Adventure Escape Mysteries – Picture Perfect Chapter 2: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Picture Perfect
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Picture Perfect. You play as Detective Kate, who is on an assignment at the high-profile wedding of Chelsea and Dante when she runs into an old flame. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 2. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 2:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Talk to the flower girl. She asks you to find her basket and flowers for her. Find all four flowers. Also, open the right barrel to get a mixer bottle and a step stool. Take the cork from the middle barrel to get the cork with key. Also, notice the phone on the chair that needs a WiFi password and the chalkboard that has almost the full password on it.

2. Use the cork key to unlock the left barrel and get two more mixer bottles. Use the step stool to access the basket.

3. Give the basket and four flowers to the flower girl. She offers to help you if you need anything. Also, add the three bottles to the rest on the bar.

4. Let’s solve the Drink Mixing Puzzle. The recipe beneath the glass includes four ingredient types: sweetness (candy icon), fizziness (droplet icon), fruitiness (fruit wedge icon), and alcohol (bottle icon). So we need to use the correct combination of bottles to reach the exact amount of each ingredient in the recipe. There are three recipes. You can copy my screenshots below.

5. Now you have two mixed drinks because Wanda asked you to leave the rest behind. Give the drinks to the two people facing you (besides Grandma).

6. Let’s figure out the WiFi password. It says the network name is Forever@OverlookOrchard. Notice the password includes the letters LOVE. Count how many there are of each in the network name to get the password.

L = 1
O = 5
V = 2
E = 3

So the password is L1O5V2E3. Enter that into the phone to access Dante’s YouCrew page and see where he went off to.

7. Ask the five guests for directions to the overlook and their tips will be added to a notebook. Then head out.

8. Now let’s navigate the gardens. In the first scene, you want to go right because Note 2 says “Whenever possible, take a path with roses to smell along the way.”

9. Then go left because of Note 5 that says “You MUST pass exactly two benches along the way.” and Note 1 that says “NEVER cross a bridge that goes straight or to the right.” and Note 3 that says “Avoid birds unless you have no choice.

10. Next, go left again because Note 4 says, “You MUST pass the fountain. It will be on your right as you walk by.”

11. Next, go straight because Note 2 says, “Avoid birds unless you have a choice.”

12. Next, go left because of Note 1 that says “NEVER cross a bridge that goes straight or to the right.”

13. Now we’re at the last intersection and we’ve only passed one bench so far. Since Note 5 says that “You MUST pass exactly two benches along the way,” take the right path.

14. It looks like Dante either jumped or was pushed! Let’s collect some evidence. First, tap the footprints to collect them as evidence. Then, grab the wallet as more evidence. Grab the iron bar. Also, push the bench aside.

15. Use the iron bar to remove the loose brick and look at the clue inside. We need to figure out what the questions marks are Also, tap on the signs to the left and collect the appetizer and cigarette butt as evidence.

16. Let’s work on the arrows clue so we can open the gate. You need to complete the sequence for each. So for the first row, you have South, West, North. That would make the fourth arrow East. Basically, to figure it out, turn the clue so that the third arrow points in the direction as the first arrow, and then match the fourth to the second. Then when you turn it back right-side up, it should be the arrows you need. In the end, it should look like this:

17. Now, tap on the control panel by the gate. The only four arrows you need are the fourth in each row. Find that color dot and press the button in that direction from it. You can use my screenshot below if you need help. Then go through the open gate.

18. Now we have to solve another puzzle. Follow the trail by alternating between tree and flower trails and complete it in exactly 21 moves. You can follow my path below.

19. There’s a bear near Dante! We have to scare it away. Pick up the four rocks closest to you and the stick. Use the stick to get the fifth rock.

20. Throw all five rocks at the sign and the bear will run away.

21. Now inspect the body and find four pieces of evidence — the cracked phone, the scratched arm, the lipstick on his cheek, and the thread in his hand.

22. Open the bag and get the body bag and radio. Put the body in the body bag.

23. Look at the frequency numbers next to the radio. We have to figure out the frequency for the helicopter. It’s match. There’s a pattern with the others.

The first number stays the same — 1.
For the second number, subtract 2.
For the third bumber, add 1.
And for the fourth number, subtract 1.

