Hidden my game by mom 4: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Hidden my game by mom! Episode 4
By: hap Inc.

Hidden my game by mom 4 was just added to the original app as Episode 4. Like the previous episodes, it can get tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any puzzles. I’ll show you how to both find mom in each level and solve the each level.


Days 1 – 10 | Days 11 – 20 | Days 21 – 30

You can watch my video for the full episode or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Day 1:

To find mom, open the left curtain.

To solve the puzzle, open the wardrobe and grab the step stool. Then go right and open the closet. Place the step stool down and climb up to get the game.

Day 2:

To find mom, go right. Open the closet and take the broom. Go left again and use the broom under the left side of the couch to find mom.

To find your game, do the same thing but this time use the broom on the right side of the couch.

Day 3:

To find mom, slide open the right door.

To find the game, slide open the left door.

Day 4:

Open the left window curtain to find mom.

Open the right curtain to find the game. Lift up the blanket and grab the log. Then use the log to reach the game.

Day 5:

To find mom, go right and smash the vase to get her attention.

To get your game, go right and open the right curtain and window. Take the clamps. Go left again and swap out the clamps for your sister’s headphones. Go right again and place the headphones on mom’s head. Then smash the vase and grab your game.

Day 6:

To find mom, head right and open the right window. Pull the rope to make her appear.

To get your game, head right and close the left curtain to make it drop.

Day 7:

To find mom, open the fridge and take the banana. Then try to use the banana either to hit the game or the chameleon.

To get the game, grab the banana from the fridge again. Then go right and open the window. Place the banana on the floor to attract a fly. Grab the fly and go back left. Use the fly with the game. The chameleon will stick it’s tongue out, knocking down the game so you can grab it.

Day 8:

To find mom, just open the right curtain.

To get the game, go right and open the closet. Take the bean bag chair. Go left again and place the chair by mom’s feet so she falls asleep in it. Then grab the game from the top of the wardrobe.

Day 9:

To find mom, go right. Take the praying mantis from the plant and show it to mom.

To get your game, grab the praying mantis from the plant again. Then go left and place it in the water to get a… wire? Use the wire to pick the lock and then take the game from the closet.

Day 10:

To find mom, just go right, move the sofa cushion and try to take your game.

To get your game, grab the 10 at the top of the screen and drag it to the graded test on the table to turn the 0 into 100. Then take the test. Go right and give the test to mom. She’ll be happy and you can take the game from under the cushion.

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