Adventure Escape: The Scottish Castle – Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: The Scottish Castle
By: Haiku Games

Adventure Escape: The Castle is the very first game from Haiku Games. It has you trapped in a Scottish castle, solving puzzles in order to escape. It’s not as polished as their others, but I wanted to make a walkthrough for it anyway. This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Act 1, The Dungeon:

You can watch my video for Act 1 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Break the vase to get some hint stars. Then solve the simple puzzle on the door and go through.

2. Tap on the mice on the floor. You need to follow the coconut shell that has the handle in it. I can’t help you with this because it changes each time.

3. Move the pillow aside to get a hammer and then use the hammer to break through the crack in the wall.

4. Tap on the box and solve the labyrinth puzzle. It’s a little annoying because the tilt controls are imprecise. You need to avoid the holes and get the ball to the green button. Then take the key from inside the box.

5. Go back to the first room and use the hammer to break the boxes and get more stars. Then use the key to unlock the door and go through.

6. Use the handle on the drawer on the table to open it and take the lump of iron from inside.

7. Move the bookshelves aside to reveal two clues that say UDU and DD. They stand for Up and Down. Move the group of three levers so they’re Up, Down, Up. Move the two levers both Down.

8. A door will open, revealing an anvil. Place the lump of iron on it and use the hammer to shape it into a makeshift blade.

9. Use the blade to cut the ropes over the door and pick up a piece of rope. Then go through the door.

10. Attach the rope to the hook and pull it down to make the shelf move. We need a 4-digit number. First, balance the scale. To do so, place two 1000 plates, one 100, three 10, and two 1 plates on the scale. So the weight you get is 2132. Enter 2132 into the wall combination lock. Then go through the door to complete Act 1.

Stay tuned for Act 2!

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  1. CatReader

    Just sharing for the Android audience: I think this game won’t play on Android 9 and maybe not on Android 8. The puzzles that rely on precise timing or touching were difficult the first time I played it, and its playability on Android devices has been deteriorating. For me, it freezes on the loading the Unity splash screen on two devices running Android 9, and I think I first encountered that behavior on Android 8.

  2. Lauren

    Thank you so much for your site! IΓÇÖm usually fairly good at these escape games but every so often I hit a road block where I just canΓÇÖt see the solution. I got about 6 chapters into this one and I canΓÇÖt figure out the potions in the room after the boulders, itΓÇÖs the first time this one has tripped me up. CanΓÇÖt wait for your next few parts!

    1. Natalie

      I think I may have figured it out, you have to arrange the pierces to fit to each flask and then light the candle. I donΓÇÖt know if I can post a photo here but the first one the pieces make a sort of backwards question mark and the middle one a normal question mark if that makes sense?

      1. Stephanie

        I was able to figure out how to piece them all together but I’m stuck on the potions too. I got stuck trying to find all of the potions. I knew to light the candles and all that, but I only have the yellow potion

  3. CatReader

    Although I submitted a claim that The Scottish Castle seemed not to play on Android 9 (and maybe not 8), I discovered that it will play on my cell phone that runs Android 9. The phone is several years old, has a relativelt small screen, and reached Android 9 only through 2 or more version updates. Now I am hopeful for more walkthrough text, because At least one number puzzle has me stumped.

  4. Karissa

    Just wondering if you finished this one or not – I’m stuck in Act 5!

    I love your walkthroughs, they’re excellent.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not yet because the controls are pretty bad with this one. I got annoyed with the labyrinth puzzle in one of the chapters and havenΓÇÖt been back to it since.

      1. Shalindria

        I really am trying to play all of the Haiku Games and hope that you finish this walkthrough

      2. Marie Claire

        You have to hold your phone flat and do it like you would in RL. Makes it a million times easier. Also, go very slowly.

  5. Mahua Narayan

    Amazing walkthroughs. Thanks a lot. Any idea when you will be uploading the other walkthroughs for the Scottish castle.
    Thanks again

  6. Barbara

    I would if I could use all my stars to skip the footprint puzzle but it does not seem to be possible and there is no way IΓÇÖm going to get to the door by a solution that depends on me!

