Sky: Children of the Light – Days of Rainbow Quests Guide

Sky: Children of the Light
By: thatgamecompany

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, and it’s similar to Journey. It’s a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) in which you can fly around beautiful landscapes and join with others to solve simple puzzles. I have a generic guide here, but wanted to break things down into more specific ones. The latest event is called the Days of Rainbow and each day there will be a quest to find some candles at the end of a rainbow. This guide will show you how to find them.

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Days of Rainbow

There’s a rainbow at Home that just tells you that the event is in progress. Each day, there will be a quest to find the rainbow in the realm where the quests are active. Talk to the Quest Giver to start it and then find the rainbow at the locations shown below.

Daylight Prairie:

– Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in Daylight Prairie

This rainbow is found at the entrance to the caves to the left of the butterfly fields.

Hidden Forest:

– Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in the Hidden Forest

This rainbow is at the very start of the Forest, after you fly down through the clouds.

Valley of Triumph:

– Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in the Valley of Triumph

This rainbow is found in the Citadel area.

Golden Wasteland:

– Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in the Golden Wasteland

This rainbow is found right behind the ark in the Forgotten Ark.

Vault of Knowledge:

– Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in the Vault of Knowledge

This rainbow is found on the fourth floor of the Vault.

And that’s all of them!

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  1. Gee

    Do you have idea about the 4 free rainbow scrolls? Its on the patch update but I can’t find it in the game.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They’re at the Ark after you complete all the transformations.

      1. Gee

        I finished all the transformations. But I cannot find any scrolls. Or maybe its something else rather than a scroll???

        1. Melie

          I don’t see scrolls either

  2. Trish Beddia

    Can you keep your purchases in the days of rainbow season? Say I purchase the colorful rainbow cape will I be able to keep that cape once the season is over?

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