Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant Chapter 8: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Covenant
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is about a group of students on a camping field trip before they graduate from Grant High school. They’re hoping to see a blood moon eclipse! Surely nothing will go wrong. This game is for mature audiences. This walkthrough guide will help you with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for any puzzles you get stuck on in Chapter 8 of The Covenant. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’re in a well! We can’t get the key yet. Pick up the lady’s handkerchief and look at the note. It says to climb only the stones that follow this sequence: 4, 1, 5, 6 and then it get cut off.

2. Let’s figure out which stones to press. Basically, just add up the previous two stones to get the next one. It goes: 4, 1, 5, 6, 11, 17, 28, 45, 73.

3. Turns out it’s a lighthouse, not a well. Pick up the barrel. Spill the purse over and take the lighter, makeup powder and cash. Take a look at the locket that’s missing its other half and notice there’s a locked jewelry box.

4. Place the cash in the fireplace and light it using the lighter. Now we can see! Pick up another barrel and then place both on top of the crate. Grab the rope.

5. Tie the rope around the crate and then climb back down.

6. Dust the spider’s area with the makeup powder so you can see the web. Then take the key.

7. Climb back up the rope. Use the key to unlock the locker and take the shovel, axe and metal polish.

8. Use the axe to break the wooden planks over the door. We still need a lock pick, so we’ll come back to that.

9. Head back down and use the shovel to dig a hole. You’ll find a box. Let’s solve the Triangle Box Puzzle. Use the hands as guidance. Pay attention to the number of fingers on each hand and the direction they’re pointing. Then just find those triangles and press all the ones like that. So for the first one, the hand is holding two fingers out and pointing up. So press the triangle that points up. The next is five fingers pointing up, so press the two triangles with five dots that are pointing up. And so on. Then take the locket half from inside.

10. Go back up and add the locket half to the other half. Use the metal polish and the handkerchief to polish it and reveal a clue.

11. Notice that each shape on the locket has a number of dots inside it. This tells you the order of them. Now, count how many you see of each in the photograph and note them down.

Eye – 4
Diamond – 3
Moon – 1
Star – 2
Hand – 5

12. Enter 43125 into the jewelry box to unlock it. Take the hairpins from inside.

13. Use the hairpins with the door lock to unlock it. You need to match the hairpins to the tumblers.

14. Go through the door. Now you meet The Hunger and have to choose whether or not to accept The Covenant. Either one you choose, you end up having to fight the monster in the Escape Monster Puzzle. But you get the GOOD ENDING if you ACCEPT The Covenant. You have to get to the sewer grate. Using the axe on the monster will split it in two. But if you try to attack its head, you’ll die. It’s really really really annoying.

And that’s the end of the game! Watch whichever ending you chose.

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  1. nelis

    I am stuck on the door puzzle with the tumblers, does somebody know how to help me?

    1. Poni5

      If you look closely at the guide picture, you can see which pieces are connected

  2. Danna

    Does anyone knows if there are different endings?

    1. Jack

      Based on what someone says on episode 2, yes.

    2. Brianna Joyce

      There are, depending on who you vote off and whether or not you choose to accept the covenant.

    3. Sam



      I played this on iOS and Android simultaneously so I tried a lot of options during the story.

      To be honest, it really doesn’t seem to matter who you choose to vote off each night and who you chose to take along. At best, it adds to a bit of the story. The most interesting being that Sam is a descendant of the Grant family – hence the reason she got the scholarship. At some point, (I think night 6) the game stops caring who you voted to save because I tried to save Seychelle (since she’s hot), but the game chose her to be the sacrifice anyway. Boo.

      As for the endings, I chose both options – accepting and decline the Covenant.

      Accepting it seems to be the better option IMO, since you get an option of asking The Hunger how you can kill it – the answer is fire, and after your clear the final puzzle, the game cuts to Sam setting the whole forest on fire and surrendering to the cops – she’s probably going to jail, but at least the monster is dead.

      The other option, of declining the Covenant, results in the same final puzzle, but after escaping Sam approaches the cops and asks for help to fight against the hunger. The game ends on an uncertain note – if humanity is able to destroy The Hunger, or if the monster consumes the world.

