Alba: A Wildlife Adventure – 100% Complete Walkthrough Guide

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
By: ustwo games

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a new game from ustwo in which you play as a little girl named Alba who likes to take photos of animals and also help them when they’re in trouble. The nature reserve where her grandparents live is in danger of being turned into a luxury hotel, so she and her friend set out to save the reserve. It’s not a difficult game, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Prologue, Monday, Tuesday:

Wednesday + some exploration:



Saturday, The End!:

New Mysterious Creature, Common Genet:

New Small Animals Update:

Wood Mouse, Iberian Shrew, Bearded Tit, Perezs Frog

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  1. Kelsey

    Has anyone found the Common Kestrel at the farmlands?

    1. Will

      I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t find it either 🙁

    2. Nala

      You have to catch it in the air by the tractor

    3. Maria

      ItΓÇÖs flying over the orange tree farm

    4. Maya

      It’s flying above the orange grove, but not the one near the farm. It’s the one near town, where the pesticide spill was.

    5. Yeayeah

      It flies over the orange grove

  2. Elinor

    Where is the barn owl

    1. AppUnwrapper

      HeΓÇÖs in the closed-off work site.

      1. Anonymous

        Where is he after it burns?

  3. MrsSmith

    Can anyone tell me what beach the Common Tern is found on

    1. Hayley Jones

      ItΓÇÖs flying above on the beach in the nature reserve

  4. Brandon

    My wife canΓÇÖt find the Peregrine Falcon and is losing her mind in frustration. It is her last animal to mark off. She can hear it near the old castle but canΓÇÖt locate it.

    1. Lucy

      He sometimes sits left of the mountain sign with birds.

    2. DrAsylum

      By the castle. Go through the hole in the fence, turn left and the falcon is in a tree past the castle wall.

    3. Heather

      I stood on top of the castle on the corner by the ocean and the tree . It was flying there

    4. Elise Lenertz

      IΓÇÖm having the same problem and am looking in all the places that people tell me to but still canΓÇÖt find it. Any input? (Also did she find it lol?)

  5. Ayden Waldron

    Where are all the rubbish patches? I have one more patch to find and IΓÇÖm done with the whole game. Someone please help lol

    1. Rachel

      Same… except for the European Rabbit which for some reason I can’t seem to find. So rubbish patch or rabbit?

    2. Rachel

      Same thing happening to me. Please help…

    3. Melanie

      Did anyone figure this out? IΓÇÖm still missing one.

      1. Stu

        The rabbit isEast of the houses below the mountain.

  6. Emma

    Does anyone know where the gecko is in the town?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There should be more than one I think, but look around on the pavement.

    2. Alba

      Is very small

  7. Howard Brazee

    I tried clicking my mouse all over the place to nod Alba’s hair with my Mac, but failed to get any response. I was stuck.

    1. Maddie

      You have to click and drag.

  8. stephanie

    what happens after you check off all of the to do list items? is the game over?

    1. Pierson

      No you have to finish all the chapters and then the game is over

  9. Yeayeah

    Where is the common teal?

  10. Pierson

    Can someone tell me where the sparrow hawk is in the woods near town?

  11. Jennifer Duncan

    How do I get Alba up the hill in the beginning of the game?

  12. Sivasis das

    Where is the little ringed plover

  13. Duck

    How do you jump on this game using a Nintendo Switch

    1. Alba

      No jumping on this one

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