Curse of the Cobra: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Curse of the Cobra
By: Fire Maple Games

Curse of the Cobra is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Fire Maple Games. It takes you to different locations is search of information about the Cobra Queen. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3, The End:


1. You’re in New York at Scene 1. Head inside the building to Scene 2.

2. Go through the left door to the bathroom. Grab the rubber duck from the bathtub and examine it. Turn it over and take the hex wrench.

3. Look inside the medicine cabinet and grab the cotton swab and Eiffel Tower souvenir. Notice there’s a 3 on it.

4. Go back to Scene 2 and zoom in on the light on the table. Use the hex wrench to loosen the bolt and take the light bulb.

5. Go through the right door to the bedroom at Scene 4. Pull the dress off the hook and take the beaded purse. Look inside the beaded purse and take the spare change and Statue of Liberty souvenir. Notice the 2 on it.

6. Zoom in on the cat statue and use the cotton swab in its ear to turn on a laser. We’ll come back to that soon.

7. Enter the closet and screw in the light bulb. Take the Colosseum souvenir with a 5 on it, the hand mirror, and the blacklight bulb.

8. Hang the mirror on the hook to to reflect the beam of light. Go back to Scene 2 and place the blacklight bulb on the table. Flip the switch on to see a clue — a triangle and moon.

9. Follow the laser to the bathroom at Scene 3. Look at the screen and use the buttons to change the shapes to a triangle and moon. Then take the Sphinx souvenir from the wall. Examine it and turn it around to see a 4.

10. Go back to the bedroom at Scene 4. Tap on the suitcase and enter the four numbers you found on the souvenirs, matching them to the locations where they’re found. You get 4325. Take the vial of strange liquid from inside.

11. Go back to Scene 2 and examine the sarcophagus. Tap the pharaoh’s nose to reveal a hidden compartment. Place the vial in the slot and take the signet ring and then the envelope.

12. Open the envelopes and read the letter. Then take the business card from inside.

13. Go back outside to Scene 1 and tap on the taxi. Show the business card to the taxi driver and then pay him with the spare change. He’ll drive you to the airport at Scene 58. Get on the airplane to fly to London at Scene 5.

14. Talk to the chauffeur and then head inside to Scene 7.

15. Head through the door to Scene 10. Go through the first door to the sewing room at Scene 9. Grab the number box.

16. Go back to Scene 10 and through the other door to Scene 13. Take the walking cane. Examine it in your bag and press the button to extend it.

17. Go back to Scene 5 and take the right path to the gazebo at Scene 8. Go left to Scene 11. Use the extended cane to pull down one of the floating lanterns. Then examine it in your bag and open it to get a candle.

18. Go back to Scene 10 and and up the stairs to Scene 14. Then go right to Scene 15. Enter the door to go to the bedroom at Scene 16. Continue through the door to Scene 18. Open the stove and use the candle to light the wood. The tea kettle will start whistling and the steam will show four numbers on the mirror – 5673.

19. Examine the number box in your inventory and enter 5673 to open it. Take the S-type wrench from inside.

20. Go back to the bedroom at Scene 16. Use the wrench to unlock the flower box. Take the pair of boots and the gramophone record sleeve. Examine the pair of boots and turn them over. Move the heel to reveal a hidden pocket. Take the penny. Also, remove the strange gramophone record from the sleeve.

21. Go back to Scene 7 and insert the penny in the Sphinx fortune teller machine. Take the ticket and look at it.

22. Go up the stairs to the left to Scene 6 and play those four notes from the ticket on the piano. Then take the small gold pyramid and Egypt diary.


More coming soon!

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