      1. Iris

        I don’t think she’s nessisarily going to jail, definitely at least a psych hospital though.

    4. Alice

      The two left survivors in my case were Mark and Seychelles (even though I wanted to sacrifice them previously, the vote did not choose them). I tried several time and interestingly, the persoon who is revealed to be the “mean guy” can be either Seychelles or Mark (mark want to continue the tradition of the family and to have the power of vision of the future, and Seychelles want to accomplish what the grand-mother asked her).

      Quite interesting these alternate endings ! I think that depending on the persoon you choose to be with you in the woods, you can learn different things.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah, itΓÇÖs a shame the game doesnΓÇÖt let you replay without using keys.

        1. Mia

          I ended up with Kelly and Mark at the end, and Kelly killed Mark because she was PrudenceΓÇÖs narcotics dealer and while Prudence was high, she confessed what the covenant was so Kelly knew Mark was sabotaging everything the whole time because of the covenant. Weird.

          1. Alice

            Nice ! I love alternate endings ! 😀

          2. Hayden

            I ended up with Mark and Joanne, and Joanne killed Mark because she was Prudence’s nurse and Prudence wanted her to win.

            1. Cece

              I ended up with Joanne and Mark once, but Mark killed Joanne to win. In previous tries, I switched partners for different chapters and all my partners betrayed me at the end. However in this play through, I choose Joanne for every chapter, so I think it does matter who you choose and being ΓÇ£loyalΓÇ¥ to a partner means they are loyal to you.

              1. AppUnwrapper

                How did you play so many times? You still needed to wait or buy keys?

                1. Imapalmtree

                  When you finish the game, you can play it all over again for free

                2. Coyotee

                  Did anyone else notice that Patience appeared to have 3 hands in the locker picture??? 2 were in her lap but there’s another on Prudence’s shoulder!

                  1. Korok

                    I saw that. I assumed the one on the shoulder was The Hungers hand

                3. Bella

                  If you set your time forward it refreshes the keys

              2. Mojo

                I played the puzzle pack while playing the covenant and one clue they give in the puzzle pack is to stick with one partner.

            2. Carla Huang

              Same! Interesting you can go with different people.

        2. Alice

          I restart the game to play a second time. I do not need any keys for playing. I can play the different chapters without waiting.

        3. Jim

          It does on android just not ios

        4. Sara

          It does, I am on iOS and replaying it didnΓÇÖt cost extra keys.

        5. Hannah

          Um, it’s always let me replay without using keys again.. I’m on an Android device. I replayed all the trap maker games again.

        6. Alaskan Cora

          Thankfully they do now!!@ I was able to replay the last couple chapters over and over. … oh wait… you mean, go BACK to a previous chapter. Oh, sorry. Havnt tried that . My remaining options, surprisingly, were ones that I chose (other than the camper) Sheychelle and Mark. I enjoyed refreshing ending to see them both be the bad guy. Sheychelle was a shocker, Ngl. The snake game btw, really annoys the heck outta me

      2. Chloe

        I had Mark and Joanne as my last 2 survivors and Joanne as the culprit since she wanted to cure cancer and was prudence nurse, and was told the story to fulfil her wish to cure cancer. I think the culprit also depends on who you pick as your companion also. Mark is probably the default and will not be voted off by the game. Chilling game of survivor

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I knew Joanne had stuff to tell me but she annoyed me too much for me to want to take her with me. 😂

        2. Alice

          I think you are right about the “mean guy”. Maybe it is decided according your first choice ?

          In my first session, I chose Seychelles as my first partner. But I could not vote for her in the next steps.
          In my second session (yeah I restarted the game), I chose Kelly as my first partner. But I was not able to vote Mark (I think he will stay until the end whatever happened) and Seychelles was sacrificed at first…

        3. Cece

          Mark canΓÇÖt be voted out. HeΓÇÖs always at the end. Sometimes dead, sometimes he killed the other person.

      3. MattB

        I tried a few runs; I think the villain turns out to be whoever you didnΓÇÖt once vote for. Whoever you wanted to keep becomes the final sacrifice.

        Poor Sam always gets betrayed by whoever she trusts the most

        1. Esme

          Wrong. When I played it first, I voted for Mark every day, and he was the villain.

