLAND: The Amusement Park – Walkthrough Guide

ISOLAND: The Amusement Park

ISOLAND: The Amusement Park is the latest point-and-click adventure game from COTTONGAME. It’s part of the ISOLAND series and has you traveling back in time to discover the secrets of the island. It can be tricky, so this walkthrough will help you if you get stuck on any puzzles. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

I’ll make an achievements guide once I start finding some of them.


1. Pick up the knife and use it to cut open the envelope. Then take out the postcard.

2. Head right from the Carnival sign and then enter the diner (Magritte). Tap on the plate of food and grab the wire.

3. Tap on the fuse box and grab the key. We need tape to fix the wire, so we’ll come back to that.

4. Head into the kitchen. Take the bottle from the table and the shell from the fish tank. Also, grab the videotape from the stove.

5. Leave and head into the alley and up to the theater. Take the spring.

6. Go back to the diner and then head right to the gallery. There’s a dragonfly here. If you tap on him, he flies off to the left. You can then find him at the Carnival sign. Tap him and he flies off again, but I’m not sure where.

7. Go past the gallery to the store. Use the key to unlock the box and take the tape.

8. Continue left to the train station. Use the wire to unlock the suitcase and take the yellow rock from inside.

9. Head back to the diner. Use the tape the fix the wire in the fuse box. Then head outside to see the neon arrows in front of the diner lit up. It might be different each game, but for me it went like so:

>><<>< or RRLLRL

10. Go back inside and press the buttons on the radio in that order: Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left. The waiter will come out and offer you a green tea. Take it.

11. Give the green tea to the customer at the table. He’ll put down his knife. Pick it up. Also, notice the hot dog is now cut into slices, each with a different number of markings on it. Note it down. For me, it went 111312.

12. Go back to the Carnival sign and tap on the door. Enter the numbers you got from the hot dog to unlock it. So mine went:


13. Head inside. We still need clues for the puzzle on the table, so head upstairs.

14. Grab the lightbulb from the bed. Then use the spring (crank) on the man on the bed to see the lightbulbs turn on. Note down the colors. For me, it went:

Red, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, White, Blue.

15. Go back to the theater and use the lightbulb clue to open the door. Head inside.

16. Pick up the shovel and notice the crumpled piece of paper under the couch that seems to be an ad for ISOLAND 3. Also, take the badge from the painting.

17. Go back to the store and use the lightbulb with the lamp. The clock will melt and the hands will stop with the small hand on 7 and the big hand on 11.

18. Go back to the train station and use the knife to cut along the dotted line on the notice on the wall. Take the ship ticket.

19. While here, move the hands on the clock so the small hand is in 7 and the big hand is on 11. Then head inside the train station

20. If you tap on the man’s newspaper, it looks like you need to color in the boxes so it looks like a Mondrian painting. But I think we need to get into the gallery to see it first.

21. Tap on the asterisk on the building. It’s a map/ compass. It tells you which direction each number is in, and those numbers can usually be found on posters around the town. It also resembles the badge we picked up.


More coming soon!

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  1. Vron

    This was hard but so good- I hope you do a walkthrough on the 2nd round if this (similar to the last isotope game). ItΓÇÖs soooo hard.

  2. Paris

    Use the lightbulb in the store to go on.
    I finished the 1st round, stucked now in the 2nd one

    1. Buhler

      How do you get to the second round of the game?

    2. Buhler

      How do you get to the second round of the game

  3. Dean

    I’ve gotten through round 2 so can help if you need. Can’t figure out the “Novice Hero” achievement, though.

    1. Ryan Zollinger

      You need to break one of the paint jars in the house with the hammer.

    2. SecularSurfer

      What is the code for the binoculars at the end of round 2? I know it has to do with the lighthouse posters by the theater, but can’t figure it out.

      1. Jeff

        it’s based on the number of wires attached to each lighthouse poster in order based on the number of stripes on the lighthouse

    3. Buhler

      Can you help plz

  4. marcoo

    Your page is very nice, i have bookmarked it.

  5. Ben

    Has anyone gotten the “Travel The World” achievement yet? It mentions languages, but it doesn’t look like a simple language switch in the game options does the trick. Thanks!

    1. Ben

      Ah, that turned out to be easy enough – changing to each of the different language options one by one and entering the Achievements page while each language option is selected finally earns this achievement.

      1. MsMaryPants

        I didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t have to go back and forth after changing language. I just went through the languages slowly… maybe let it cycle through all the pictures in the sky for each language?

  6. Kay

    Anyone figure out [ Delayed Ferry ] achievement?

    1. Elizabeth

      I got Delayed Ferry (unintentionally) by going to the scene with the observation tower in Round 1 and just not doing anything for a minute. The ferry pulls in but I never figured out a way to access it.

  7. Elizabeth

    Anyone know how to get the Surrealistic Manifesto achievement? I’m well into Round 2 and still haven’t found any of the 7.

    1. MsMaryPants

      There are hidden murals that appear when you tap a wall- all of different artists. There is one in the observation tower above the door as an example. After you find one and know the method, itΓÇÖs pretty easy to find the rest. There was one outside the train station right next to the close up of the ticket cut out that took me a bit.

  8. Popeye

    The isoland ones donΓÇÖt ever get finished here

    1. EssDee

      I know itΓÇÖs really frustrating! They always say more to come and thereΓÇÖs never more.

  9. Grace

    What is the color combination for the newspaper

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