A Monster’s Expedition: Walkthrough Guide

A Monster’s Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions)
By: Draknek Limited

A Monster’s Expedition is an open world puzzle game from Draknek, the folks behind A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express. It features the same monster from those games, but this time you’re pushing around trees to cross to different islands. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: This game is very open world, so I need to figure out how to help you find the islands you need help with. For now I’m listing the exhibits found in each video. I also might make new videos after I complete the game.

See my review here.

Tips & Tricks:

– There’s usually multiple paths open to you at a time. If you can’t figure out how to get to a specific island, try another path and come back to it.

– If you build a raft next to a rock, you can push off the rock and use the raft to float along the water!

– Different trees have different behavior when you push them. Experiment!

– Use the mailboxes to revisit areas you didn’t complete.

– When viewing the overhead map, look for any footprints, as that will keep you on track to see the main ending.

– Note that a new update added the option to show coordinates wherever you are. Turn them on in the settings. They were added too late for most of my walkthrough, but I’ll try to add the coordinates when I can.


Part 1:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Museum for Humans (Scale Model)
– Plinth
– Certificate of Excellence
– Queue Here Sign
– Human Backpack
– Holiday Lies
– Stanchion and Ropes
– Plaque
– Human Storage Rack
– Inflatable Flamingo
– (Coffee Maker)
– Leech-Powered Pen
– Concrete Birthday Cake
– Lighthouse
– A Cream Tea
– This Tree


– A Monster’s Expedition: Begin your tour in earnest!
– Special Delivery!: Travel via monster post!

Part 2:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Loose Change
– Unread Books
– Laundry Storage Rack
– Jammy Biscuits
– Cubecumbers
– Baron Bonbon’s Sugar Flakes
– Bird Bath (Deluxe)
– Leech-Powered Stain Remover
– Zoetrope
– Orrery
– Postage Stickers
– Stinging Nettles
– Scented Candle (“Piece of Cake”)
– Iced Cubes

Part 3:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Lasagne (Feral)
– Umbrella
– Crayons
– Meteorological Optimism
– A Garden Spoon
– Iced Cubes
– Bird Snack Bar
– Mobile Laundry Rack
– Cat Jetpack
– Mostly Reliable Slot Machine
– Heart-Shaped Heart
– Granite!

Part 4:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Scream if you want to go faster!
– Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times
– You must be this tall to ride the coaster!
– Pet Cloud
– A Goldfish Bowl
– Perfect Chameleon
– Telephone Box


– This Looks Familiar: See old paths in a new light!

Part 5:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Inflatable Flamingo Egg (Unverified)
– Emergency Cheese Sandwich
– Watermelon
– Creature Containment Ball
– Rainbow Brittle

Part 6:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Television Wand
– (Popcorn Break)
– Inflatable Chick
– House of Cards
– Air Mixer
– Plums (From Human Icebox)
– Bath in a Can!


– For Sail: Finally reach the windmill

Part 7:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Human Bicycle
– Message in a Bottle in a Shark
– Business Snorkel
– Overdue Library Book
– Trojan Woodlouse (Scale Model)


– Shore Thing: Relax by the water!

Part 8:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Microscope
– (Coffee Break)
– Schrodinger’s Box
– Blanket Pub
– Bus Timetable
– Popping Paper

Part 9:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Diagram of Human Behaviour
– Very Angry Clock
– Bottled Water (Lumpy)
– Big Spoon

Part 10:

Exhibits found in this video:

– (Starts at Big Spoon)
– Chocolate Coins
– Dinner Surpriser
– “Do Not Press” Button
– Shakespeare’s Skirting Board
– Human Tooth (Scale Model)

Part 11:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Bees’ Kneepads (Scale Model)
– Kraken
– Easy-Release Jumper
– Portable Swan Habitat

Part 12:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Car Boot Sale
– Dangle Garden
– Succulent Lamp
– Junk Mail

Part 13:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Sock People
– Texting Pigeon
– A Pressed Car
– Regulation Santa Beard

Part 14:

Exhibits found in this video:

– French Horn
– Teddy Bear
– Horse Sculpture (Scale Model)
– Comfy (???) Chair
– Unidentified Knitted Object
– Frog Work Outfit

Part 15:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Reverse Speed Camera
– Wink Emoji Dots
– Junk Mail (actually solved)
– Alphabet Collection

Part 16:

Exhibits found in this video:

– (Hug a snowman)
– Pocket Watch
– Hedgehog Effigy
– Smoke Machine


– The Real Treasure: Make a friend along the way!

Part 17:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Letter Trap
– Leech-Powered Printer
– Emperor’s New Clothes
– Hover-Sofa

Part 18:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Advertising Bill-Bird
– Extinct-ish Violet
– A Stuffed Toy Boar
– (Cat Jetpack actully solved)
– A Leaf
– Magic Beans
– Pet for Digital Assistant

Part 19:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Leech-Powered Percentage Generator
– Toddler Weaponry
– Coffee Dispensing Machine
– (Hugged a Chef Snowman)

Part 20:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Self Service Checkout
– The Sudoku Cult of 2214
– Woodhenge
– Leech-Powered Computer Monitor
– Television Hat
– 2D Furniture
– Dating Lasso
– Elevenses
– Dandelion Clock
– Hand-Operated Bell
– Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Part 21:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Unidentified Flying Object
– Embroidered Memo
– Portable Nap
– A Cool Skull

Part 22:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Bird Home
– Sandcastle
– Time Machine

Part 23:

Exhibits found in this video:

– A Cat Bed

Part 24:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Monument to Leeches
– Giraffe Armour
– Advanced Emoji

Part 25:


– What a Lovely Visit!: Catch the ferry home!

Part 26:

Exhibits found in this video:

– A Lovely Brew

Part 27:

Snowmen found in this video:

– Blue hat and scarf (on ferry island)
– Blue & yellow hat
– Propeller hat
– Red hat

Part 28:

Snowmen found in this video:

– Devil
– Cat

Part 29:

Exhibits found in this video:

– Cat Flap

Snowmen found in this video:

– Cone hat (124.1598, 109.1957)

More coming soon!

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  1. Phil

    Make a bideo showing how to get to all the hidden islands and snowmen!

  2. Richard

    Love the videos, best help I’ve found for this puzzle!

    Could you split the video bars into chapters? You just need to add to the video description something like:

    0:00 Start
    0:30 first exhibit…..

    It’d save me a lot of hassle trying to search each video for the bits I’m stuck on.

    Thanks, R.

  3. Sharon

    Great help with the videos. There is still quite a lot to do. It would be nice if you listed the coordinates of the islands, snowmen, exhibits that you find in the comments where you list now only the exhibits found in each video. IΓÇÖve been doing it in a different order than you, and had to go through each video to understand where you are. The coordinates are a great tool. IΓÇÖve gone through all the way to your video 29. We still have quite a way to go though! Thanks so much.

  4. Claire

    Great walkthrough. When I get stuck you also remind me of the value of taking a break 😀

  5. Yen-An Cho

    Thank you!

  6. Melissa

    This has been a LIFESAVER for most of the islands that I was severely stuck on….BUT.
    When I am following you, some of your island are in completely DIFFERENT places than mine! I wish I could send some pictures of this happening, it has made things very confusing for trying to go back and uncover some clouded islands.
    I tried looking up if the map changes from person-to-person but have not found anything… IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING THIS?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The game got a big content update since I made these videos, and I imagine some things got moved and changed around a bit.

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