Reach: SOS – Walkthrough Guide

Reach: SOS
By: W van der Deijl

Reach: SOS is a short demo for an upcoming point-and-click adventure. It’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment, which will likely lead to players getting stuck. So if you need help, this walkthrough should get you through the game. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch my video walkthrough here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Grab the wooden plank from the floor and then drag it to the hole in the ceiling to fix it.

2. Climb down the hole.

3. Pick up the oar and the pipe piece.

4. Place the pipe piece in the gap between the pipes.

5. Look at the telegraph machine and notice it says THIS IS FROM ME.

6. Look at the note on the wall and see that it shows that the Morse code for ME is —Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöé-Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöé

7. Use the telegraph machine to enter the Morse code by pressing the handle LONG, LONG, LONG, SHORT, LONG, SHORT.

8. The door should open now. Go through.

9. Walk right to the boat and drag the oar to the boat. Then get in.

10. When the boat lands, walk right and pick up the capsule.

11. Walk left again and drop the capsule in the hole by the door. Then tap on it to zoom in and tilt your device to the right to slide the capsule forward. The door should unlock. Go through.

12. Climb up the ladder and then tilt your device to the left to roll the cylinder to the left. Once it’s to the left of the middle ladder, climb down the middle ladder and then climb up the right ladder.

13. In this next room, tilt your device to the right until the cylinder lands on the button. Stop it there and wait for the door to lift up. Then tilt your device to the left until the bottom cylinder lands on the button and raises the door. Then head up the ladder to the left.

14. Pick up the lever from the floor. Then attach it to the mechanism on the wall. Pull the lever down.

15. Head right and then tilt your device to the left to roll the ladder towards you. Then climb down it.

16. Continue right. There’s a locked door on the floor and a console to enter a 4-digit code. Notice the tic tac toe board that has three rows of XOXX. That’s the code! So enter XOXX to unlock the door and go through.

17. Pick up the straight pipe.

18. Head left to see a hidden room, then leave.

19. Go down the ladder and take the bent pipe.

20. Go back up the ladder and place the bent pipe in the gap between the pipes.

21. Go back down the ladder and place the straight pipe in the gap between the pipes.

22. Go back up the ladder and then tilt your device left until the cylinder rolls past the ladder. Then climb back down and continue down the ladder to the right.

23. Pull the lever up and then walk across the top platform to the left. Notice a key on a shelf down below. Tilt your device to the right to slide the key over.

24. Pull the lever down so you can reach the key. Climb down and pick it up. Then head right to the door and use the key to unlock it. Continue through to complete the game.

And that’s all for now! Check back here when the full game is released.

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  1. CatReader

    Did you run into some places that seem to be deadends? In the room with the telegraphy machine, I could zoom into a note on the table; it seemed to be at most some backstory. In the first interior after the first boat travel, I could zoom on the note boxes labelled X and O, but I did not spot any clues to use or a purpose. In the area with the pipe puzzle, on the top level, I entered the the lower left cubby on the back wall. I found a small hideout, but nothing to do. Last of all, in the room with the key, I zoomed in on the table with the chessboard and found nothing that seemed to contribute to gameplay. Maybe forthcoming easter eggs or spots for collectibles. (?)

  2. BluenDSven

    In the room with the switched tubes, you can actually let roll the cylinder all the way to the left so it goes in the machine, which is a music box, and a lullaby comes through the pipes we just repaired. I think itΓÇÖs part of the background story.

  3. steve

    have zynga the wizard of oz magic match level 3628 says need 2 moore but there are no moore to get

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