    1. Carol


      1. Hellie

        If that’s the footprint puzzle where you have to not get burnt, then it’s


        But be quick! If you stay in one spot for too long, you get incinerated!

        1. Shannon

          Omg thank you for this. I was going to throw the phone because of this puzzle. YouΓÇÖve really gota be quick to get through!

  7. Elly

    Hi, thanks for such amazing walkthroughs – but I hope you get back to this one soon as I am having a sticky moment in act 3!!

    1. Elly

      Nvm! Post and solve fairy cane to my assistance 😂

      Yes, the labyrinth ones were annoying, but there were some more annoying ones than that!! Finished it now, and on to another!

      Thanks again 😀

  8. Wendy Liggett

    I have discovered that if you go back to the beginning, you can collect stars again. But you must play til it saves the game to keep the stars. Hope this helps you out to finish the walkthrough. I was able to collect the stars to pass the labyrinth by doing that

  9. Hellie

    Does anyone know what to do in the kitchen to get past the cow? I’ve given her some beer, but I can’t find the green stuff anywhere. There are the following pairs characters scratched into furniture/walls/doors: 7d 90 5c b2, and a four squares on the wall that I can enter numbers into. But I really can’t work it out. Any help much appreciated!!

    1. Maarten Hogewoning

      Its not 90 but 9a.the code is 9257

    2. Chad

      There is a key you have to find. I just started tapping on the left side of the room where the cow is and somehow found a key (I think it was on the floor near the table). It unlocks the chest in the room where the beer tap is. in the chest are some stars and the green leaf.

    3. Dena

      How did you get the beer? I pointed the arrows on the wheels to north east south and west and nothing happens.

      1. Dena

        Never mind – answered my own question. Just figured out I have the S and W transposed. Duh!

  10. Danyele

    Has anyone figured out the code in the final act? I see that I have to add multiply and subtract but I canΓÇÖt figure it out. Please help!

    1. R

      YouΓÇÖve probably made it to the end by now, but try 0131. Hope that helps!

      1. Yem

        Ahhh thank you so much. This was driving my maths deficient mind mad!!

  11. Dukkie

    I hope you have an opportunity to finish the Scottish Castle walk-through. IΓÇÖve really miss your assistance on this game. I really appreciate and prefer your walk-throughs to any others I have found. You explain the reasoning on how the puzzles are resolved and you provide a written walk-through rather than only a video. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your time. Thank you!

  12. fran

    please help how do you stir the cooking pot i have tried for hours just won’t rock

  13. fran

    how do you stir the pot

    1. Yem

      Shake your phone

    2. PantheraUncia

      Thank goodness you asked this and thanks to those who answered it! I was ready to cry!

  14. Christina

    Shake your device to stir the pot.

  15. Rubens

    On my Android 11 it’s not opening

  16. Carole

    Omg how long does the boulders go on for 🤦‍♀️

  17. Patti

    IΓÇÖm on act 5, 2nd room with the pot. I found the symbols under the shelf but for the life of me cannot figure out the safe combo. Anyone able to help?

    1. Ck

      The symbols are reflections of themselves. Put a line through middle of each symbol to get a number.

  18. Nether

    the controls are awful in this puzzle. normally Haiku developers do a much better job. i am very frustrated as this is a pretty good set of puzzles.

    1. Lex

      That’s because it’s their first game and hasn’t been updated in years. It’s a shame

  19. Katie

    How do you get the key off the chandelier in act 5-1?

    1. Della

      Shake the phone to drop the key from the chandelier.

  20. LUCY

    Playing Adventure Escapes on my laptop but this game isn’t in the list. Any idea where I can get it?

  21. PurpleMommy22

    Act 4-1: to open the chest look at the flames on the torch, they flicker. 2131

  22. Kori

    Act 4-2, there are sets of numbers all over the place, but can’t figure out the 4-digit locked box code. Anyone else figure that out?

    1. RENEE

      In case you didn’t get it, it’s 6084.

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