Beyond a Steel Sky: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Beyond a Steel Sky
By: Revolution Software

Beyond a Steel Sky is the sequel of Revolution Software’s classic point-and-click adventure, Beneath a Steel Sky. It’s a 3D third-person game instead of 2D, and you’re move around using an invisible joystick. But as with the original, there are lots of puzzles to solve. So this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Part 11:

In this video, I take you through these steps:

Talk to Joey to get some ideas. Then head inside towards the elevator and use the intercom to talk to Astrid. She tells you she won’t let you up to the control room and she won’t come down.

Talk to Raquel near the VIP lounge and find out what you can from her. She doesn’t remember you!

Go downstairs and the fireworks projector. Then hack it and swap it with one of the holo ads to shut it off. It’s not enough, as no one really notices.

Use the sprinkler controls to turn them on. Alonso will then go and shut them off. While he’s here, notice that the nearby holo ad changes to one for Alonso about vermin.

Hack the Spankles machine to make the alarm go off instead of giving a Spankles. Again, Alonso will show you to deal with it and again the vermin ad will show up on the holo ad nearby.

Hack the holo ad with the next one that gets you closer to the projector. Swap the vermin ad so it’s closer to the projector. Do this a few times until you can swap the vermin ad to the fireworks projector. Then you’ll get a giant gang-gang!

Astrid will come down and now you can take the elevator up to the control room.

Once in the control room, use your crowbar to remove the vent cover. Climb through and follow the shadowy figures.

Along the way, you’ll have an option to watch the Aspiration speeches. I chose to listen, but I only heard Tarquin’s speech, I guess because Reginald didn’t want to recite his private poem. I was hoping he would have no choice.

When the speech ends, continue on for some cutscenes. I ended the video as I took control of Joey.

Part 12:

In this next video, I take you through these steps:

We’re now playing as Joey in the Reflections Spa. Head down the stairs and examine each of the rooms. Notice Foster and Ember are in room 3.

Use the console on the center of the room. Switch to room 5 to see that one of the kids in there is Milo!

Now, choose one of the rooms that the android isn’t close to and power down one of the empty chairs.

Then quickly run to that room and go behind the chair and press the button. The android will come to fix it. While he’s on the railing, push him down!

Head back to the main room. Orana will come down and then you’ll be playing as Foster again after a cutscene.

Joey wants to show you Milo, so follow him for another cutscene.

Then leave the room again for another cutscene. At the end, they decide that you and Joey should leave to find Leet while Ember and Orana stay with the kids.

Head towards the exit and continue along the path. You can examine the windows you pass. Eventually you’ll just be automatically taken back to the recycling center.

Head to Leet’s place and swap out Joey’s motherboard to the stunning robot to give him an upgrade.

Walk around and notice Leet is dead. After talking to Poppy, sit in the LINC Interface chair to enter MINOS again.

Follow the path and use the navigation tool to open up a path to the Qdos area. Head through the door.

Talk to Leet’s hologram to hear the message he left before dying. I’m still working out the Qdos-balancing puzzle, so I stopped the video here.

Part 13:

In this video, I take you through these steps:

I figured out the Qdos puzzle! If you divide by 0, you get infinity. So give ALL CITIZENS infinity Qdos! Now the kids should be able to board the train.

Back in the real world, talk to Joey and then try to leave the recycling center. Two droids appear so you need a distraction!

Open the moonshine tap and let it spill out onto the floor. Then ask Joey to light it on fire.

Once you have control again, head towards the exit and you’ll bump into Poppy. Then you’ll automatically be back at the city gates with the truck full of children. Milo is here and safe!

You need to find a way to open the gate. Talk to everyone if you want. Then hack the elevator controls so you can get inside. Then take it up.

Head outside through the door to the left. Then head down the several flights of stairs until you come to an office door. Alonso is inside there with Songbird!

Take out your hacking device and walk around a bit with it until you get three things together that you can hack — Storm Shutters, Anemometer, and Gun Controls. Swap the Green and Red and then swap the Manual Fallback and Send Shutter Alert. That will cause the storm shutters to close and Alonso and Songbird will come out.

After another cutscene with Alonso, head inside the office.

Head towards the screens and get your hacking device out. Hack the Land Train Doors with the Signal System and swap Land Train with Main Gate.

If you go near the left window, you can see there’s a satellite. But if the blinds are closed and it doesn’t show up when you hack. So head back outside and hack the Storm Shutters again so the window blinds open.

Go back inside and test your scanner to make sure the satellite appears on it. Then head to the other side of the room where there’s a toaster. Hack the Toaster with the Satellite Dish and swap Heat with Transmit to Land Train Fleet. Then press the lever on the toaster. (NOTE: In my video, loading an old save opened the window blinds, which I didn’t notice. That’s not supposed to happen. You need to do it manually.)