      4. Kay

        I tried to choose different people as companions every day, so I didn’t really learn anything in-depth, I suppose. I did suspect Sam would turn out to be a long-lost descendant or sth. And to start with, I thought the twist would be that Mr Sparks is actually Trapmaker and there wasn’t any monster at all. 😀

        I ended up with Turner and Mark, Turner killed Mark, because he liked Sam and said Mark had deliberately made the chains slippery, so that Sam would drop them. He also said Prudence was a fan of his comedy channel, and told him all about The Covenant and The Hunger.

        Hopefully more people will comment and we learn all the different ending combinations.

        1. Cookie

          ThatΓÇÖs the exact same ending I got!

      5. Persiangirlx

        I was left with Mark and Seychelles too, Mark killed Seychelles. But I’m glad Sam survived I was satisfied with the ending

      6. Someone

        Actually, in my ending I had voted of Seychelles as the first, and in the end it was Joana who was the evil person, although she wanted to use the vision for a cure for cancer

    5. Fredrika

      I ended with Nicky and Mark. Nicky kills Mark because the Grant family stole the land from his family. He wants to continue the covenant and see the future. He tries to give dead Mark to the Hunger. It gets mad that he tried to feed it dead meat so it takes him instead.

      1. Loirs

        Wait i ended up with nicky and mark too but nick is dead instead?is that because i choose different partner?

        1. Alaskan Cora

          I refreshed the ending a few times with Mark and Sheychelle, and it alternated back and forth between the two as to who was the ‘bad guy’ and who was the ‘dead guy.’ So tbh, I earnestly believe whome you choose to partner up with has no bearing on the finale, just how much info you can learn.

      2. Boo

        I also ended up with Nicky and Mark but Mark killed Nicky and tried to feed the monster dead meat so the monster killed him. In my version Prudence told Mark everything and he wanted to carry on the family tradition and was suprised to find out that Sam was also a descendant.

      3. Leslie

        Woah my end is same nicky and mark but it was mark who killed nicky and then because it was dead meat, he ate mark instead😅

    6. Wong

      I choosed not to accept the covenant because if the monsters went to attack the world, The Avengers would show up and whooped their candy a**

  3. Ulrika Backman

    Please correct the solution of the triangel puzzle. Nr 1, the first two fingers are pointing UPWARDS.

      1. Mish

        So confused by this puzzle. I see ever number repeated but 1. Is there somewhere I can see what order to press them? I have tried up/down based on hand direction.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I numbered them that way to show you how many buttons to press for each hand.

          1. I

            Triangle puzzle doesn’t work. Can you write numbers of steps like1,2, ..6,7,8 .. etc to the end?

            1. Evan

              It works. When a number is repeated, you press all of them for that step. There are two 5’s pointing up. Press both of them, doesn’t matter the order. There are three 1’s pointing down. Press all of them, doesn’t matter the order.

        2. Sandeep

          You have to pay attention to the fingers and their directions. The first hand shows 2 fingures pointing upwards, so you have to press all the triangle that has 2 dots and pointing upwards. Second hand shows 5 fingures and pointing upwards, so you have to press all the triangles that has 5 dots and pointing upwards. Third hand shows 1 finger and pointing downwards, so you have to press all the triangles that has 1 dot and pointing downwards. Similarly you have to do the same for the rest of the hands shown.

        3. Rachelle

          Depending on the direction that the arrows are pointing, press as many of them that are there for each of the numbers represented by the hands which match on either side. If there is a han representing #5 and it is pointing up, then look for all the upward pointing arrows with 5 dots on them. Go down each of the hands, repeating this idea until you have done this for each of the hands.

          Hope it helps 🙂

        4. Richard Smith

          I’m having the same problem. I’ve followed the pattern every time and nothing.

  4. Meg

    This was the most annoying final puzzle I’ve played on an adventure escape game. Usually they at least program it to be the same every time so you can follow the walkthrough, but this was obnoxious and impossible. I went back and replayed it, and the somewhat good news is that if you use stars and skip it, it doesn’t take stars the next time you play.

    1. Alaskan Cora

      You mean the multi headed ‘snek’ game. Yeah, it fkn blows

    2. biskutkookie

      I want to try finish the end game of sneaky snake but I was impatient bcs I can’t even get it right. Always get eaten like wth almost 45minutes I keep trying. At last, I give up. Let’s just skip.

