The Almost Gone: Act 4 Walkthrough Guide

The Almost Gone
By: Happy Volcano / Playdigious

The Almost Gone is a puzzle adventure game from Happy Volcano and Playdigious with a really unique control scheme. Each scene is a diorama, and you can rotate it to see it from different angles. The idea is to look for items and clues to unlock doors and progress through the game. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Act 4, The Hospital:

1. Tap anywhere to enter the church/hospital. Rotate the camera so you can see behind the bust on the left. Open the panel and move the switch down so it’s redirecting electricity to the black wire instead of the gray.

2. Continue along the path to the next area. Continue past the water cooler. Pick up the paper cup from the table..

3. Go back to the water cooler and fill the cup up with water.

4. Go back to where you found the cup. Rotate the camera so you’re facing the TV. Examine what’s on the TV. Then zoom in on the circuit box below it and pour the water on it. The door will open. Head through.

5. Grab the capsule that’s hanging.

6. There’s a lot to do here, so bear with me. Start by heading down the middle path. Rotate the camera and go inside the theater. Pick up the patient file and take slide 1/4 from it. You’ll keep the file, too. Notice it says Patient Number 510 on it. There’s also a projector but we’ll come back to it once we have all four slides.

7. Go back to the first scene. Head left and notice there’s another capsule stuck in a tube. We’re going to knock it out. Continue around and pay attention to the tubes that connect to that one. When you get to the room with the computer, look at it and enter 510 for your mom’s room number. The game will zoom in on some numbers on the floor next to another slide. Note down those numbers. Then continue following the tube.

8. Keep following the tubes. When you get to the organ, place the capsule under the second tube from the left, because that will lead to the stuck capsule. Then pull the lever to send it through. Then go back to the room with the capsule and pick it up from the floor.

9. Go back to the first scene and head right this time. Stop when you see an MRI machine. If you tap on it, it says you can’t go through with metal objects. So we need to send the capsule through without us. Follow the tube that leads to the other side of the MRI and keep following it back to the organ. Place the capsule under the second tube from the right and send it through. It will land on the other side of the MRI machine. Now go back to the MRI room and tap on the machine to get to the capsule. Pick it up.

10. Continue to the next scene and notice there’s a glass case. Place the capsule in there to get back a computer chip and the empty capsule.

11. Place the computer chip in the slot on the wall. Enter your mother’s room number, 510. Then take the pills that drop down.

12. Open the bottle of pills to get slide 2/4.

13. Leave the MRI room. Head to the right of it and notice a bag of red liquid hanging from the tree. We’re going to knock it down. First, use the control panel to move the tube piece down.

14. Now, continue to the organ and place the capsule under the rightmost tube. Pull the lever to send it flying. Then pick up the bag of blood/liquid and the capsule.

15. Go back to the first scene with the bed where you started. Head right and then rotate the camera to see an empty fluids bag. Use the full one to fill it and bring life to the statue. It’s now upright and you can see a slide stuck in its face.

16. Now we’re going to use the tubes to knock that slide from his face. Follow the tubes to the right. At the MRI, use the control panel to move the pipe section to the bottom pipe. Continue following the pipe.

17. On the next scene, use the control panel to raise the pipe piece back up.

18. Continue to the organ and place the capsule on under the tube that’s second from the right. Pull the lever and watch the capsule knock the head off the statue. Grab slide 3/4 and recover the capsule again.

19. Now we just have one slide left to get. Head back to the original scene with the bed. Then go left until you see a wall with writing on it. Follow the pipe that’s pointing at the wall.

20. Make your way to the organ, following the pipes. Place the capsule under the leftmost pipe and pull the lever. Then watch it break through the wall.

21. Head through the broken wall. Pick up the canister and look at the numbers on the computer again if you need a refresher. Memorize the numbers. Then continue on towards the patients until you see an elevator and get on it.

22. We need to get to room 510. Try to go to floor 5. The elevator gets stuck, though, and lets you out on floor 2. The first room number we need is 208, so head over there. The tree is there! Climb down the ladder to floor 3. Then exit through the door to the hallway.

23. The next room number we need is 301. So find it and head inside. Climb down the ladder to the fourth floor and then head out into the hallway.

24. The next room we need is 403. Head in there and climb down to floor 5.

25. Make your way to room 510 and pick up slide 4/4 from the floor. Explore the room a bit and then you’ll get sent back to the main floor.

26. Head back inside the theater and use all four slides with the projector. On the last slide, the screen will melt and a wall will break down, revealing a new doorway. Head through.

27. Continue on and then look for a handle. Turn it to drain the water from the room.

28. Continue on and go through the door.

29. You’re in a morgue. Pull out drawer 510 to complete the act.

And that’s the end of Act 4! Click here to continue to Act 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. nattybo

    I sent the capsule through the second tube first to break the wall that had a message scrawled it. Now I have no capsule and I don’t see how I can get the stuck capsule or move on at all. what can I do?

    1. Empress

      You have to go through the wall and pick up the capsule to re use!

  2. Guy Buytaert

    Did I miss Act 5 or is it still to come ?

  3. PJ

    Sooo…. I sent the first capsule through a broken tube and now I can’t find it… And I don’t have the second one.
    Help! Thank you!

  4. rachael

    i put all the slides into the projector at once, it shows me ΓÇ£do they still use this testΓÇ¥ if u see a cat ur saneΓÇ¥ and the screen doesnΓÇÖt melt. i have no pictures left iΓÇÖm not sure what to do

  5. Sky

    I went back down to room 510 because i thought i missed something, but now I canΓÇÖt get out. The elevator doesnΓÇÖt work and thereΓÇÖs no ladder. Do I have to start over?

    1. erica

      no, luckily you donΓÇÖt need to start over. youΓÇÖll find the ladders in 503, 401, 308 and then you can get back in the elevator on the second floor
      these are the rooms you go originally go down the ladders in, and in parentheses the room number you begin on in on the floor below
      208 (308)
      301 (401)
      403 (503)

  6. Tracy

    I’m unable to put capsule into the MRI room case any ideas?

    1. Maria

      Switch it with the one that’s stuck in the pipe. It has to have the little metal thing in it

  7. Clara

    I put the capsule into the MRI room case and after I found out I put in the wrong capsule but now I can’t find the capsule I put in, am I softlocked?

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