Adventure Escape Mysteries – Picture Perfect Chapter 4: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Picture Perfect
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Picture Perfect. You play as Detective Kate, who is on an assignment at the high-profile wedding of Chelsea and Dante when she runs into an old flame. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 4. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Talk to Murphy about his chart of suspects. We need to help him fix it. First, grab the photo from the chair and the photo behind the cupcake. Also, grab the tongs and the vinegar.

2. Use the tongs to get the photo from the spaghetti. Then head through to the kitchen.

3. Chef Julio is passed out! Add the vinegar to the salts to get vinegar-soaked salts. Grab the pot holder and pepper and get the knife from the drawer. Also, look at the invoice/bill on the floor.

4. Use the salts to wake Chef Julio. Then pick up the small key and photo from the floor behind him. Use the pot holder to open the covered cooker. Take the hot sauce from inside. Also, use the knife to cut the ginger and get sliced ginger.

5. Use the small key to unlock the cabinet and take out the blender. If you look at the blender on the counter, it says you need a hangover recipe for Julio.

6. Let’s open the fridge lock. There’s a blue, green and red dial. Look at the invoice. For the blue number, since it’s the first, you need to take the third number from the right. So blue is 4. For green, you need the second from the right, so 3. And for red, you need the first on the right, so 7. So the code is 437. Enter that into the fridge to open it. We need a recipe before we can take anything from it, though.

7. Go back to the dining room. One. The guests says she’ll give you a hangover cure recipe after you let them all leave. Add the four photos to Murphy’s chart. Let’s solve the puzzle. We need to arrange the photos so that they all fit the rules for each row.

8. The guest will give you the recipe for the hangover cure — roasted tomatoes, spinach, eggs, ginger, black pepper and hot sauce. Go back to the kitchen and grab the tomatoes, spinach and eggs from the fridge.

9. Put the tomatoes in the oven to make roasted tomatoes.

10. Place the roasted tomatoes, spinach, eggs, ginger, black pepper and hot sauce by the blender. Now we have to solve the Blender Puzzle. Use trial and error to figure out which ingredients are the strongest so you can make a concoction that fills the meter. You need to use all six ingredients. Ginger, hot sauce and pepper are the strongest ingredients, so add three of each of those and only one of the egg, spinach and tomatoes. You’ll then get a full glass of the hangover cure.

11. Give the drink to Julio. Then pick up the piece of paper left behind.

12. Kate recognizes the border! It matches the note from the safe. And the handwriting matches the note from the briefcase! Julio was paying off Dante!

13. We’re back at the precinct and Keiko locked herself out of her lab. We have to help her get back in! First, open the box and get the glass cleaner. Open the drawer and get the small key. Also, look at the computer and get a password hint. And last, look at the display case in the back.

14. Use the glass cleaner to clean the dirty glass on the display case and then look at the other badges behind it. Use the small key to unlock the other display case and get the screwdriver from the toolbox.

15. Give the screwdriver to the worker and he’ll finish his work and leave behind the ladder. Take the ladder.

16. Use the ladder to reach the swords and take one.

17. Use the sword to reach the ID badge under the door. Then use the badge to open the door to the lab. But don’t go through yet.

18. Let’s get the password for the computer. Basically, look at the badges and count up how many of each symbol you see.

Bears = 7
Stars = 9
Deer = 5
Eagles = 5
Trees = 12

So the password is 795512. Use it to unlock the PC. Now we have access to the DNA and Fingerprint databases, but we need to enter the lab first.

19. Enter the lab. Pick up the cabinet key, the scalpel and the forceps. Also, open the closet. We’ll get to that soon.

20. Use the cabinet key to open the first aid cabinet and take a cotton swab and beaker. Use the scalpel to open the cardboard box and get the rest of the pigment analysis machine set up.

21. Take a look at Dante’s body. Use the cotton swap to lift some of the lipstick. Use the forceps to extract the fibers from his hand.

22. Go to the pigment analyzer in the closet and place the beaker down. We need to mix colors that add up to 17. The color chart on the side tells you:

Purple = 3
Orange = 7
Green = 6

From those, you can determine that:

Red = 2
Yellow = 5
Blue = 1

So to make 17, mix three yellow with one red. Now you’ll have a Restrictor Enzyme.

23. Load the enzyme into the DNA sequencer and then solve the puzzle as shown below.

24. Now the DNA and fingerprint analyzers are ready. Use three cotton swab with lipstick on the DNA analyzer. The lipstick is identified as the Laraline brand in a color called Passion.

25. Keiko collected fingerprints from Dante’s phone. Let’s piece them together. You should be able to make three separate fingerprints.

26. Go back to the lobby and use the computer. Check both the DNA and fingerprints databases. The DNA found at the crime scene matches Chelsea’s dad, Vincent. And it turns out the baker, Ginger Smith, handled Dante’s phone!

