Blackthorn Castle 2: Walkthrough Guide

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle 2
By: Syntaxity Inc.

Blackthorn Castle 2 is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Syntaxity. It’s the sequel to The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle and has you traveling back in time to a 14th century castle to break the dark wizard’s spells and find a mysterious artifact. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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31. Go through to Scene 36. Take the grappling hook from the wall. Use the crowbar to open to crate and take the brick trowel. And last, pull the lever to open the door in Scene 34.

32. Go back to Scene 34 and head through the open door to Scene 37. Press the big button in the middle of the floor and then solve the puzzle. Basically, just arrange the circles by thickness.

33. There’s nothing else to do here right now. So go back to Scene 6 and use the grappling hook to cross over to Scene 7.

34. In Scene 7, pick up the wood board with carvings. There’s nothing else we can do here right now.

35. Go back to Scene 51 and use the brick trowel to break through the plaster on the wall. Take the other half of the wood board with carvings and look at the clue on it.

36. Go back to Scene 47. Tap on the door to the right and use the clue from the wood board to solve the puzzle. The bigger dots around each symbol on the board tell you where that symbol should be on the door.

37. Go through to Scene 53. Head up the stairs to Scene 56. Ignore the door for now. Move the two plants to reveal a puzzle on the wall. It’s a very simple labyrinth puzzle. Just rotate it until the ball falls through the whole at the bottom. Then take the tablet and look at the clue on it.



Go back to Scene 17 and take the right path to Scene 18. Enter the church at Scene 19. Place the stained glass piece inside the frame. We’re missing the rest.

More coming soon!

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3 days ago

Please, we need more help on Blackthorn 2. 😁 Thank you!