So if you take 144.6 and do the math, the next number in the sequence is 125.5. That’s the frequency you need to enter!

24. Load the body onto the stretcher to complete the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Katrina

    I’m stuck on chapter 3s pick the odd flower out of each of the 4 bunches!! Help!

    1. Nickle

      How did you get through the maze??

      1. Kelsi

        Listen to the clues given Nickle:

        NEVER take a bridge going STRAIGHT or to the RIGHT. So if you need to take a bridge it MUST be to the LEFT.

        Whenever possible take the path with the Roses. The in the first path we see roses, so take a right.

        Avoid ANY birds, unless there isnΓÇÖt another option.

        You MUST pass a fountain. There is only one fountain in the garden maze.

        You MUST pass two benches. They donΓÇÖt have to be together. You canΓÇÖt pass more than two though.

        Hope this helps you, if not I can walk you through the maze.

    2. harpbelle

      Top left: Pick the right most flower (orange yellow reversed)
      Top right: Pick flower without purple
      Bottom left: Pair all flowers and pick the odd one out.
      Bottom right: Pick the flower with 7 petals

  2. Kelsi


    Look at the leaves along each of the arrangements. They tell you which column and row to look for the flower. If you need more help let me know, I just finished the flower arrangement puzzle.

    1. Anu

      I’m not getting the 2nd column 2nd one. Help?

      1. Kelsi

        Pick the flower with seven petals.

    2. Katrina

      Thanks I’m upto chapter 7 now

      1. Rishi

        How did u pass the enzyme extractor

  3. Brittany

    Im stuck at the gate at the overlook with the dots!!!!!! Nevermind I got it!!!!

    1. marzia

      Io non ho capito.?. Mi aiutate?

    2. Caitlyn

      Help!! I cannot figure it out.

    3. Jack

      can you share? I am stuck here.

      1. Kena

        For chapter 2 at the gate at the overlook,
        Button to the right of the 1st (grey) circle, button to the left of 1st (grey) circle, button to the right of 4th (dark brown?) circle, then button to the left of the 3rd (blonde?) circle! YouΓÇÖre welcome!

    4. Nikki

      I’m stuck there how did you pass it?

    5. Lynne

      How did you do it?

      1. Kelsi

        Look at the direction of the arrows.

    6. Kena

      IΓÇÖm stuck!! How did you pass it??

  4. Rebecca

    Garden Maze:

    1. Take a right (roses)
    2. Take a left (at the bench)
    3. Take a left (fountain)
    4. Go straight (avoid the birds)
    5. Take a left (avoid the bridges)
    6. Take a right (second bench)

  5. Kelsi

    Hope this helps! Anu!

  6. Betty

    Stuck with the safe in the bedroom. Help?

    1. Kelsi

      3131. Look at the shapes on the towel.

  7. Sara

    Can somone help with the right code for calling the chopper?

    1. Maga MagΓö£Γûô

      il primo numero è 1 come gli altri poi vedi come si succedono le altte colonne di numeri -2, oppure +1..

    2. Kelsi

      125.5 itΓÇÖs just the missing numbers in sequence order following each column.

    3. marzia


    4. Deb

      Or you could do it the way I did. Subtract 144.6 from 163.7 and you get 191. Add 191 to 106.4 and you get the missing frequency. I figured it was a sequential number so that worked in this case.

  8. Maga MagΓö£Γûô

    Ciao.. sono bloccata con il numero della cassaforte nella camera da letto. non riesco a contare bene gli elementi del castello sull’asciugamano. Idee?

    1. Kelsi

      tre triangoli e 1 rettangolo su ciascun lato dell’immagine pi╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├║ grande. All’interno nella riga inferiore, tre quadrati e 1 rettangolo. Il codice ╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉ il seguente: 3131. All’inizio ╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉ stato un po ‘confuso per me.

    2. marzia

      anch’io ferma l╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼Γò¥

  9. Berabera

    Hi, I’m stuck at the puzzle with the microchips, please could someone help me ?

    1. Kelsi

      Are you talking about the colorful puzzle in the lab in chapter 4?

  10. Laura

    IΓÇÖm stuck in the lab in chapter 4 with the enzyme mixing. Any help?

    1. Kelsi

      Two yellows and a red should do it. IΓÇÖm not sure how it makes purple and green, but it seems to equal 17.

