The Almost Gone: Act 3 Walkthrough Guide

The Almost Gone
By: Happy Volcano / Playdigious

The Almost Gone is a puzzle adventure game from Happy Volcano and Playdigious with a really unique control scheme. Each scene is a diorama, and you can rotate it to see it from different angles. The idea is to look for items and clues to unlock doors and progress through the game. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Act 3, The Apartments:

1. The power goes out just as you get off the elevator. Head along the path to the next scene, which appears to be a generator out of gas.

2. Continue along the path. There’s garbage room with a circuit breaker but there’s no light to see it. Head through the door to the next room.

3. There’s some particles floating around the chair. Zoom in on the chair and then tap it to be teleported to another time.

4. We’re now in a laundry room. Grab the lighter off the top of the right machine and open the left machine to get a key.

5. Use the chair again to teleport back. Then use the key to unlock the locker. Take the gas can from inside.

6. Go back to the generator. Pour the gas in the hole and then use the lighter to light it. The power’s back on!

7. Go back to the garbage room and solve the circuit breaker puzzle. It’s an easy one — just press the buttons in the order shown: Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Yellow. Then go up the stairs.

8. You’re now in the building where your grandparents lived. Turn around and open the elevator door and get in. Go to the second floor, where your grandparents lived.

9. Go through the door to the next room. There’s a model of the treehouse here. You can zoom in on it and play around with it, but nothing else yet. We’ll come back to it later. Keep going straight to the next scene.

10. The next room has two locked doors and one unlocked. Open the unlocked one and go through to a child’s bedroom.

11. Examine the stuffed bear and then tap on it to teleport to the past.

12. Open the closet and look around the room to find four blocks. These are clues for the puzzle on the desk.

13. Now use those four clues to solve the puzzle on the desk. For each shape, trace the pattern you saw on the cube. Then take the map from inside.

14. Tap the teddy bear to go back to the other dimension/time. Look at the treasure map again and find the X in the room. It’s the pile of books in the corner! Move them and then take the bird skull key.

15. Go back through the door and use the key to unlock the double doors. Head through.

16. We’re in the kitchen now. Break the handle off the fridge. Then tap on the newspaper to teleport to the past.

17. Attach the fridge handle to this fridge and open the door. Take the frozen food from the freezer.

18. Use the newspaper to teleport back to the other kitchen. Place the frozen food in the microwave and warm it up. Open the container’s lid and take the model piece from inside.

19. Go through the door to the bedroom. Open the music box on the bed and take the note. Look at the back. It says “the biggest book contains the biggest secret.”

20. Continue to the other side of the room and head through the door to the bathroom.

21. There’s something stuck in the frozen bathtub, but we can’t turn on the hot water. Go to the water heater and use the lighter to turn it on. Now you can run the hot water in the bath and get a handle.

22. Go back to the kitchen and make your way left along the wall until you see a table and chairs and a sliding door. The door doesn’t open, so continue moving along. There’s a futon here with some of those flying particles. Tap on it to teleport to the past.

23. Look at the strange slot in the floor. Insert the handle and then take another model piece.

24. Tap on the futon mattress again to go back to the other dimension. Continue left to the next scene. There’s a vase on the bookshelf that matches the one from the note you found. Look at the books above it and find the biggest one. Open it to get another model piece. Also, use the bird key to unlock the door here and go through to get back to the lobby.

25. Go back to the treehouse model and add the three model pieces you found. The branches from the tree will grow and break through the wall nearby. Head through.

26. Continue to the right. There’s a poster with particles around it. Tap it to teleport.

27. Tap on the model in the center of the room and then touch the rope to make the whole thing collapse. You’ll get an electrical wire.

28. Go back to the elevator and take it up to the 3rd floor. Zoom in on the chair’s arm and notice a wire is missing. Replace it and then press the yellow button to make the chair break through the door. Head through.

29. Go through the next door. It slams behind you. Try to open it again and the doorknob falls off. Open it to see the number 1.

30. Make your way to the right of the door. Rip off the paper from the painting to see some spray paint. Then rotate the screen so you can make out the number 2.

31. Continue right. Notice the 9 on the bed. It’s a clue. Also, rotate the camera and get the valve off the oxygen tank.

32. Continue right. Place the valve on the side of the display case to reveal another model. Turn around to the back to see a number 7.

33. Zoom in on the model. There’s a combination lock. The appearance of the numbers around the room help you figure out which goes where. For instance, the doorknob’s 1 is on a round background. The 7 has a crease down the middle. The other two are less obvious. Notice the stain on the bed next to the 9. The 9 on the second dial also has a stain on it. So you know that’s where the 9 goes. And 2 is last because that’s all that’s left. You get 1972 in the end.

And that’s the end of Act 3! Click here to continue to Act 4 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Charlotte

    The act wonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t end when I put in Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║1972Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ… any ideas on how to get this to work?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ThatΓÇÖs weird. I even have a clip of entering those numbers and it just automatically triggers the black ooze. Possibly a bug?

      1. Charlotte

        I just tried emailing happy volcano for help so weΓÇÖll see. IΓÇÖm hoping they can just patch it or something, it might just be a problem on the switch version.

        1. Toricon

          Same version, same bug. Hopefully it gets fixed.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            You did everything else the same as I did? Unfortunately, thereΓÇÖs no way for me to just replay that chapter and see if anything changed after the latest update.

      2. Peter Maasen

        Hey guys! This is indeed a bug on Switch. We’ll fix it in the first patch, but for now you can turn the numbers ‘up’ at least one full rotation to the correct code again, and that should solve it.

    2. Aaron

      Same thing here

    3. Olly

      Im having the same problem 🙁

    4. alex

      is this a switch version problem? i have the same issue

    5. cancerous

      When you put in 1972 you need to click on the numbers so they go the correct way. I had this problem also. Just click on the numbers to get them to the correct code instead of flipping through till you find the number you need

  2. wyilli

    Me too. I have a same problem on switch.

    ohh I solve it use the A button!

  3. Morgan

    i forgot to grab the lighter at the beginning now idk what to do

    1. Pro

      If you didn’t get the lighter how did you get past the place where you need the lighter to turn the lights on 😭

    2. Pro

      If you didn’t get the lighter how did you get past the place where you need the lighter to turn the lights on 😭😭

  4. Shy

    So I already found the biggest book on the bookshelf and I had the diorama piece yesterday but when I came back today I didn’t have it and I’ve clicked on every book on the bookshelf (every single one) and nothing pops up except “my grandpa keeps his most prestigious books…”. Now I can’t progress and I can’t restart act 3.

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