Great Escapes: Walkthrough Guide

Great Escapes
By: Glitch Games

Great Escapes is the latest puzzle adventure game from Glitch Games. It’s a little different than their usual games in that it’s series of shorter room escape games instead of one big long one. The puzzles are still tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Apartment / Rear Window:

Office Space:

Lift to Escape:

Jack’s Basement:

Jail / Prison Break:

Temple of Room (Escape):

Forever Lost:

A Short Tale:


Pirate Ship:

And that’s all for now! Check back when new levels are added!


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  1. CatReader

    Thanks for the heads up. Your notice and Glitch’s arrived in my mailbox next to each other.

  2. CatReader

    Any trouble getting the Lift room to show up as Completed? I can complete the room, but either the Completed badge does not get added to the menu or it disappears before I return to the menu display. And all play progress has vanished if I return to the room. No problem with the other two rooms in Pack 1. I have sent a note to the developer.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I havenΓÇÖt had that issue.

  3. Nozzle

    Do you have to enter the plant colors in a different order??? I keep putting them in numerical order, but nothing happens???

  4. Nozzle

    Please somebody explain! Help!!! How do the plant colors relate to the numbers that turn into colors????? I keep watching the video but it doesnΓÇÖt make any sense!!!

  5. Lisa

    IΓÇÖm sorry if this obvious but I canΓÇÖt find the hints. I have played their games before but canΓÇÖt recall.

  6. Wouter

    When will the ΓÇÿall that remains roooom be added here? Im stuck in a puzzle

  7. Supertinkgrl21

    I need help with the pants. I have the correct colors and put them in order according to the hint, (4,5,3,1,2) but it still doesnΓÇÖt open the safe for me! Please help!

  8. clamshell

    when will the all that remains game be posted? I’m stuck at the very last puzzle (light box using the map on the wall behind the fans )…following the pattern doesn’t work and its the second to last task I have left. Help!

    1. Terry Myers

      Bunker search walkthrough posted on YouTube.

      1. Tony

        Need same help as poster and box DO NOT MATCH UP. PISSING ME OFF.

    2. Kittenlover9876

      I know it’s been two years but ill post it here so any other lost souls like me looking for an answer can find it. You have to do the lights all the have to the right. It’s the best only spot the L shape fits without blocks in the way.

  9. Terry Myers

    When will bunker walkthrough be posted on youtube

  10. Kymberly Tattrie

    Pack 3 has another room called All That Remains. Do you have a walkthrough for that one?

    1. Ray

      IΓÇÖm also interested. I canΓÇÖt figure out the box on the bedroom floor.

      1. Stephanie

        I canΓÇÖt figure out the clocks!!!! Help!!!

  11. Luca (child)

    Don’t you know that there are 3 levels on pack 4

  12. Cyndy

    When will Train Station walkthrough be added?

  13. Nonni

    I’m assuming the last puzzle in pack 3 cannot be beat and that’s why there is no video for it.

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