      My ending I keep Nicky and Mark at the end. It’s obv ending Mark the betrayer, he killed Nicky and still got sacrificed at the end tho. I accept convenant and fire the forest (at least hunger is dead) (excuse I skip at the last puzzle, that was very very annoying)

    3. Esmeé

      I have a tip for the last puzzle. Hit the snake right below the part under the head. This will split the snake into the longest it can get making it harder for it to move around. Another thing is that unlike some other haiku puzzles with you getting one turn to move and then the other player gets one, the snake moves at its own pace and sam can go as fast or slow as you want her to. So try to move her as quick as possible. And with kind of confusing moves so the hunger gets tangled and it’s harder for it to reach you

  5. Bspoff

    ***Spoilers*** I ended with Mark and Turner. Turner sacrificed Mark because he said he had no ambition (lame). I didnΓÇÖt really find out any secrets, probably because I went with Turner a few times, and he just cracked jokes. Anyway, when The Hunger tells him thereΓÇÖs still one person alive he cracks one more joke ΓÇ£IΓÇÖm probably gonna die now, The Hunger seems like a stickler when it comes to the rules.ΓÇ¥ Run, run, run, Sam burns down the forest, the cops show up and she asks to go to a mental hospital, well ΓÇ£somewhere quiet with white padded walls where I can rest.ΓÇ¥
    I donΓÇÖt think Mark can be voted off, I tried. HeΓÇÖs either the the one who set it up or the final sacrifice.
    I would be interesting to see how many different branches there are possibly in the story tree. Want to know what NickyΓÇÖs reason would be.
    Good game, but letΓÇÖs be honest, itΓÇÖs no Trapmaker.

    1. Mirana

      **Spoiler too** Funny, because I ended up with those two us my last ones and the “bad guy”, turned out to be Mark. First time went with Joanne, because she seemed the smartest and more useful because of her medical skills and sacrificed Kelly, because she didn’t seem to have any secrets or usefulness. Second, I went with Seychelles, because she seemed kindhearted enough and wanted to know about the portrait. I sacrificed Nicky, because I had my explanation and I assumed that he had her portrait because he fancied her. Third, I went with Turner because he knew of radio. I voted, for Mark, because I thought that Seychelles and Turner where more sentimental, thus less likely to vote me since I had been with both of them and Turner had probably a crush on me, by what Kelly implied. Joanne despite being pragmatic and with the first mistake of mine she would vote me, I knew we would definitely need a medic, so it was good having her around. Mark’s also advantage (knowing the area), seemed pretty useless, since the place was constantly changing, and before that he didn’t seem to have any insight to the things going on around his family. Game decided otherwise and sacrificed Joanne. Fourth I went with Mark, because it seemed fishy to me that game didn’t sacrifice him, and I wanted to interrogate him further. Then I voted again for him and of course hiker died. Fifth I picked Turner, because I lacked the muscle and if Mark somehow turned on attacking me, Turner would be a better protection than Seychelles. I wanted to vote for Mark again, but since I knew that game, wouldn’t take it in account and I didn’t want to chose one randomly, I went for Seychelles, because as I said, I was missing muscle, not the brain, plus, I knew that Turner was with me, because of the crush thing. Also Seychelles was the most reliable person to do the right thing and despite being scared, I thought she could pull of the chain trick. Sixth I went with Turner, since I wasn’t trusting Mark. I voted for Turner since Mark couldn’t be voted and I might turn up voted instead. Game decided to sacrifice me. In the end, Mark had killed Turner to offer him as a sacrifice to strengthen his power and revealed to have sabotaged the chains. The beast revealed that he wasn’t the last Grant and someone else was alive (Sam). Sam made a critic to him for not following the whole willing sacrifice stuff to him, thus not doing properly the ritual and hunger took him because of the dead meat offering. And that was it.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Wow you put a lot of thought into your choices! I just liked Turner more than the others so kept bringing him along. 😛

    2. Elizabeth

      Nicky a tué Mark parce qu’il a mis sa famille depuis 300 ans (ce qu’il lui reprochait depuis le debut).

