The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores – Walkthrough Guide

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores
By: Xigma Games

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is the sequel to Xigma Games’ survival city-building game, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. It’s much longer than the original and a lot has changed that’s not particularly clear. So this guide should hopefully help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. I’ll add things as I think of them.

I don’t have a review, but I wrote some thoughts here.

Tips & Tricks:

– I recommend you go into Options > Settings and turn off Autosave if you want to make sure some tiny little mistake doesn’t cost you men. You can then just save every few days when things seem to be going well. It’s not a guarantee nothing will go wrong, but this way you’re not stuck with pointless losses due to dumb AI behavior, like a guard running off to fight a group of spiders on his own. You can also use autosave and quit to the menu if something goes wrong at night, but I think that’s riskier.

– I recommend building your bonfire closer to the forest, because any villagers sleeping by it will run to the forest the second the monsters attack. They aren’t very smart and will even run through the monsters, so best to shorten their distance. Also, build huts and upgrade them for the workers. If they get inside before the attacks, they’ll be safe. But they could still get attacked on the way there if they’re slow. Ideally, you want people to live in huts close to where they work, but since you’re likely to move people around a lot between jobs, that’s a bit hard to pull off. I’m also not sure if the game will fully adhere to that plan, since workers don’t always behave rationally.

– Every night, monsters will attack, but they vary, so some will be easier to kill than others. Wolves are a piece of cake to deal with, but the spiders can be a problem if your men get separated. The chupacabras and sort of mini boss enemies can also cause some trouble. The longer you play, the meaner the enemies will get, so make sure to keep adding new guards and equipping them appropriately.

– Make sure to upgrade your buildings and other structures when you can, especially the Carpenter and Blacksmith. That’s the only way to get new items to craft.

– Use the Carpenter and Blacksmith to craft equipment, armor and weapons for the workers and guards so they can be more efficient.

– Villagers slow down in rain and snow. To keep them moving at a normal speed, build some roads connecting the important parts of your village.

– Examine each villager’s skill to see whether they’d be better suited as a guard or a worker. But stat points are also important. Strength is for melee combat, agility is for ranged combat, and intelligence makes for better builders and crafters. You can pause to game to take some time and move people around.

– Your villagers need food, but make sure your Hunting Lodge(s) aren’t full of food, leaving no room for skins. Skins are rare (at least until you have a pasture) and necessary for crafting and building. So if you have multiple sources of food coming in, you might want to limit them.

– Upgrading the hunting lodge requires a lot of progress, so your best bet is to build a bridge as soon as possible and then add another hunting lodge to make space for more food and skins.

– Note that if you have one hunter, he will kill all deer or boars (and could be injured or killed by boars) before harvesting any of their meat. Then, if he doesn’t have time to harvest it all before nightfall, the guards will go after it at the start of the night. This might mean one goes off on his own and gets killed. So you might want to just use other sources of food instead.

– Build at least one of every structure to make sure it’s not preventing you from building something else. For instance, even if you have enough food production, build a farm as soon as possible. It’s the only way to get a pasture and then a tannery.

– If there’s a resource you need but you can’t figure out how to make it yet, you might need to build a bridge to the right or left. For instance, the coal mine looks like a little cave, and the clay pit looks like…well, a pit.

– Guards on a guard tower can in fact take damage. I’m not sure if it’s worth putting anyone up there, as they seem to be sitting ducks. That said, guard behavior in general is not that smart much of the time, so you could lose them either way. If you do use tower guards, make sure to pump points into their agility. I still recommend doing manual saves so you can revert to your last save if someone stupidly dies and you don’t notice in time. And either way, make sure to build at least one guard tower so you’re not blocked off from getting other buildings.

– Once you build a boat, you can assign a crew (you only need one person) to go on an expedition. You only need to give them enough food to get to another city and form a trade route. From my experience, each trip only uses 8 – 11 food, but you should probably take some extra just to be safe. You then need to set up a trade route and trade in each city for one Sunstone. Two of the cities also let you trade for Ancient Texts or Meteor Shards.

– Although there appears to be more lands to travel to, they’re not actually available yet. So don’t waste time sending people out on expeditions once you have your three Sunstones.

– I didn’t finish the game yet (my first game got corrupted due to a bug in the pre-release version), but it seems you need to train some monks, archers and warriors. A worker needs 5 intelligence and an Ancient Text to train as a monk in the Temple. If a guard with 5 strength trains in the gym during the day, he can earn the ability to hold a shield. But he can’t work as a guard during that time. You can also train tower guards to be archers if they have 5 agility, but they also can’t work as guards during that time. If you don’t have a lot of guards, you may want to play it safe as possible and train only one at a time. (Note: I was told by the developers that 5 in the stats was a guarantee they would earn those skills, but I had someone fail at shield training with 5 strength. So I’m not sure what’s up with that.)

– I believe you eventually have to fight a titan, but you need to train and equip your warriors for the battle. Giving me deja vi of the first game. But it’s dragging on for too long and I don’t think I’ll play through the end.


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More coming soon!

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  1. Shaina

    Hopefully this sequel will be made available to Android users. I loved the first one!

    1. Dallas

      It is actually, if you haven’t found out already

  2. Sandy

    I beat the Titan now what?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got bored of the game but IΓÇÖm pretty sure thatΓÇÖs the end until new content is added.

      1. Destruc

        Hize una expedición con 5 soldados, nunca los moví porque no sabía cómo se hacia la expedición…luego de pasar unos días el barco desapareció junto con sus tripulantes…creo que la falta de comida y no mandarlos a hacer nada…. Los perdí? 🙁

    2. Andrew

      how did you beat the titan? I summon it and it fights on my side…

  3. RaianZaman

    Can anyone tell me how to build the alter of titan??

    1. Guest

      You need to build a boat and send it on an expedition. From here you can visit 3 islands, each one will trade with you for a Stone. You need the 3 stones to build the alter of titan. If you have the 3 stones but it does not give you the options to build the altar of titan, it is because you need to build more buildings that further your progress in the game.

      1. Wong kai teng

        Then how do I get gems

      2. hihi

        my first game got corrupted due to a bug so i lost 3 Sunstones. How can i get new 3 sunstone to build the altar titan

  4. Dallas

    Great guide, and I TOTALLY agree with Bonfire at forest edge, its a quick thing to pick up if you pay attention, MY problem is not fully understanding a few of the Traits like Hard Workers, and the one that designates people as a Crafter for sure (sorry forgot its name) effects, also if anyone knows if the trait that allows a Gatherer to carry a second resource+cart means 3 of that resource or not

  5. Amazonmarky

    Ahhhhhhhh I don’t know how to make steel and just realized that I need bridges

  6. Sajjadm

    Hi. How can I use some one in the temple?
    I’m in 130day and I don’t know.

    1. Bob

      Hi! Your person in the temple has to have an intelligence level of at least 10. It may take a while to do, so i did this with me blacksmith and carpenter and ordered tone of useless items. After that, you can make them and alchemist and our good to go! Hope you find this helpful! Have a nice day!

  7. Kris

    I think towers are really important. Keep them close together so they support each other and protect your guards and sleeping civilians round the fire. Plan ahead where you’ll place them. Roughly in an arc around your fire. Take time to put your workers in huts as near as possible to where they work, it’s worth it.

  8. dathz

    como elimino arboles ???

  9. Alexander

    Una pregunta , puse guardias para entrenar arquero y me puso herido de flecha y paralizado, eso se va ? O queda para siempre ?

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