Blackthorn Castle 2: Walkthrough Guide

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle 2
By: Syntaxity Inc.

Blackthorn Castle 2 is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Syntaxity. It’s the sequel to The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle and has you traveling back in time to a 14th century castle to break the dark wizard’s spells and find a mysterious artifact. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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16. Go back to Scene 22. At Scene 22, take the middle path to Scene 27. Continue along the path to the right to Scene 28. There’s a puzzle on the windmill door. It looks like the clue should be from the Clockmaker’s sign, but it’s not. The clue is from the brass tablet. The dots are either close to the middle of the tablet or towards the outside. So when you see one inside, point the arrow towards the inside of the circle, and when you see a dot outside, point the arrow outside the circle. It should look like this:

17. Go through the door to Scene 31. Continue up the stairs to Scene 32. Solve the sliding tile puzzle on the wall by moving each symbol to the matching symbol on the frame. Then take the metal gear and brass gear.

18. Go back to Scene 2 and tap on the blimp. Place the brass handle in the slot and the metal gear on the mechanism. Then pull the lever and press each of the three buttons as they pop up. The blimp will take you to Scene 33.

19. At Scene 33, pick up the iron pipe and then take the blimp back to Scene 2.

20. Go back up to the windmill at Scene 32. Insert the iron pipe into the slot and pull it up to make the gate tot he castle open. Also, take the rune stone.

21. Go back to Scene 26 and place the rune stone on the button. It will start glowing. Take back the glowing rune stone.

22. Go back to Scene 27 and go through to Scene 46.

23. Open the door in front of you and go through to Scene 48. Place the bronze gear down with the rest on the wall. We’re still missing another. Then head up the stairs to Scene 49. There’s a loose brick here. Use the crowbar to remove it and take the lock pick.

24. Go back to Scene 46. Head right to Scene 47. Tap on the door in front of you and solve the puzzle by swapping around the tiles until it looks like the image below.

25. Go through to Scene 50. Open the left stall door and go through to Scene 51. Take the stained glass piece from the saddle bag. There’s plaster on the wall and you can chip it with the crowbar but it won’t break through.

26. Go back to Scene 50 and open the right stall door. Head through to Scene 52. Grab the wood boards and leave.

27. Go back to Scene 25 and use the lock pick to open the lock. Take the hammer and the shovel.

28. Go back to Scene 4 and use the shovel to dig up the metal bracing.

29. Go back to Scene 33 and place the wood boards and metal bracing down. Then use the hammer to build a bridge. Cross it to Scene 34.

30. The door is locked, so head left to Scene 35. Solve the dots puzzle here. Then tap on the lock on the door and solve the memory matching puzzle.

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2 days ago

Please, we need more help on Blackthorn 2. 😁 Thank you!