  6. Sana

    I had nicky as the bad guy and he did it for revenge because the Grants did something to his family years ago.

  7. Popeye

    Really enjoyed Covenant! Completely different from all other Haiku games. I never replay a game, but I quickly figured I would on this one because of so many options in choosing different people. I love Haiku games, played every one of them, and usually pay for keys in order to help a good company. But this was the WORST final puzzle, ever, in trying to get to the grate against that snake monster. CΓÇÖmon, Haiku, you can do better for a finale! Anyway, great entertainment. Thank you!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah itΓÇÖs too bad they ended such a strong game on such a terrible puzzle/mini game.

    2. Alaskan Cora

      Yeaaaapppp. Second ever Haiku game and I HATED the multiplying Snek game at the end. The first Haiku game I played was a “beginner” difficulty game The Sacred Stones and I had a helllllova time with those puzzles and moving past some of them, but with my second being Covenant at an Advanced setting, I feel like I breezed through their puzzles with hardly a look on this site.

      1. .

        You should definitely play the legend of the time stones after the legend of the sacred stones. It’s the sequel, and it’s AWESOME!

  8. Tessa

    I got Nicky and Mark as my last 2. I really wanted Mark to be last since this is his family legacy. And Nicky because conversations with him are interesting. My ending with the 2 is that Nicky killed Mark for the Hunger. But the hunger was like, i need them alive you idiot. And you’re not the last one. Then Nicky revealed that he wanted to see the future so his family will finally be on top instead of the Grant’s. Because it turns out there was a rivalry between the 2 families for a long looooong time. And he trained for this moment. But then the hunger took him instead because he killed mark, which was not part of the rules apparently. Ending, I chose to accept the covenant and finally kill the hunger. Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓöÉ╬ô├▓├ª╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├▓Γö£├á Very well done story.

      1. Celly

        What was Turner’s connection to the Grants? Joanne was the nurse, Sam and Mark were the grandchildren, Kelly was the drug dealer, Nicky had family land stolen by the Grants… how did Turner fit in?

        1. Persy

          As many other has commented: Prudence went to TurnerΓÇÖs comedy performances and told him all about the Covenant and he wanted to have that question of power.

    1. Celly

      That’s so interesting, I got Nicky and Mark as the last two too (I kept them for very similar reasons as you) but in my game end, it was Mark who killed Nicky (to fulfill the family legacy) and it was Mark who got yelled at by the Hunger and sacrificed instead! I’d love to see all the possible ways this game goes. I wonder which choices we made differently that made the game switch places like that?

      1. Aura

        I had Mark and Turner last and It was the same, Mark killed Turner for the hunger but he got yelled because he needed them Alive(?) Now I wanna try choosing different people this time!

      2. helfi

        Actelly, I only restarted the last level and got a different ending…First I had Mark killing Joanne than suddendly I realised it’s Joanne who killed Mark! – So I think it’s a programmed “surprise Ending” depending on the last two standing – while Mark must be a part of the duo… The difference between you two than would be the time you klicked the button. 😉

  9. Iris

    My ending with Joanne( !! spoilers !! ):
    I picked Joanne as partner every day, yeah sheΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s kinda annoying in the conversations before voting, but I thought someone smart would be good as a partner. She told me that I(Sam) got the scholarship because IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m actually a Grant, the skeleton soldier in chapter 2 is my grandfather – he attend a war across the sea and impregnated my grandmother, who is a local, years later I got adopted to America and the Grants found me. Joanne also said that the Grants might killed my parents(I forgot she said my real parents or foster ones) . The ending is that Joanne killed Mark ( thought he might know something of the Grant family and voted for others, although by other comments he wouldnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t died no matter what haha)and confessed that she has been trying to sabotage my actions. She know the Hunger from Prudence, and wanted the vision to find some cheap and effective treatment to cancer. The Hunger said he did not eat dead flesh and take her as the last sacrifice.
    Which made me a little sad is that in the last day before we arrived the lake, Joanne said itΓÇÖs amazing that I take her with me everyday(forgot the original sentence but it was something like that), and since we are both going to Grant University , she wants us to continue being friends and hopefully be roommates, weΓÇÖve been through so much together after all. So I believed that in the end, Sam and Joanne can actually survive together, and you all know the rest. Damn the Hunger.
    The game is really awesome!

