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By: Plug In Digital / Patrones y Escondites

Unmemory is “A game you can read. A book you can play.” from Plug In Digital. It’s similar to Device 6, in that you need to scroll up and down for clues and to solve puzzles. It can be quite tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 7, Betrayal:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 here or scroll down for my step-by-step guide.

1. Read until the bottom of the page and then tap [GET OUT]. Keep reading. Then tap on [GO INSIDE]. Keep reading and then tap [GO INSIDE] again.

2. Now we’re in the KITCHEN. We have two exits we can choose from. Pick [IN FRONT] to get to the FOYER.

3. In the FOYER, choose to [GO INSIDE] to get to the LIBRARY.

4. Continue reading and then tap on [MEET] and then on [LEAVE].

5. You’re back in the FOYER. [GO THROUGH] the other door to get back to the KITCHEN. You find a key here. [GO OUT] to the STAIRS.

6. [GO UP] the stairs to the LOBBY. Try to [OPEN] the door. It’s locked, so go back t the LOBBY and try to [OPEN] the door opposite. You’re now in the STUDIO.

7. Read to the bottom and then go [OUT] back to the LOBBY.

8. In the LOBBY, there are two more doors to try. Choose the [LEFT] one first. It’s locked so [OPEN] the first door instead.

9. Now you’re in the GUEST ROOM. [GET INSIDE] the wardrobe. Then use two fingers to pinch the screen and close your eyes.

10. Now you’ll unlock another cutscene and another clue: NADON, GREEDO and BABA will let you in at the Cantina.

11. You’re in the studio. Continue reading. There’s a slide projector here but only one set of slides are loaded, the ones for GREEDO mode. . Look through them for clues and then [LEAVE].

12. You’re back in the LOBBY. Head [RIGHT] to the GUEST ROOM. Expand the text and grab the [batteries]. Then [LEAVE].

13. You’re back in the LOBBY. Head [LEFT] to the ATTIC. The door is [LOCKED] so you go back to the LOBBY.

14. There are three more doors to try. Choose the [FIRST DOOR] to go to DEBBIE’s room. Pick up the [key] here and then [LEAVE].

15. You’re back in the LOBBY. Try the [LEFT] door again. Then [TRY] to open it with the key. It opens! Now you’re inside the ATTIC! There’s a locked trunk here that we’ll have to come back to. [LEAVE] the room.

16. We’re back in the LOBBY. Try the [MIDDLE DOOR] next. It’s KIM’s room and it’s locked. Try the key to see if it OPENS. It [DOESN’T WORK] so you go back to the LOBBY.

17. Try the [LAST DOOR] finally and it leads to JAMIE’s room. Turn the [record] on the turntable. It’s the same song from before. It will change the SAVE FERRIS poster so it says BAD KID LIE from THE FLAMING LIPS.

18. Keep reading with the music on, then shut it off and [GO OUT] back to the LOBBY. This time, take the [STAIRCASE]. Head back to the [KITCHEN] and [GO OUT] the door to the FOYER.

19. Back in the FOYER, take the [keys] and then head through to the other [ROOM], which is the LIBRARY.

20. Look through the books and find the one called DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS by Walter Mosiery. The GREEDO slides mentioned THE DEVIL’S BOOK, remember? Tap on it to open it and see a clue for the GREEDO puzzle. It’s telling you to spell out BANANA the same way the other slides spell out words. I’ll explain more later.

21. Now head into the [LIVING ROOM] and notice the four girls standing by the car. Tilt your device so you can see the symbols on all their shirts. Then climb [OUT] the window into the GARDEN.

22. Read to the bottom and trigger a cutscene with the blank space. It’s another DEBASER! We can solve the GREEDO one now, so let’s do so. Notice the slides that showed constellations. The first one spells out FREE (I WANT TO BE FREE) and the second spells out ROLL (ROCK AND ROLL). Now, using the clue from the DEVIL book, you know that you need to spell out BANANA (SPLIT). I’ve done so for you below and then connected the dots.

23. So now just do the same for the DEBASER by putting stars/dots in same squares on the grid. It will automatically connect them if you do it in the right order.

24. Scroll back up and go back to the [STUDIO] and the [LEAVE] to the LOBBY. Go [LEFT] back to the ATTIC and use the clue from the girls’ shirts to unlock the trunk.

25. Grab the NADON [slides] and [flashlight] from inside the trunk. Also, look at the flashlight manual. Tap on it to reveal the instructions for the batteries. Also notice the instructions for the robot. It says: KLAATU BARADA NIKTO and FOR SECRET WEAPON PRESS RED BUTTON 3 TIMES.

26. [LEAVE] the room to go back to the LOBBY. Then use the [STAIRCASE] to go down to the [BASEMENT]. [TRY] to open the door with the key. It opens! It’s dark, but you have a flashlight and batteries. You just need to put them in the right way. The instructions showed you how, so tap on them this way:

+ – + – – + – +

27. The lights turn on. Keep reading to see a robot that says SECRET WEAPON with a red button on it. Remember the instructions? So press the [button] three times and it will say I’LL KILL YOU. Pick up the BABA [slides]. Then [LEAVE] the basement to go back to the STAIRS. Then go back to the [LOBBY].

28. In the LOBBY, take the door [IN FRONT] of you back to the room with the slide projector. Switch to BABA mode and look at all four slides.

29. Switch to NADON mode and look at all the slides. There are thirteen slides that show sign language for different letters and the last one says JAMIE’S FLAMING LIPS.

30. Go back to the [STREET]. We can now finish up with the DEBASER! Let’s work on NADON mode first remember the FLAMING LIPS poster said BAD KID LIE on it? So find those letters in the NADON slides and count the number of fingers being held up in each. You get:

B = 4, A = 0, D = 1, K = 2, I = 1, D = 1, L = 2, I = 1, E = 0

That gives you:


Enter that into the DEBASER.

31. And last, let’s work on BABA. Notice that for the first three slides, the fish changes its direction and that changes the layout of the X’s and O’s. The fourth one should have the fish facing downwards, and you can easily figure out the solution by just taking a screenshot of the second slide and flipping it, like so:

32. So now just enter that into the DEBASER to unlock another cutscene and complete the chapter.

Click here to continue to Chapter 8 or scroll down to see some extras.



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  1. Natalie Jackson

    Thanks!! Working through it with you when I would get super stuck helped me get a tip without revealing the whole answer so I still got to have fun with it. Just finished!

  2. Audrey

    I’m using a PC to play. On step 9, it says “use two fingers to pinch the screen and close your eyes.” This doesn’t work on a computer. How do I pass this part?

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