Mr Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon – Walkthrough Guide

Mr Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon
By: Lilith Games / COTTONGAME

COTTONGAME and Lilith Games are back with another point-and-click adventure. Mr. Pumpkin returns in Walls of Kowloon and there’s lots of puzzles to solve and achievements to find. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Achievements

Prologue & Chapter 1, West Side:

1. Head right. Pick up the matches.

2. Talk to the guy at the door until he asks you for a light. Then give him the matches to get a metal key from him.

3. Use the metal key with the flashing screen to unlock the door and go through to complete the prologue.

(Achievement Alert: You get City Intruder for completing the prologue.)

4. Talk to the punks here. They tell you you have to pay for water. Enter the toilet and talk to the woman cleaning. She says she needs water.

(Achievement Alert: Open the toilet stall door repeatedly to get the Class Clown achievement.)

5. Leave the bathroom and head up the stairs to the tattoo parlor. The door is locked, but it’s just a simple trial-and-error puzzle to open it. Tap the center pieces so it rotates until the arrow turns red. Then do the same for the top one. And last, do the same for the bottom one. It should then open. Go through.

6. Talk to everyone here and go through the cabinets to get a watch. Then leave.

7. Head down the stairs. Go through the left door and talk to the guy there. He wants you to help him find his daughter Angie. Look through his dresser for a fuse.

8. Leave the room. Go through the door with a 5 over it.

9. Pick up the cheese. Then use trial and error to unlock the door to the right. Go through.

10. Pick up the electrical tape near the TV. Talk to both people here. They want you to fix the fuse box and also find them some noodles.

11. Go back downstairs and place the cheese on the mousetrap. Leave it alone for a bit and the mouse will grab it. Take the key it leaves behind.

12. Talk to everyone else here. The noodle guy says he’ll give you a bowl of noodles if you get him a bucket.

13. Go back to the couple with the broken fuse box. Head out onto the balcony and use the key to unlock the fuse box.

14. Use the fuse with the fuse box and then turn all three switches on.

15. Talk to the couple again. They’ll be thrilled, the fan will turn on and a poster will fall off the wall, revealing a clue. Take a screenshot of it or copy it down by hand. Also, take the pliers from the couch. Then leave the room.

16. Use the clue from the wall to unlock the door here. Go through and take the wood key.

17. Go back to the tattoo parlor. Use the pliers on the chained door to open it. Then go through.

18. Head up the stairs and talk to the guy up the ladder. He asks for electrical tape, so give it to him. He’ll open the door for you.

19. Enter the game room. Talk to the owner. Notice the robot poster near him with red, yellow, green and blue teeth. Take a screenshot of it or just note down the positions of each color.

20. Talk to the kid in the white shirt. He asks you to find his watch for him, so give it to him. He tells you how to earn some cash.

21. Pick up the movie ticket from the floor.

22. Go to the toy grabber machine on the right and grab the stuffed mouse. It’s the only one you can get.

(Achievement Alert: Go straight for the mouse doll to get the I Choose You achievement.)

23. Interact with the arcade machine to the right of the soda machine. Solve the circuit puzzle (I’ll get a screenshot of it later).

24. Then play Neon Cube. You need to match three or more of the same colored cubes to make them disappear. Clear the board of all cubes to win. Then take the blue prize ball from the machine.

(Achievement Alert: Beat all the games in the arcade to get the Game God achievement.)

(Achievement Alert: Beat the Neon Cube game in 2 minutes or less to get the Quick Hands achievement.)

25. Give the blue prize ball to the owner and he’ll give you some money. Take it.

26. Leave the arcade and tap on the antenna to the left. Adjust the different colors so they match the robot poster. Red should be centered, yellow should be up a bit, and green and blue should be centered. Now the power goes back on.

27. Go back inside and talk to the arcade owner. He tells you you can take one drink out of the fridge, so do so.

28. Head back to the tattoo parlor and give the tattoo artist the stuffed cartoon mouse. His customer than asks for a cold drink. Give him the soda and then take his pistol.

29. Head back to the punks guarding the water and give them the cash. They’ll let you take water now, but you have to first find the valve for it.

30. Go back downstairs and to the guy looking for his daughter. Give him the movie ticket. After he leaves, take the bullets from his chair.

31. Go back upstairs to the punks and give them the gun and bullets. They’ll shoot at the toilets and the woman will throw the valve at them. Pick it up.

32. Attach the valve to the faucet and turn on the water. Now we just need a bucket!

33. Head back up to the bathroom and take the bucket while the woman is distracted.

34. Head back out and fill the bucket with water from the tap.

35. Go back to the noodle guy and give him the bucket of water. Then take the bowl of noodles from him.

36. Head back to the couple and give the noodles to the woman. Then talk to the husband and get the lever from him.

(Achievement Alert: Give the pregnant woman the bowl of noodles to get the Delivery Boy achievement.)

37. Go back to the tattoo parlor and exit through the back. Use the lever on the other half of it right outside the door to call the cable car. Then use the wood key to unlock the cable car door and get in to take a ride to the east side and complete Chapter 1.

(Achievement Alert: You get the Sky Tour achievement for completing Chapter 1.)

That’s all for Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. CatReader

    Is Mr. Pumpkin 2 “complete” without having seen the original? The original never made it to Android, and I don’t want to spoil my hopeful enjoyment by watching the video before truing the game.

  2. Sagar Jadhav

    Why you left most of the game incompleted….just look at isolated 3 and now this

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