  10. Phyllis-Bishop

    That was a fun game.

  11. Dave

    Boooo! I chose to accept the covenant so I could see the future and get rich. Not so I could learn how to kill the Hunger.

  12. Sari

    I guess Prudence tricked all her sisters so she can survived (her sisters leaved book in radio tower, skull in cabin near the lake, and locket at final chapter).
    I wonder how about the brothers (except Miracle) since it looks like Prudence is the final survivor of Grants sibling

  13. Sarah

    Hi I love the haiku games played every one but does anyone know if there are any other games out there that are similar that are free to download tried many escape type games but no one so far has measured up what would you recommend thanks

    1. JMB

      Ik vind Town Mystery van Tiny Room Stories ook erg leuk om te spelen

    2. Jeremy

      Try Cube Escape. Look up a guide on which ones to play in which order because there are several but they make up a larger story. Theyre very good and creepy, too.

  14. Karrodin

    Turner and Mark for me. Since I wanted to know all their stories, whoever I partnered with I sacrificed. Seychelles, Nicky, Joanne, Kelly.

    In the end, Turner kills Mark. Prudence went to Turner’s comedy performances and told him all about the Covenant and he wanted to have that question of power.

    1. Aura

      Mine was Mark and Turner too, but Mark killed Turner to continue his family legacy.

  15. Imapalmtree

    You could have use the axe to hit near the head because it is longer and the Monster will take a longer time to reach you

  16. Michelle Sicheri-Peel

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve loved doing these. Got me through lockdown….. now looking for a good alternative to move onto . Any recommendations ? IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve looked at a couple and they donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t look so detailed, or less of a story, as such

    1. Jeremy

      As I mentioned above – Look up Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape games. Search for a guide that tells you which puzzles to play in which order because they made a bunch that add up to a bigger story. It’s really good and creepy.

  17. Santyd07

    <3 <3 Seychelles <3 <3

  18. Evie Smith

    Does anyone know how many endings there are?

  19. kym

    Anyone else completely lost on the box at the bottom of the pit. The picture is so confusing and the description didn’t help me either

  20. Rae

    I plan to play through a few times, choosing different people. I’ll let ya’ll know how each ends if y’all want

  21. Rae

    First play through I had mark and Joanna, and Mark killed Joanna. My second play through Mark and Kelly and Mark kills Kelly. For my first play through I pick Joanna Nicky Seychelles and then Joanna for the rest. This second play through I picked Kelly every time.

  22. Rae

    I picked Nicky every time this play through, Nicky killed Mark. for the inquiring minds I’m gonna choose Mark all the way next play through

    1. Rae

      Also since Mark can’t be voted off I’m gonna choose him and leave it up to the game to choose who gets voted

    2. Rae

      Well I forgot about the two instances in which I can’t choose Mark as a partner, anywho, Mark and Turner at the end, Turner killed Mark, saying that mark thought he was a clown, a funny guy with no ambition.

  23. Rachel Raynolds

    In the puzzle, someone( kate,conroy, nimue, burns) said that stick with Joanne, and be careful with a traitor, so you should pick Joanne for every chapter, but vote for her in the end.

  24. CJ

    Spoiler. Joanne tells you that Sam is the daughter of lucky dog as a dna test done in school confirms and that’s why she got the scholarship. Mark Is lacking and prue picked Sam to lead grants

  25. Annisa

    My first game at the end was Mark and Nicky, Mark sacrificed Nicky and i (sam) had to fight monsters then burn the forest. My second game ended with Joane and Mark, Mark sacrificing Joane. I (sam) had to fight monsters and managed to escape to meet the police and fight all the monsters with all the citizens there.
    I don’t know why I (sam) didn’t think to burn the forest

  26. Axel

    Oh my god, I had heads completely surrounding me but i made just before getting screwed over. I made it!!!!

    1. Zaybae

      I just skipped it with 20 stars, I couldn’t do it for the life of me

  27. Nydis

    What order do the numbers on the chest in the well go in

  28. Fotini

    #SPOILER ALERT# Is there any way Sam doesn’t end up in prison or madhouse at the end?

