Casual Metaphysics: Wakthrough Guide

Casual Metaphysics
By: Christian Schnellmann

Casual Metaphysics is a weird game in which you play against an AI (or friend) and match shapes to rack up points. It can be confusing at first, so if you need help, try this walkthrough guide. You can ask for extra help in the comments section.


The way the game works is that you take turns matching shapes. If you watch the AI, you can see that the goal is to match smaller shapes to turn them into a bigger shape, and then combine two of that bigger shape and so on, until it becomes a pearl. You can also combine pearls with each other.

You have to beat each level three times to move onto the next.

Each level is more difficult than the last, as new shapes and colors are added to the mix, making it harder to get long strings going. It also gets harder to make out shapes quickly.

You need to act fast, as the longer you take to make your matches, the more points you’ll lose. You also lose points when your opponent makes matches.

Whoever reaches a score of 100 first wins!

I’m not really sure how to help you if you’re stuck, other than to say keep trying, but here’s some gameplay video I made:

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