After a very long cutscene, you’ll be with Orana at the entrance of the Citadel. Go through and meet the Council.

Then the droids head towards you, quickly pull out your hacking device and use it to tell the stalkers to attack the androids.

Then there’s another cutscene and I stopped the video in the Overmann Chamber.

Part 14 – The End:

This is the end of the game. Just go through the door and then sit in the Overmann Chair to enter MINOS again and face Joey one last time. Solve each of the rotating cube puzzles and then watch the ending.

And that’s everything!

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  1. Lou

    im stuck on how to get the Deet off big steve. IΓÇÖve tied to lure him but where?

    1. Kristy Wighton

      Lure him to the waterfall

  2. smjjames

    @lou: Throw the sausage at the fake waterfall. Have to have him lured first.

  3. Al marks

    Totally stuck in the apartment. IΓÇÖve read everything on the terminal, interacted with everything, climbed toilet, I even hacked the bathroom. It WILL NOT allow me into the interview!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird. Once I saw everything to be seen in there, I got a message that I learned all I can. Maybe you missed something?

      1. Al Marks

        Γëí╞Æ├┐├╢ considering restarting the game, maybe it has glitched….

        1. Xmasishere98

          Did you click the upper left corner for the qdos history in the terminal? It took me a minute to see it.

          1. nospamm

            you click q dos history and of the 5 icons in the middle , click the far left one, i forget what it is called

    2. fregadev

      Read the description of the ministries again

    3. Noboby

      The top left of Minos screens

    4. Will

      Same thing happened to me. I have read and interacted with every single item in the apartment I can. Read through every section of the terminal multiple times. It must be a glitch right?

    5. Mr. Meeseeks

      I was stuck too until I realized that when using the computer in one of the rooms, there’s a link you can click at the top left to find your Qdos score. It’s one of the things you need to know.

    6. Dave

      I had the same problem. Very frustrating. I eventually ended up restarting the game, and when I got to that point the second time I had no issues. The only thing I can think of that I did differently is on my first go-around, I had already looked at the Civic Guide on Minos when I was outside the city, whereas on my second go, I hadn’t looked at Minos at all until I got to the apartment.

  4. Donovan

    great job! now we’re stuck on joey’s arm in the museum to get an aspiration brooch and we need your help!

    1. Donovan

      Figured it out…don’t suppose you’ve gotten the box from outside the window?

      1. Al marks

        You canΓÇÖt get the box until after the interview, just gotta ask the robot to open the windows and use the stank sausage to shoo the bird away

    2. Mr. Meeseeks

      It’s a sort of puzzle swap using the hacking scanner. Use the scanner and notice that there’s a “mood” associated with many of the exhibits and robot. Find a way to get the right mood to the arm. I’ll leave it at that.

  5. Al marks

    So far IΓÇÖm finding that this game has some major glitches in it. NPCΓÇÖs able to walk on each other. The wife sitting at the computer with the chair facing the opposite direction. Sometimes the Minos terminals glitch as if it were some sort of puzzle, for example the tab with all of the different classifications with allow you to highlight multiple classes as if it were going to unlock something if done in the correct sequence. Hopefully some of this gets resolved on updates, I want to love this game.

  6. Mia

    How do you turn off the furnance in the recylicing centre ? I tried to use the valve, but the valve broke and IΓÇÖm stuck now.

    1. Yak

      You have to use the unicorn you get from the thumbs guy. First you’ll see a rusted box before getting to the valve. Use the crowbar on it. Then turn the power off. Then put the unicorn in the powered off light fixture. Then turn power back on.

  7. Keiron Annesley

    Im Playing on Apple tv and the game says it auto saving but when i come back to play i have to start from the beginning! anyone else having this problem??

      1. Keiron Annesley

        Yep, deleted and downloaded again! same thing happens… save it, shut it down and come back to new game. No resume or load game tab to be found! could it be lack of storage on Apple TV??

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It could be! HavenΓÇÖt tried it on my Apple TV yet but I imagine it can get full fast with these 3gb games. Maybe try deleting a few things? Or reach out to the developer for help.

        2. Ike

          Am playing on ∩ú┐TV and itΓÇÖs saving ok to iCloud. I switch between playing on my iPad Pro 12.9 and the ∩ú┐ Tv. However am stuck at the museum trying to distract the guard. Not very clear how to get the droid to malfunction.

          1. Ike

            Oh figured how to distract the guard but not like AppUnwrapper did. I had hack the Joey boot, distract the guard, freed the mouse and then broke into the Joey booth to steal his memory. Now unto next stage.

          2. Ike

            So got the droid now.