  29. Persiangirlx

    I’m playing this game right now, I played till chapter 3 then I stopped playing it for a while because I normally play at night when I’m free I got scared lol. But I got tempted.

    I sacrificed Turner and Nicky. After seeing some comments I’ve seen that all the endings are different. I really don’t want to sacrifice any of them. I’ve took Kelly and then Joanna with me on my adventure. I’ve not took Seychelle with me yet or Mark . But i will take Mark with me and see what he knows and how it goes with him.

  30. Shahar

    I finished the game with all characters. For each one I took him/her throughout all stages and on the last night I voted to sacrifice mark. For some of the cases Mark was killed and in others he was the killer. I didn’t manage to make Seychelle kill Mark. This is particularly interesting since Sam and Seychelle are closest and there is a hint to a lesbian relationship between them (Sam says that Seychelle is “more than a friend” and Seychelle keeps saying she wants to share her tent with Sam and tells her how beautiful she is). I wonder how the game reasoned about the final breakup.

    1. Shahar

      I managed to find the answer (I restarted chapter 8 until I got Seychelle as the killer). Seychelle turns out to be a liar, She says “You and Sam thought I was so sweet and inncocent? Well, look who’s the sole survivor”. Then of course there is the usual conversation that leads to her own death.

      It turns out that Turner was the only “good guy”, who really loved her. He kills Mark because he suspects he tricked Sam and oiled the chains, He finally says something like “I am happy, Sam that you are the last survivor”. I think this is the best ending because it does not follow the sequence of good friend – best friend – ambitious traitor.

  31. Shahar

    Another interesting surprise was that the hands of the hunger are actually the hands of the sacrificed. If you look carefully, you can see that each character has a distinctive hand (Nicky has a “25” tattoo Seychelle has red nails, the hiker has a red bandage and so on). After you sacrifice someone you can see his hand as part of the hands that snatch the next sacrifice.

  32. Zaybae

    I ended up with Nicky at the end and he was talking to the hunger saying that he followed all the instructions and he sacrificed everyone and he should get a vision and he was also gloating about how his family now finally on top and beat the grant family (apparently the grants stole Nicky’s family’s land and was always number one business wise and they only stayed that way because they always had a vision from the hunger, he stole some files and found out and he wanted revenge so he sacrificed all his friends for it. In the end Sam was alive and told the hunger that Nicky didnt follow all the instructions which resulted in the hunger consuming him as well

  33. Shahar

    I figured out the mechanics of the game.
    1. Mark cannot be voted to be sacrificed
    2. The person you choose first stays last
    3. It is better to stick to the person you chose first. This way you get the most information.
    4. In the end you don’t control who is the killer and how is the killed (Mark or the other last survivor). However, in the beginning of the final challenge (running away from the hunger), you can exit the game and go back, and you may get the alternative ending (e.g. once mark kills turner and once turner kills mark)
    5. There are only two endings: either you accept the covenant, kill the hunger and go to the madhouse or you reject the covenant and let the hunger consume the earth.
    6. I recommend talking to all characters as much as possible, as they add a lot of side information. For example Joanne tells you that actually you are stuck in a time loop, Seychelle tells you to look at her hands and remember them so that you know its her if she is sacrificed. This really adds to the depth of the game

    Overall, this is the most interesting game in this application.

    1. marimaru

      that was helpful thx:)
      i’m replaying this game to team up with different buddies, so much fun to know new information from them!

  34. Sandra

    You have mixed up the different pictures with the wrong amount of dots, just saying.. it is;

    Star – 4
    Moon – 3
    Eye – 1
    Diamond – 2
    Hand – 5

  35. marimaru

    for the first play i just picked up my buddy randomly so i’ve replayed. i stuck with Turner in every chapter n it turned out me(Sam) n he kinda got together, they kissed in chapter 7 however he as always betrayed me after i dropped chain in the lake, he voted me as a sacrifice, so did Mark. that was sad:(

    anyway The Covenant became one of my favorites of all haiku games!
    i’ll keep replaying to team up with different buddy to see each character’s story.

