South of the Circle: Walkthrough Guide

South of the Circle
By: State of Play Games

South of the Circle is the latest game from State of Play. It’s currently only on Apple Arcade and is narrative-focused. It’s unclear to me at the moment how your decisions shape the story, but it does seem like there are sometimes choices that are considered “right” by the game, as they give you a sort of badge. I’ll try to add info once I know more. For now, I have my gameplay videos. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Note that each icon represents different emotions. I’ll try to grab screenshots of each when I can in case you missed any of them.



Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3, The End:

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5 months ago

This is a masterpiece. I have noticed that if two or three of the “emotional bubbles” pop up and you tap on neither, Peter stumbles over his words, as if he can’t think. I replayed the first sequence a couple of times as I was a bit lost regarding how the choices would affect the narrative, and it is truly idiosyncratic.

I’ve also noticed the bubbles tend to fade if you don’t press and hold them long enough. What makes the terrifyingly real is that it replicates reality and breaks the fourth wall – you, as a player, become confused, therefore the character becomes confused too.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, bar none. Not even Heavy Rain comes close to it.

Oh, one of my friends started it at the same time as I and his story is slightly different… There’s certain non-linear narrative elements which make for the most unorthodox journey I’ve encountered in a very long time.

The “badges” do have a significant outcome on the story. For example, and I’m not spoiling it, but the choice about the number of “students” has an intense effect on the rest of that chapter.

Howard Brazee
4 months ago

I found this site because I haven’t a clue how to work the controls on my Mac. Sometimes I would click on an icon, and if there are two icons, the other one will disappear (but I don’t know what those icons meant). So I Googled to find out. How did you find out? I clicked on the medium class size, but he said “3”.

Howard Brazee
3 months ago

I got to the bullseye screen and never saw the targets. I just saw him standing there with a star in a circle. Took a few dozen quiet shots but couldn’t get out of that screen. FInally had to swap to a different screen in my Mac and quit the program.

Howard Brazee
Reply to  Howard Brazee
3 months ago

I tried again, this time I returned to the carnival and didn’t have to hike down the mountain a third time. But it stuck the same place!

Howard Brazee
Reply to  Howard Brazee
3 months ago

Deleted the app and downloaded it again, that didn’t help.

li ofto
Reply to  Howard Brazee
3 months ago

Same issue here, when reaching the shooting/targets at the carnival there’s just one star in a circle and nothing works, even the game menu freezes!

Reply to  li ofto
3 months ago

Same issue here. I’m wondering if this is a newer glitch, as other people have obviously been able to play through the entire game with no problems.

Howard Brazee
Reply to  saaaaa
3 months ago

I decided to try it on my iPad to see if it knew where I left off. I opened the game, told it to continue, and found myself in a snow storm. I didn’t hear anything until I put on AirPods. Then I tried touching parts of the screen, but couldn’t figure anything out. I was stuck in the storm.

Reply to  Howard Brazee
2 months ago

same thing happened to me, it froze like this. i can “shoot” but nothing else happens. this game is so great and i’ll be very sad to delete it because of this. i just can’t continue.

Reply to  carrievega
1 month ago

Getting the same issue on Mac mini..have written to the developers via their website.