The White Bird Carnival: Walkthrough Guide

The White Bird Carnival

The White Bird Carnival is a narrative-based puzzle game in which you swipe to read through the story while solving puzzles. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapters 1 Heading Home & 2 Grandpa’s House:

Chapters 3 – 12 + Most extras:

Chapter 1, Heading Home:

1. Swipe up to read. Keep going until you get to a letter from a lawyer dealing with your grandfather’s inheritance. Collect the postcard from the envelope.

2. Continue swiping to read more. When you’re in the car, you need to tap the icons in the right order. I’ve numbered them for you.

3. After the opening credits, there’s a white bird on a roof. First, tap on the pine tree to get a pine cone. Then tap on the bird to make it fly off. Swipe up to complete the chapter.

Chapter 2, Grandpa’s House:

1. You need to find grandpa’s house on the compass. The letter said that it’s located north of the White Bird Town Hall. So move the map around with your finger until the circle enclosed his house. You can recognize it by the white birds flying above it.

2. Keep scrolling. When you come to the photos on the wall, tap the top one to get an extra and notice the clue on the bottom one — 1015 above a locked safe.


More coming soon!

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  1. Cia

    Other than the tape you’re missing “Father-in-law’s Gift”, I screenshotted what it looks like and where I got it here:
    But the damn tape! I have no idea where it could be!!

    1. Cia

      Ok I literally got the tape after commenting!
      It’s in the first chapter, push the button of the device to the upper right of the letter and let it just run for some time it’ll give you the tape.

      1. Chris

        THANK YOU!!!!!

        1. Cia

          No problem! It was driving me nuts too😅

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