  36. Lucy

    I came here because I was stuck the “buried treasure” puzzle (and since for some reason, it wanted 8 numbers and I didn’t have enough 1 pointing in the right direction, I ended up paying stars and skipping …)

    Very glad that puzzle wasn’t working, because reading about the many alternative endings has been a delight!
    I picked Nicky as my first buddy, and once or twice more; he was the bad guy, for reasons other people developed, and it brings a brand new light to our last excursion together, when he claimed he saw something that I hadn’t ^^

    Thanks a lot for this guide, and to all the people who commented ^^
    Voted off Seychelles after we went up the tower together, and she went on about how I had freaked out…

  37. Ela

    My ending ΓÇ£spoilerΓÇ¥ is that i got voted off by turner and mark , and while i was escaping it turns out turner is the bad guy and he killed mark because the grants bought the land from under turner turnerΓÇÖs family and that he knew about the convenant and he wants his land back and i didnt stick with anyone in the voting i tried joanne twice or three times and mark once turner once

  38. Dorielle

    I got a cliffhanger ending. I rejected the covenant and it ends with Sam and humanity fighting the Hunger.

    Thanks for the awesome guides! I don’t know how they expect us to figure out some of this stuff.

  39. Kris Valderrama

    the bad guy, it seems, is the one you chose as partner for chapter 7 (the chapter where you dropped the chains). first time, i had mark and seychelle lefft, chose mark as partner for chapter 7, then he killed seychelle in the next chapter. the next playthrough, i had mark and joanne, then chose joanne as my partner for chapter 7, then joanne killed mark, although in those scenes, i don’t get how joanne carried mark, because he seems like a big dude

    1. Evan

      I think it’s random as to who ends up being the final survivor (besides Sam). I picked Joanne for Chapter 7 and Mark killed her.

  40. Brianna

    I’m not gonna lie, the monster at the end is kinda nice. I waana be their friend😅

  41. JC

    For those having trouble with the Hunger at the very end, it’s actually not too hard if you make sure every snake you create is as long as possible. Make the first Axe cut right under the head. Then circle around and make the next cut similarly. In the end, I usually have only 4 total snakes and I can make it into the sewer pretty easily, I usually get it first try.

  42. Korok

    For those wanting to know possible endings. Any one of the character, aside from Sam, Mr. Sparks and the Hiker may end up as the last man standing, and will then attempt to sacrifice the other character to The Hunger.

    Mark: Planned everything. He wanted to take his birthright as the sole heir of the Grant family
    Joanne: She sabotaged Sam’s journey across the lake by greasing the chains. Prudence told her everything as she was her nurse. She was going to use the future vision to learn the cure for cancer.
    Seychelle: Prudence Grant had already informed her of the monster as she was her painter. Reveals that she never had any real romantic intentions with Sam.
    Kelly: She knew about Mark’s plan and outsmarted him. She planned to wish for eternal beauty and youth.
    Nicky: His family owned the forest before the Grants 300 years ago. Nicky’s plan was to retake the ownership of everything his family lost.
    Turner: Realised Mark sabotaged the chains and kills Mark in revenge for Sam. Sacrifices himself when he sees Sam is alive.

    Other info:
    – Sam is the granddaughter of ‘Lucky Dog’ (the brother of Prudence) so is a Grant. Also Mark’s parents killed Sam’s parents to solely inherent the Grant fortune.

    1. Evan

      This is great, thank you for playing so many times so you can get all the endings! So basically, all of the characters suck, except for Turner. Turner is the only truly good guy. Joanne seems second best because at least she wanted to use the power to cure cancer, and not necessarily for personal gain.

  43. Duncan moffatt

    Thank you for the guides! God knows how I’d get through some of them! The end of the covenant is not easy. Just remember one thing. BE FAST!🤣

  44. Nicole

    So I played this game twice and noticed that you can never vote off Mark, so I played it again and this time always voting off Mark. Here is how they were voted out. Nikky –> Kelly –>Joanne–> Hiker –> Seychelle.

    Another thing I figured out is that whoever you partner with in chapter 7: the ones where the plan is to go to the lighthouse with the chains, is the one that turns on everyone else. First time I picked Mark and he was evil and the second time I picked Turner and he killed Mark.

    So in the end it was: Mr. Sparks –> Nikky –> Kelly –> Joanne –> Hiker –> Seychelle –> Sam –> Mark killed off by Turner

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