      1. Kelsi

        Three yellows and a red should do it. I just realized I wrote two and not three. My apologies for the error.

        1. Laura

          THANK YOU!

  11. Dakota

    I’m stuck on getting the fridge open!! I know the bill has something to do with it, but I cant figure out how. Please help!

    1. Alice

      Same… I’m stucked with the fridge…

  12. Bec

    Fyi canΓÇÖt load chapter 2, it fails.

  13. Michelle

    IΓÇÖm on Ch. 2 the arrows puzzle. I know what they should be, I just donΓÇÖt know how to put them in and I looked at the answer and it saysΓÇ¥turn the clueΓÇ¥!! How?

    1. Jade

      I was stuck on this too, but you donΓÇÖt actually do anything on the arrow section, just use it as a clue to work out what to do on the panel next to the gate. I got a message saying that I hadnΓÇÖt collected all the evidence so couldnΓÇÖt go through the gate yet, but turns out there was just something that I hadnΓÇÖt picked up.

  14. Marina Deoudes

    I’m trying to figure out the clue on the gate panel with the arrows, and even with your walkthrough, I still don’t understand it. I have no idea how you arrived at the fourth arrows, even with your description. How are we supposed to “turn the clue?” It doesn’t move or do anything when I touch the screen.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      In your head or using a screenshot. The game itself doesnΓÇÖt give you any tools for it.

      1. dre

        IΓÇÖm glad IΓÇÖm not the only one who wants to UNDERSTAND, not just use the hint and move on.

        I also STILL donΓÇÖt understand. I tried rotating the image like you said, but I donΓÇÖt understand what you mean by ΓÇ£matchΓÇ¥ the second arrows. The white arrow was an identical match to how it looked when rotated, but none of the others look the same as your solution when I do them the same way.

        The red one points up. So I rotated until the third arrow pointed up, and the second one points down and right. So AFTER re-orienting my screen to normal position, I drew an arrow going down and right. But that’s not the correct solution! 😢😫😩

        I want to understand lol… sorry…

        I visit appunwrapped frequently and it has always been 100% spot on. I really appreciate your work here! This is a rare moment overall, and IΓÇÖm sure I am just being obtuse.

        ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

        1. Sherry

          Basically figure out the direction and amount of degrees of rotation between the first and second arrows, then apply that to the third to find the fourth. Like 90 to the left, 135 (90+45) degrees to the left. Etc.

          1. Kayla

            Oh! Thank you so much for this explanation! Even with the AppUnwrapper explanation, I was still very confused. This explained it perfectly to me 💕

          2. Laurel

            Thank you!! It still took me a moment after that, but your explanation helped a lot. Turning the arrow upside down or whatever doesn’t really make sense to me. Now I definitely get it. For anyone else still trying to understand, you need to pay attention to the difference in degrees/change in rotation between the 1st and 2nd, and the 2nd and 3rd arrows. (The difference will be the same in both cases, within each color.) Then apply that difference (eg, add it to the position of the 3rd arrow) to get the position of the 4th arrow.

  15. C

    Stuck at the maze, for some reason, the last bench is on the left side for me and not the right.

    1. C

      Never mind, my brain decided that ‘Never take a bridge that goes straight or to the right’ really said ‘Never take a bridge that goes straight or to the left’. Had to read it about a dozen times.

  16. M

    I’m stuck on the drinking game! My combinations of drinks are different than what you posted. I have 1 alcohol, 3 sweet, 1 fizziness and 4 fruitiness. Let me know please!!

    1. P

      I had three same problem. What you need to use is the light yellow (1 alcohol 1 fruit and 1 fizzy) purple (2 sweet and one friut) and then the dark blue (2 fruit and one sweet) I hope that helped!

    2. P

      I had three same problem. What you need to use is the light yellow (1 alcohol 1 fruit and 1 fizzy) purple (2 sweet and one friut) and then the dark blue (2 fruit and one sweet) I hope that helped! Also they have mixed up the screenshots for the drinks.

  17. Aninymous

    I have a problem with the drinks game, I have 1 alcohol, 5 sweet, 0 fizzy and 4 fruit.

  18. Patricia

    Having a problem with the arrows

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