The Last Campfire: Walkthrough Guide

The Last Campfire
By: Hello Games

The Last Campfire is a puzzle adventure game from Hello Games, in which you need to rescue lost embers. There’s a lot of exploration involved, and it doesn’t seem to be strictly linear. If you get stuck on any puzzles, this walkthrough guide should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


For now, I’m posting videos of my first playthrough. I might play a second time to get more streamlined videos.

Part 1:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– The Guiding Light
– A Solitary Way
– Congested
– A Sorrowful Soul
– Forsaken
– A Fragile Flame

Part 2:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Unhindered
– Submerged
– The Map
– The Solemn End
– Melody Cave

Part 3:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Path of Ruin
– Lost in Thought
– Obscurity (includes Turtle/Frog Maze)

Note: There’s a clue for the Turtle/Frog maze on the doorway to that puzzle. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.

Part 4:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Compound Choices
– Kindling
– A Linear Road

Part 5:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Avoidance
– High Expectations
– Lots of backtracking for missed letters

Part 6:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Carried Away
– Lots of environmental puzzles

Part 7:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Abundance
– Turned Around
– A Complex Machine

Part 8 – The End:

This video takes you through these puzzles:

– Fractured Mind
– A Brief Journey
– Into the Dark

Here’s one of the missing collectibles, bringing it to 41/42:

I still need to find the last collectible I’m missing. I also might make new videos that are more streamlined.

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9 months ago

Can’t wait til you upload the 4th part I am dead stuck on a puzzle, it’s driving me NUTS!

Reply to  Monique
9 months ago

If you’re talking about the single golden cube down where you find the last frog statue. you can roll the cube over the frog statue, but the button prompt to pick up the statue won’t go away, and when you try to pick it up, You will end up standing on top of the cube. with the right positioning you can use this glitch to cross over the gap leading to the stair to reach the forlorn on top of the high stone platform

9 months ago

hi, I am playing the last campfire and I have run into a slight problem with the circle of frogs and finding frog statues. I was jumping over the pig with one and I must have released the frog statue and the pig ate it. I have 3 statues but it looks like I need 4. I was wondering if there is any way to find another frog statue?
I also appreciate the help from app unwrapper. I am not very good with games and I have found your guides the most useful.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
9 months ago

Thanks, I will try that. Have a good day

Reply to  Caden
9 months ago

I was actually able to complete without one frog, I hadn’t found it yet, and just started moving them around, and it worked.

Reply to  Stephanie
9 months ago

Same here. You only need three frogs. Leave the right spot open and the door opens.

Reply to  Jamie
9 months ago

I found the story interesting enough that I replayed it looking for more nuances. I did find the fourth frog and was able to move forward.

9 months ago

Hi, I came across an alternate Congested than the one in your walkthrough video! Has anyone else come across the one with the rolling stones and bridges that move and not the one Appunwrapper played?

Reply to  Sara
8 months ago

I’m on MacBook Air, I agree with that and I can’t get past it

Reply to  Sara
5 months ago

I’m on Ipad and I have the same problem.

Reply to  Sara
4 months ago

Yes, I use my iPhone and cannot pass that particular Congested configuration. It is very frustrating.

Reply to  Sara
4 months ago

Finally found the answer!! You know the double stones in the very beginning? You can/have to create that same double stone structure on the far right (on the Golden bridge). That way you can move a stone on top of the higher bridge in the center. By then Moving that stone into the space by the single column, you can then roll off the stone which stands on that single column. Walk over and push the stone by the ember into the space under the ladder. Then backtrack as needed to the ladder! :).

8 months ago

Hi! Where did you find the lever for the one room in the cave with the snake?

8 months ago

Hey!!! Nice videos, you might wanna check out again the caves (snake level) , go far west, and then go all the way up using the ladder and then go to the entrance that leads to a lost ember on a forest, there is a bush on the left of the entrance, that is basically a hidden ladder that leads to a collectable…

8 months ago

Halp! I’m in the snake dungeon and I seem to have glitched/walked past the “robot rusted in place”— I got the metal eye…. but I can’t get past the robot from that back side!

5 months ago

I found the part of the diary you were missing. Remember the flower you grabbed in the cave part of the game after your boat was fixed? Go to the cavern with the skeleton, and offer the flower to them. Then, the water will drain and reveal the box that the diary is in!

Reply to  Marie
4 months ago

hello, i saw the flower when i had no boat. with the new boat i never found the flower again. where is it?