  8. Keegan

    ThatΓÇÖs the thing, in ur video after ur done talking to everyone it allows u to leave GrahamΓÇÖs apartment, but it doesnΓÇÖt allow me and I have tried every verbal option and everything I can interact with. What do I do, I have even restarted the game from scratch and got same result

  9. Keegan

    I am stuck at GrahamΓÇÖs apartment thereΓÇÖs no way to get around I have engage in every verbal action and every interaction with in the game possible thereΓÇÖs nothing else I can do and IΓÇÖve even restarted the game and I got the same results keeps telling me to look for more information on GrahamΓÇÖs contact but there is no more information what do I do?

    1. Jj

      Did you go on his computer? Did you use the health thing in the bathroom? Soft toy interaction?

  10. Becky Stephen

    Please help. IΓÇÖm at the ending and cannot get number 0 back in my inventory it disappeared somehow to divide 0 to all citizens.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Do you have an autosave form before that point that wonΓÇÖt take you too far back? Reloading that save might fix it.

      1. Becky Stephen

        The auto save I have doesnΓÇÖt take me far enough back I feel I maybe stuck here and canΓÇÖt go further

      2. Becky Stephen

        My auto save doesnΓÇÖt go back so if it isnΓÇÖt saved you canΓÇÖt go further

  11. Jeanette

    how did you get the hololens?

    1. Hans

      Where exactly is it? Can’t find it. Already thinking my save is broken

      1. DankKnight

        Go to bathroom in your apartment put down the toilet seat. You’ll find it.

  12. Jason

    I╬ô├ç├ûm stuck trying to give Tarquin the broach with the poem on it. He keeps saying ╬ô├ç┬ú…That is…a thing you have shown me╬ô├ç┬Ñ and I can╬ô├ç├ût even have a conversation with him. When I try talking, the only option is ╬ô├ç┬úbye╬ô├ç┬Ñ.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh no! If you already did all the other steps, you might need to contact support. Can also try loading an older save and see if it fixes it.

      1. Paul

        just noticed, back in the appartment, the holoplinth was displaying the broken message. Exchanging the functioning hololens with the broken hololens in the inventory made the broken message readable. Afterwards I could talk to Tarquin and hand over the brooch

    2. Jack

      I am also stuck here. Did you ever find a solution?

  13. Dave

    I’m stuck. I’ve pushed Pixel on the roundabout twice, but he still won’t tell me about his brother. He will occasionally ask me about pushing him on the swing, but Foster automatically declines.

    1. Dave

      Never mind, I sorted it. I had to close the game down and reopen it before it would let me interact with the roundabout again.

  14. Becky Stephen

    Anyone know where to go to get support?

  15. Rose

    i can not connect the satalite and toaster the satalite doest seem to connect to the hacker

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I had the same problem. ThereΓÇÖs a bug where it doesnΓÇÖt show. Try loading an auto-save from the moment you entered that room.

      1. Rose

        i tryed that and the hacker still only connects to the toaster

        1. Keiron Annesley

          I went back out and reopened the shutters! i was able to connect the satalite and hack it with the toaster!

  16. Stephanie

    The satellite in the office refuses to come up on my hacking device! 😔 I’ve killed the app, I’ve also loaded from a previous point. I can see the satellite but it will not come up on my hacking device. Please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If nothing is working, I think you have no choice but to report it to the dev (I did, too, so hopefully theyΓÇÖre fixing it) and wait for an update.

    2. Keiron Annesley

      Try opening the shutters back up!

      1. Tom

        I╬ô├ç├ûm stuck in the controls room as well. The blinds won╬ô├ç├ût open, so I can╬ô├ç├┐t connect to the satellite. I switched the alarm for the blinds many times, but they just won’t open. How can I open them manually?

        1. Tom

          I found the solution. Step further out of the room to get a third device with GREEN and switch it with RED. The shutter will be open when you go back to the room.

  17. Graham

    If you give Songbird bilby and the picture you don’t have to lie, you’ll go to the party with her

  18. nargoon

    Can you prevent Joey (the little one) from death by guns by hacking the guns somehow? I saw they were responsive to the device.

    1. JetBlackIris

      You can’t, no. Putting the guns into passive will close the shutters for the signal room, preventing the radio signal from transmitting and the van from escaping. You have to swap them back, making the guns active again, which results in Joey getting shot. His death is part of the storyline.

  19. Graham

    If you give the droid the private poem, everyone is so offended (boo!) that the poet is blamed and sent home and he still doesn’t read his poem

  20. DemonFangs

    I’m stuck at the brooch part, I took the Aspiration Gala Poem in the brooch and then whenever I tried to give it to the Droid, it keeps saying “It’s something you’ve shown me”. There is way too many bugs for a game like this. If anyone has a solution let me know.

