Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant Chapter 8: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is about a group of students on a camping field trip before they graduate from Grant High school. They’re hoping to see a blood moon eclipse! Surely nothing will go wrong. This game is for mature audiences. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for any puzzles you get stuck on in Chapter 8 of The Covenant. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’re in a well! We can’t get the key yet. Pick up the lady’s handkerchief and look at the note. It says to climb only the stones that follow this sequence: 4, 1, 5, 6 and then it get cut off.

2. Let’s figure out which stones to press. Basically, just add up the previous two stones to get the next one. It goes: 4, 1, 5, 6, 11, 17, 28, 45, 73.

3. Turns out it’s a lighthouse, not a well. Pick up the barrel. Spill the purse over and take the lighter, makeup powder and cash. Take a look at the locket that’s missing its other half and notice there’s a locked jewelry box.

4. Place the cash in the fireplace and light it using the lighter. Now we can see! Pick up another barrel and then place both on top of the crate. Grab the rope.

5. Tie the rope around the crate and then climb back down.

6. Dust the spider’s area with the makeup powder so you can see the web. Then take the key.

7. Climb back up the rope. Use the key to unlock the locker and take the shovel, axe and metal polish.

8. Use the axe to break the wooden planks over the door. We still need a lock pick, so we’ll come back to that.

9. Head back down and use the shovel to dig a hole. You’ll find a box. Let’s solve the Triangle Box Puzzle. Use the hands as guidance. Pay attention to the number of fingers on each hand and the direction they’re pointing. Then just find those triangles and press all the ones like that. So for the first one, the hand is holding two fingers out and pointing up. So press the triangle that points up. The next is five fingers pointing up, so press the two triangles with five dots that are pointing up. And so on. Then take the locket half from inside.

10. Go back up and add the locket half to the other half. Use the metal polish and the handkerchief to polish it and reveal a clue.

11. Notice that each shape on the locket has a number of dots inside it. This tells you the order of them. Now, count how many you see of each in the photograph and note them down.

Eye – 4
Diamond – 3
Moon – 1
Star – 2
Hand – 5

12. Enter 43125 into the jewelry box to unlock it. Take the hairpins from inside.

13. Use the hairpins with the door lock to unlock it. You need to match the hairpins to the tumblers.

14. Go through the door. Now you meet The Hunger and have to choose whether or not to accept The Covenant. Either one you choose, you end up having to fight the monster in the Escape Monster Puzzle. But you get the GOOD ENDING if you ACCEPT The Covenant. You have to get to the sewer grate. Using the axe on the monster will split it in two. But if you try to attack its head, you’ll die. It’s really really really annoying.

And that’s the end of the game! Watch whichever ending you chose.

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I am stuck on the door puzzle with the tumblers, does somebody know how to help me?


If you look closely at the guide picture, you can see which pieces are connected


Does anyone knows if there are different endings?


Based on what someone says on episode 2, yes.

Brianna Joyce

There are, depending on who you vote off and whether or not you choose to accept the covenant.


WARNING – STORY SPOILERS AHEAD ******* I played this on iOS and Android simultaneously so I tried a lot of options during the story. To be honest, it really doesn’t seem to matter who you choose to vote off each night and who you chose to take along. At best, it adds to a bit of the story. The most interesting being that Sam is a descendant of the Grant family – hence the reason she got the scholarship. At some point, (I think night 6) the game stops caring who you voted to save because I tried to save… Read more »


The two left survivors in my case were Mark and Seychelles (even though I wanted to sacrifice them previously, the vote did not choose them). I tried several time and interestingly, the persoon who is revealed to be the “mean guy” can be either Seychelles or Mark (mark want to continue the tradition of the family and to have the power of vision of the future, and Seychelles want to accomplish what the grand-mother asked her). Quite interesting these alternate endings ! I think that depending on the persoon you choose to be with you in the woods, you can… Read more »


I had Mark and Joanne as my last 2 survivors and Joanne as the culprit since she wanted to cure cancer and was prudence nurse, and was told the story to fulfil her wish to cure cancer. I think the culprit also depends on who you pick as your companion also. Mark is probably the default and will not be voted off by the game. Chilling game of survivor


I think you are right about the “mean guy”. Maybe it is decided according your first choice ?

In my first session, I chose Seychelles as my first partner. But I could not vote for her in the next steps.
In my second session (yeah I restarted the game), I chose Kelly as my first partner. But I was not able to vote Mark (I think he will stay until the end whatever happened) and Seychelles was sacrificed at first…

Ulrika Backman

Please correct the solution of the triangel puzzle. Nr 1, the first two fingers are pointing UPWARDS.


This was the most annoying final puzzle I’ve played on an adventure escape game. Usually they at least program it to be the same every time so you can follow the walkthrough, but this was obnoxious and impossible. I went back and replayed it, and the somewhat good news is that if you use stars and skip it, it doesn’t take stars the next time you play.


***Spoilers*** I ended with Mark and Turner. Turner sacrificed Mark because he said he had no ambition (lame). I didn’t really find out any secrets, probably because I went with Turner a few times, and he just cracked jokes. Anyway, when The Hunger tells him there’s still one person alive he cracks one more joke “I’m probably gonna die now, The Hunger seems like a stickler when it comes to the rules.” Run, run, run, Sam burns down the forest, the cops show up and she asks to go to a mental hospital, well “somewhere quiet with white padded walls… Read more »


**Spoiler too** Funny, because I ended up with those two us my last ones and the “bad guy”, turned out to be Mark. First time went with Joanne, because she seemed the smartest and more useful because of her medical skills and sacrificed Kelly, because she didn’t seem to have any secrets or usefulness. Second, I went with Seychelles, because she seemed kindhearted enough and wanted to know about the portrait. I sacrificed Nicky, because I had my explanation and I assumed that he had her portrait because he fancied her. Third, I went with Turner because he knew of… Read more »


I had nicky as the bad guy and he did it for revenge because the Grants did something to his family years ago.


Really enjoyed Covenant! Completely different from all other Haiku games. I never replay a game, but I quickly figured I would on this one because of so many options in choosing different people. I love Haiku games, played every one of them, and usually pay for keys in order to help a good company. But this was the WORST final puzzle, ever, in trying to get to the grate against that snake monster. C’mon, Haiku, you can do better for a finale! Anyway, great entertainment. Thank you!


I got Nicky and Mark as my last 2. I really wanted Mark to be last since this is his family legacy. And Nicky because conversations with him are interesting. My ending with the 2 is that Nicky killed Mark for the Hunger. But the hunger was like, i need them alive you idiot. And you’re not the last one. Then Nicky revealed that he wanted to see the future so his family will finally be on top instead of the Grant’s. Because it turns out there was a rivalry between the 2 families for a long looooong time. And… Read more »


My ending with Joanne( !! spoilers !! ): I picked Joanne as partner every day, yeah she’s kinda annoying in the conversations before voting, but I thought someone smart would be good as a partner. She told me that I(Sam) got the scholarship because I’m actually a Grant, the skeleton soldier in chapter 2 is my grandfather – he attend a war across the sea and impregnated my grandmother, who is a local, years later I got adopted to America and the Grants found me. Joanne also said that the Grants might killed my parents(I forgot she said my real… Read more »


That was a fun game.


Boooo! I chose to accept the covenant so I could see the future and get rich. Not so I could learn how to kill the Hunger.