All of You: Complete Walkthrough Guide with All Collectibles

All of You
By: Alike Studio

All of You is a puzzle game from Alike Studio, similar to Bring You Home in many ways. It seems easy at first, but the puzzles get tricky before long and even require fast reflexes at times. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask as for extra help in the comments section.

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You can find a photograph in each of these levels: 6, 21, 32, 34 (hidden), 35, 41 (hidden), 44, 55, 59, 60, 61, 64, 68, 69, 70.


Levels 1 – 12:

For those who prefer hints/nudges over watching the video:

Level 1: Nothing to this. It just teaches you to tap the circle to play/pause.

Level 2: Same, but with two circles.

Level 3: What can you do get the dynamite to explode before the chicken gets to it?

Level 4: This puzzle requires playing and pausing the same circle before the chicken leaves it.

Level 5: This puzzle introduces circles that can be swapped. The rest should work itself out.

Level 6: Here you must learn to pause and then swap. (Don’t forget the collectible!)

Level 7: How could you make the snowball big enough so she can reach the ledge?

Level 8: This level introduces circles that can be flipped. The rest will work itself out.

Level 9: Use the new skill you just picked up!

Level 10: Notice the chicken will turn around when she hits a wall and use that to your advantage.

Level 11: Unfortunately, this is all about timing. You’re just going to have to use trial and error to figure it out.

Level 12: Feed the shark the fish and just the fish!

Levels 13 – 24:

Level 13: The tentacle can be controlled separately from the chicken!

Level 14: Don’t blink!

Level 15: This is all about timing! Just play around with it.

Level 16: Wait!

Level 17: Stealth is key.

Level 18: Monkeys go first!

Level 19: Distract the dog!

Level 20: Don’t let the periscope see you.

Level 21: What’s the shortest route back to oxygen? (Don’t forget the collectible!)

Level 22: RUN!

Level 23: This one is all about fast reflexes. You need to stop it at exactly the right moment.

Level 24: Whittle down that boulder!

I’ll be making proper walkthrough videos for the rest once the achievement bug is fixed, but for now here’s my gameplay videos of the rest of the game:

Here’s my gameplay for levels 25 – 36:

Level 25: Notice the clock painting!

Level 26: This is another one that’s all about timing. You need to move fast or you’ll fail.

Level 27: This requires some fancy footwork to avoid the blade and also protect the wooden crate.

Level 28: Don’t forget to turn the electricity off!

Level 29: The dotted line here is sneaky, don’t miss it!

Level 30: This is tricky and takes some fast reflexes. You need to keep the chicken falling and falling and falling.

Level 31: Again, timing is key. And a little bounce!

Level 32: Keep changing directions! (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 33: Coconuts are your friend.

Level 34: Use her magic against her! (Don’t miss the hidden collectible here.)

The collectible on level 34 is hidden. You need to use the witch’s magic to reveal it, as shown below. I swapped the chicken and magic so the magic would go past the chicken.

Level 35: Pick up momentum! (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 36: Bounce to your fellow bird friend!

Levels 37 – 45:

Level 37: Ghosts don’t like light!

Level 38: All together now!

Level 39: Collision course.

Level 40: Slender Man can only be in one place at a time.

Level 41: You need the basket in order to get up to your chick.

(There’s a hidden collectible here. You need to get the goat to ram the left side three times.)

Level 42: Make the frogs sing a specific song.

Level 43: Use the robot to hold the door open.

Level 44: Oddly, the rules seem to be different for this level. If you pause the cannon while it’s dropping, it will shoot right away when you play it again. So you can control the arc the chicken flies in. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 45: This is another annoying one. You need to figure out the exact height to open the door so that it will close immediately after the chicken gets through.

Levels 46 – 54:

Level 46: The see-saw can’t move unless the middle part is playing.

Level 47: Use the torch to burn the spider web.

Level 48: This requires some fast reflexes. Ultimately, you need to make the ball bounce the chicken to the right.

Level 49: Find a way to make the chicken reverse directions and hop up onto the small ledge.

Level 50: Find a way to grab the umbrella.

Level 51: This is again about timing. You need the door to block the chicken but not the turtle, so that the turtle will keep going straight and the chicken turns around and takes longer to get to the same spot.

Level 52: This is pretty straightforward if you use all the circles.

Level 53: Pretend you’re a stuffed animal and blend in.

Level 54: This one is very annoying and requires perfect timing. You need to confuse the mole and gain yourself more time to get past his hole before he pops up again.

Levels 55 – 59:

Level 55: This is a tricky one. You need to let the sea monster break one part of the bridge so you can get down to the water, but pause him in another circle so he can’t eat you when you’re in the water. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 56: Be quick and don’t let him freeze you!

Level 57: How can you lower the branch near the chick?

Level 58: Walk across the clock hands.

Level 59: This is all about the order. Just play around with it. No reflexes involved. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Levels 60 – 61:

Level 60: Lower it slowly. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 61: This is a nightmare. You need to use the fans to blow the chicken over the sticky slime, but shut the fans at the right moment so that the vines don’t pop the balloon. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Levels 62 – 66:

Level 62: Look for what’s similar! And make sure to solve the puzzle before rolling the orb.

Level 63: This is a pain in the butt. You need to time it so you catch him with one car, then let the other come around and catch him a second time.

Level 64: This is similar to the witch. You need to destroy him with his own fireball. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 65: Big to small!

Level 66: Complete the circuits.

Levels 67 – 72:

Level 67: Distract the bear somehow!

Level 68: This is another annoying one. You need to be super fast and make both hooks on the bottom meet in the middle so the chicken can jump from one to the other. (Don’t miss the collectible here.)

Level 69: Use the ladder as a bridge.

Level 70: You can go back down the same pipes you came from!

Level 71: This is again about timing. The chick stops when the chicken does, so time it around the hooks.

Level 72: Chicks save the day!

And that’s the whole game! I’ll add proper walkthrough videos when the achievement bug is fixed.

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  1. Addie

    I passed level 34 and IΓÇÖm trying to go back to get the collectible. I donΓÇÖt understand how to get it without getting in the way of the magic spell.

      1. brianna


      2. Erv

        I still dont get how flipping the panel can help.

        The chicken AND the magic both need to move LEFT, but obviously,
        they need to flip their position, the magic needs to go “in front” of the chicken.

        But the chicken is “in front” of the magic, no matter how often you flip.
        The only option I found was to let the chicken walk out … to the right.

        But then it will walk towards the witch, and another magic kills it.

        1. Erv

          Ah, figured it. Works like this:

          • let chicken walk into the “switch”
          • let the witch fire, catch the magic in that circle
          • turn the chicken around, let it walk to the left, hit the left wall, and turn around
          • let it walk close to the flip circle, but stop close before
          • let the magic into flip, and let fly a good part into it
          • flip, so that the magic flies towards the witch
          • now let the chicken walk into the flip
          • when they are both in, flip again
          • now both are facing “left”, and the magic is in front of chicken

          The trick: get the timing right, so that are both in the flip, before flipping the last time.

  2. HaroldSucksAtLife

    Thank for this. It really helped!

  3. Ville

    Hi, any idea where we could find the missing 3 photos (we have all 15 mentioned in your walkthrough) ?

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