unmemory: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

By: Plug In Digital / Patrones y Escondites

Unmemory is “A game you can read. A book you can play.” from Plug In Digital. It’s similar to Device 6, in that you need to scroll up and down for clues and to solve puzzles. It can be quite tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 4, Front Page Photo:

1. Notice the note at the top — FACT 23: I DID IT.

2. Read until the bottom of the page and then tap [connects] to turn on the compressor.

3. After another cutscene, you’ll be given another clue: Piropo knows. Don’t forget to feed him.

4. Scroll down until you see the letters JKH. Tap them to fill them in with ink. Then scroll back up and read all the text that’s been filled in. Notice the text in different colors, but don’t worry too much about it right now.

5. Continue past the locked cabinet. Expand the text when you see the ellipses, then tap on [key] to unlock the cabinet and reveal the TV.

6. Continue reading. When you get to the big R, fill it in with ink. Then scroll back up and read the text that filled in.

7. Notice that she calls the parrot Piropo. So now we know who Piropo is! Keep reading until you see Piropo the parrot. Tap on [walks out] to hear him talk. He says:


8. Scroll down and fill the ampersand (&) with ink. Then scroll back up and read the text that filled in.

9. Now you have some items to look through. Notice the note that says:

Little Rabbit is wrong. Samorost never drinks in public.

10. After the blond girl reads the note, you can expand some of the text, so do so. It tells you to turn the note over. It’s a list of what Piropo can eat. So tap the note to see the other side:

Feed Piropo three times. Don’t give more than two things in each batch. Whenever you can, start with fruit and finish with candy. Never give him seeds in the second batch.

11. Continue reading until you get to the parrot again. We have to feed him. Re-read the feeding instructions. Then feed him in this order: FRUIT, SEEDS, FRUIT, CANDY, SEEDS, CANDY. The parrot will talk and say:


12. At the bottom of the page, we need to figure out who’s who. Let’s start with the easiest. If you scroll back up, you can see Jamie highlighted in green. So Jamie is represented by all the green text in the chapter.

13. Several times throughout the chapter, we see that the green girl wears glasses. We also see her drinking beer. So at the bottom, for Jamie, choose [wears glasses] and [drinks beer].

14. The next one we’ll work on is Little Rabbit, because she’s also named. Notice that the tall girl in orange text is the one to recommend poisoning Samorost in a bar. The note the pink girl gives to the red girl says that “Little Rabbit is wrong. Samorost never drinks in public.” So the orange text has to be Little Rabbit.

15. From the same paragraph, we know that Little Rabbit is tall. And from another paragraph I showed in step 13, we know she has tattoos. So at the bottom of the page, for Little Rabbit, choose [is tall] and [has tattoos]. That’s two down, two to go.

16. Now, we already know from previous chapters that Debbie is blond. So let’s assume she’s the red text. We can see from the same paragraph that she’s both blond and smokes. So at the bottom of the page, for Debbie, choose [is blond] and [smokes]. That leaves us with just one more!

17. Through process of elimination, we now know that Kim is the pink text. From the same clues shown in step 13, we know she doesn’t speak. Another paragraph tells us that she has a ponytail. So at the bottom of the page, for Kim, choose [doesn’t speak] and [has a ponytail].

18. So this is what it should look like. Then press [Was that it?] to fill in their names all through the chapter.

19. Tap on the ellipses to expand the text and continue reading. Scroll all the way down to the blank space to trigger another cutscene and reveal DEBASER A1.

20. Now we have all the information we need for the TV/VCR. Remember, Piropo told us the order: DEBBIE, KIM, LITTLE RABBIT, LITTLE RABBIT, JAMIE, PLAY. Translate that to colors and you get:


So enter that into the TV.

21. Now we have access to five different videos. Play each and pay attention to the letter drawn on the screen. This is what you get:

The Master: E
The Poison: E
The Devil: E
The Head: W
The Spectre: S

22. Now organize them based on what Piropo said:


Put them together and you get WESEE.

23. Scroll down to the DEBASER and enter those directions to unlock it and complete the chapter.

Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or scroll down to see some extras.



After you reveal the DEBASER, you can tap on the cassette tape to play a recording.

After you complete the chapter (or possibly sooner), tap on [walks out] below the first parrot again and Piropo will say, YOU ARE A KILLER.

In the cutscene, you can see these coordinates for a Debaser Mystery Box. Maybe try visiting the location in the real world if you’re nearby? 41.379532, 2.152085

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