PUSS!: Walkthrough Guide

By: Ivan Zasiadvovk / teamCOIL



World 1, Cerberus Boss Battle:

For this boss, you need to avoid his attacks while collecting the POW power-ups. Once your POW meter fills up, you get a few seconds to tap the screen wildly and damage him before another round of dodging. Just keep doing this until his health meter runs out.

Innerworld, The Priestess Boss Battle:

For this boss, you need to avoid her attacks but also the hazards like spikes on the floor. You damage the boss by leading her onto spikes until her health bar runs out.

Counterworld, Slot Machine Boss Battle:

For this boss, you need to stand on the clock while avoiding damage, then collect POWs. Once the POW meter fills, direct the lightning at one of the cats on either side of the slot machine to destroy them. Then do it all again for the other side.

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