The Pillar: Walkthrough Guide

The Pillar: Puzzle Escape
By: Paper Bunker

The Pillar is a first-person puzzle adventure game in which you need to solve a series of line-drawing puzzles and look for clues that can be used in other puzzles. It’s not a difficult game, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Intro, Misty Hill, Garden:

More coming soon.

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  1. Sarah

    How do you manage to read the gate code off the pillar in the centre of the maze…? I’ve replayed the level three times and it’s too fast for me to memorise (the pillar turns as the code is generating). It’s random every time. I’ve walked round, but it always seems to turn so that it’s facing the wall.

    1. David

      You have to walk around the hedge looking in at the central pillar. The number is visible from an angle, not straight on.

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