  21. Doomsaber

    Converting the little disc in minos would unlock Robert Foster’s classic outfit from Beneath a Steel Sky. I only noticed this when I went on to Graham’s apartment for the Gala outift and his classic outfit there; when I went to Minos later in the game and converted the disc again, the dialogue to the likes of “retro fashion has been delivered to your dormitory” is said by the Minos ai.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh thanks for telling me. I thought I noticed it, too, at some point but didnΓÇÖt make the connection. IΓÇÖll add it to the guide.

  22. Taylor B

    Can somebody please tell me where the broken gem for the holo-plinth is? I canΓÇÖt decipher the message without it

    Oop nvm I found it. Anyone else stuck here, look around in the bathroom.

  23. Elena

    WOW, you are a genius gamer!!!! Amazing hints!

  24. Marko Karjalainen

    Thabks for making a text walkthrough! At the end i have no puzzle and it just loops androids beating me down and i cant do anything 😀

  25. JetBlackIris

    Great walkthrough! I just finished the PS5 version of the game, platinum trophy and everything. Had a couple of loose ends and queries. Spoilers follow…

    – With the aspiration holo-brooch designs, there are 26. In addition to the three base designs (Joey, Spankles, Citadel), the other 23 seem to be secretly unlocked by interacting with or examining objects – primarily drinks dispensers and u-chip interfaces.
    I╬ô├ç├ûve found 17 so far: 2 in the old history museum (look at the gap dweller display – short, missable window!), 5 in the main museum (unlocked by interacting with outer exhibits), and 3 each from drink dispensers in the piazza, the cafe, and the aspiration platform (when you have to clean it).

    – there are six I still can╬ô├ç├ût find. From top left on the grid, they are numbers 13, 17, 20, 21, 22 & 23. Where on earth do I find these?

    – is there anyway to hold onto or take back the brooch after giving it Reginald╬ô├ç├ûs droid for inspiration? Seems odd to do all that work unlocking those designs just to lose them immediately. And, does unlocking all of them achieve anything?

    – Finally, when you cut off the anchor in the recycle centre, it knocks off an orange valve wheel, which you can pick up and add to your inventory. This is the only item in the game I haven╬ô├ç├ût found a use for. Any ideas? A secret area maybe? Or is it just redundant?

    Congrats again on a great guide!

    1. JetBlackIris

      OK, some updates on my own post!

      – Give the Valve Wheel to the Safety Services Greta in the Piazza (the one who updates your firmware) and you╬ô├ç├ûll get a funny message and unlock the classic BASS Security Services symbol icon for the Holo Brooch

      – Examine Leet╬ô├ç├ûs terminal to unlock the classic BASS logo icon

      – Turn on the shower in your apartment to unlock the scanner icon

      – Drop a Spankles into a garbage can to unlock the Spankles can icon

      That only leaves two other Holo-Brooch icons to unlock. I somehow did one of them, unlocking the ‘blind lincspace eyeball’ icon, but I can’t remember what I did to unlock it lol

      Another mystery: You can make a cuddly toy appear on the top shelf of the linen cupboard in your lounge in Graham’s apartment. Anyone know what triggers this?

      I’m sure there are still mysteries in this game yet to be solved…

      1. albadross

        You get the Blind Holo-Brooch (23) just by examining the Eye before using the Inventory option. Can you please help me with any of the ones I am missing please? 1, 10-13, 20, 25 and 26.

        1. albadross

          Made some progress with the Cafe Terminal and the Spankles machine by the tree. Now all I need help with is 1, 13 and 20, please. Also dropping a Sparkles can in the garbage does nothing to help me – is there a special location or hack?

  26. Kenny

    Have to say, the storyline really left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Joey is like a kid who clearly idolizes his father Foster; and Foster, by modern day standards would be criminally negligent and universally hated if his biography were to be printed in a book.

    Imagine you are born a genius, an authority figure you unconditionally trust and look up to, tells you something vague like “I hope you will work hard and be successful in the future”, then completely disappears from your life without at least teaching you the difference between right and wrong, what’s the proper way to achieve ends without harming innocents in the process etc., and then you grow up to be successful as you are unscrupulous, going so far as to enslave millions of people to that end.

    Then one day the authority figure shows up and kills you, and before you die all he says is “but I never told you to do all of this”, /shrugs, steps over your dead body and just walks off nonchalantly into the sunset like you are some random vermin merely died by the roadside.

    Flawed protagonists are one thing, but Foster is well beyond the realm of just flawed with the sheer irresponsibility and apathy he showed to what was basically his son and best friend.

    This is not a story about how AI interprets a directive to make humanity happy. This is just a story about how an abandoned smart kid who received zero moral and ethical guidance does bad things with good intentions.

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