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Yavine

    Fridge code is 437

    4, a blue number for hundreds
    3, a red number for tens

    1. Brigitte

      This is not a very good puzzle: the colours on the fridge look more like blue, purple and pink than blue red and green. Also, how to guess to use 3rd from last, second from last and last.

    2. Lizzy

      I can’t find the fourth picture…

  2. Yavine

    Solution for tje Murphy’s face tab. Here is a better place for that.

  3. Yavine

    And a third post for the chef’ drink

  4. Joseph Wilczek

    Please I need help with the 3 chemicals puzzle at the labs I don’t get it at all

    1. Hey has difference colours from notes🤦‍♀️

      1. Joli

        If you wanna know how to solve it:

        Red and blue make purple. Since we know purple=3, that means red + blue= 3, so one of those colors will =1 and one will =2 to get a total of 3. You can randomly assign red=1 and blue=2 then do the same with the rest of the colors and what colors you mix to make that color to figure out the values, but doing this you’ll see that yellow would have to =6 and that can’t be right cuz yellow + blue =6 (green). Which means red must be 2 and blue must be 1. Go through the process again and you’ll find this is correct (2 (red) + 5 (yellow) = 7 (orange) and 1 (blue) + 5 (yellow) = 6 (green)). And now that you know what red, yellow, and blue are, you just gotta figure out what combo gets you 17 while using 4 colors. And thus you get 3 yellow and 1 red (5 + 5 + 5 + 2).

        1. Jacob

          Oh, that makes so much more sense now.

    2. Hey

      Its 1 red and 3 yellow!

  5. Silke

    Hallo.. bitte wie findet man diese LΓö£Γòósung??

  6. Giulia

    If this can help, this is how I got the DNA puzzle. I’m sorry you can’t see it all because I didn’t screenshot it in time.

    1. Giulia

      Didn’t load the image correctly. Here it is.

  7. Kat

    Does anyone know the long fridge code level 5?

    1. Yaren

      code is the tier numbers of each cake noted on most popular cakes table

  8. Hey

    Sorry i dont get to screenshot it..but for labs with 3 difference colour than note,
    Red 1
    Yellow 3

  9. AdderTude

    There’s no explanation for how to find the fridge code. You state what the numbers are for the padlock, but there’s no reasoning behind them beyond just stating the correct numbers on the invoice. You gotta state what clues lead you to the numbers for it to make sense. Otherwise, this isn’t so much a walkthrough as it is a mere spoiler.

    1. zct

      And additionally, the fridge lock color is PURPLE not BLUE unless I have become totally colorblind…

    2. Millie

      Haha I’m so glad someone else mentioned this I had the same frustration with this walkthrough but still thankful to the author for the guidance. Zct, I was also thinking the same thing. I know my eyesight is starting to get rough but I’m not blind either.

  10. Genie

    Does anyone know where to find the music from all the chapters of the game? They sound quite good

  11. Lili

    I can’t take vinegar in the kitchen.. it does nothing

    1. Red

      Add the vinegar to the salt. Then wave the vinegar-salt under Julio’s nose.
      Although I don’t see why waving a bottle of vinegar under his nose wouldn’t work just as well… that’s the difference between game logic and real life. Lol!

  12. DAISY

    I’ve somehow managed to solve the dna puzzle with a different solution but it’s not accepting it which is annoying!

  13. Red

    The fridge code was a pain. I really appreciate having a walkthrough for that one!
    The blender wasn’t too hard. First, take three of one ingredient and one of another. A little math will get you the value of each one. For example, 3 hot sauce + 1 egg = 10, but 3 egg + 1 hot sauce = 6. That means each hot sauce is 3, and each egg is 1. (3+3+3+1=10, 1+1+1+3=6.)

    So… ginger and hot sauce are each worth 3, tomatoes and pepper are 2 each, spinach and eggs are 1 each.
    Add the max of ginger and hot sauce (9+9=18), then two each tomatoes and pepper (18+2+2=22, so you’re already where you need to be), and one each eggs and spinach to meet the requirement of having all the ingredients. Your spiciness level is now 24, which I’m pretty sure is the hottest you can get. That’ll bust that hangover!

  14. Ashley

    Where are the 7 bears, 12 trees etc etc? I only see 2 bears and 7 trees and all the wrong numbers

    1. Red

      There are two cases of patches.

  15. Androide

    I spent two days trying to find the code for the fridge lock, I had to come here to see the solution and still doesn’t make any sense. What’s the logic behind it? I would really appreciate some kind if explanation for it. Thaaanks

    1. Red

      He explains it in the walkthrough: Red is far right, green is second from right, blue is third from right. We’re taking about the position of the digits within the larger number, as well as the position of the dials.

      Personally, I think it’s one of those “you have to know to know” puzzles. My guess would have been 847 (left, middle, right). I’m sure AUnW came to the solution by extensive trial and error, and figuring out the logic afterward.

      1. Stuck

        I’m stuck on the DNA bit, is it completely missing in the walk through? I’ve done the sequence but nothing happens, and I can’t get the samples into the machine, no DNA results on the computer… please help!

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