Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant Chapter 3: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is about a group of students on a camping field trip before they graduate from Grant High school. They’re hoping to see a blood moon eclipse! Surely nothing will go wrong. This game is for mature audiences. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for any puzzles you get stuck on in Chapter 3 of The Covenant. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3:

You can watch my video for Chapter 3 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Time to choose again who goes with you. I’m liking Turner a lot, so I chose him. Again, I’m not sure how it affects the story. It seems like each character has different stuff to share with you, so you may need to replay the game to see them all.

2. We’re at a hunting cabin. Look around for different signs of animals and hunting. There’s a leaf with bite marks in it; hoof tracks; short, course and brown animal fur; and arrows and something else frozen in the ice from the freezer.

3. Head inside the cabin. Notice the diagram that explains how to hunt. Open the closet to see another hand. Also, get the key from the coat pocket. Take the scissors from the first aid kit. Grab the measuring tape and the empty lighter. Also, knock down the garbage to reveal another broken bow. There’s also some diagrams around the room to help identify animals, as well as a clue that says Honor won with 2766 points.

4. Use the scissors to cut the string off one bow and then attach it to the other. We still need arrows.

5. Go back outside. Fill the lighter with fuel from the barbecue. Then use it to melt the ice. Take the arrows and notice the dead baby deer. Use the key to unlock the shed and take a look at the target for now practice. And finally, use the tape measure to measure the height of the bite marks on the leaf to see it’s 36″ high.

6. Go back inside and use the arrows with the bow to get a loaded bow.

7. If you go to the charts in the back, we can now figure out which animal we’re hunting. First, we know the bite mark had four flat teeth and was 36″ high. So circle A8. Then, we found brown fur and hoof tracks, so circle B7. Then, go on the bigger chart and find the deer where A8 and B7 cross and circle it. You’ll make a note of it.

8. Now for some bait to lure in the deer. Tap on the bait lockers and then place the deer note on the deer locker.

9. The locker has a combination lock, but it’s all colors instead of numbers. Go back outside to the target for now practice. Find the numbers 2766 from the chalkboard. Make sure to pay attention to the placement of the number – 1, 10, 100, 1000. I’ve circled the numbers below. Then make your way from outside to inside when you collect the colors. You get:

2 = Green
7 = Orange
6 = Yellow
6 = Blue.

10. Go back inside and enter those four colors into the combination lock and take the bait, a salt lick.

11. Go back outside and place the salt lick on the tree stump. The deer will show up and Sam will shoot it, but it runs off.

12. Now we have to follow any traces of the deer, such as blood, fur, prints, cuts on trees and trampled plants. Follow these directions:

Right, Left, Straight, Right, Straight, Left, Straight, Right, Left, Left, Straight, Left.

And there’s the deer! It runs off again, though!

13. Now we’re at a cemetery and the deer got trapped inside a mausoleum. We have to get to it. First, pick up the matches. Notice the five gravestones with the numbers on them — 70, 40, 11, 50 and 30. Then head inside the chapel.

14. Tap on the text above the doorway to see that it says, “By the sum of our hands, The Hunger shall grow to encircle the earth eight times.”

15. Ok, so add up the numbers from the five gravestones (they each have hands) and you get 70 + 40 + 11 + 50 + 30 = 201. Then multiply it by 8 (circle the earth eight times) to get 1608. Use that number to unlock the box and get the old slides.

16. Now, look at the briefcase. There’s a tag on it that says, “For the one who walked first.”

17. Add the slides to the projector and and go through them. Then look at the family photo and compare the robes to the slide of them walking to see which one goes first. It’s the dark purple robe, so Pious is first.

18. Enter PIOUS on the briefcase. Then open it up and look inside.

19. There’s a note that says, “I’m sorry little brother. Stay away from P…” Looks like the person got interrupted. Take the spade and the green marble tile from inside.

20. One of the slides showed Pious digging something up. So go back outside and use the spade to dig and get another green marble tile.

21. Tap on the mausoleum door and add the two green tiles to it. Now to solve the Mausoleum Door Lock puzzle! Use the skulls to move the tiles around until it matches the pattern shown. You can use my video below if you need help.

22. It’s too dark down there. So use the matches to light the torch. Then watch what happens.

23. Time to vote! I’m going to vote Seychelle out because she’s starting to annoy me.

And that’s the end of Chapter 3! Click here to continue to Chapter 4 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. MsMia

    Not-very-fun fact: thereΓÇÖs a dead end in the deer chase with the creepy skull display thing.

  2. Jamie

    What happens if you vote Mark off?

    1. Tracey

      I’ve voted for him twice and twice someone else was taken instead. Tucker was taken the first time then Nicky.

      1. Sherrie Champion

        Same apparently you can’t ditch Mark early in the game.

  3. Chris

    That Masouleum door is a ball ache, even when watching the walkthrough video I have to pause it 🙂

  4. Sherrie Champion

    I voted Mark off first, second time playing the game. They took Turner… s apparently how you vote changes who gets chosen.. I seriously have to do things differently to see what happens. lol

  5. Eain Lin Thu

    This was a great walkthrough!

  6. Aryan Sharma

    I like this adventure.I especially thx to all team maker who made this game.Mystery line with story and not only a simple while complicating.

  7. Shirley Nix

    I got the mausoleum door puzzle but the door won’t open. Now what to do? Help

  8. Kayla

    The door on the mos wonΓÇÖt open but the puzzle is right. Help

    1. Raymond

      Some of the dark blocks are black and some are dark green. They are very close to looking the same. The black ones go around the white center and the greens around the outside.

  9. marimaru

    thx as always! i’ve been playing haiku’s escape games lately with a lot of help from you.
    this one already got to my favorite of all even tho i’m still halfway through.
    i’m liking Seychelle, she is such a sweet heart so i just decided not to vote for her till the end.

    i want haiku to make this kinda horrorish ones more..

  10. Div

    I chose Joanne, that medical students because she seemed more straight headed and I found another place, a cabin.I guess the puzzles are different for each persons? I think. Is that right?

  11. Div

    I just realized that I player chapter 2 and looked at chapter 3 walkthrough and commented. Lol! But it really would have been nice if we had different puzzle or path for different characters that we chose to be partnered with.

  12. Jas

    Does this mean I have to reset the chapter and pick turner instead cause I picked someone else and it looks like I’m in whole new au of the game/story

  13. Shangaroo

    I chose who I thought was the weakest link every day to be my partner, and then voted them off after getting whatever info they had to offer. Lol. Seychelle and Kelly are out so far lol

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