Inked: Hidden Gallery Painting Locations Guide

Chapter 2, Hero Canvas:

Paintings 1 & 2 are visible from the portal at the start of the chapter:

Paintings 3 is by the second puzzle of the chapter:

Painting 4 is very well hidden by the bridge after the second puzzle:

Painting 5 is by the third puzzle of the chapter:

Painting 6 is easy to miss but right after you climb up some stairs:

Painting 7 is on one of the big staircases as you head down after seeing the artist’s first memory:

Painting 8 is inside the waterfall:

Painting 9 is by the puzzle right after the waterfall:

Painting 9

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 3 or click here.

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  1. James

    What is the location of the sixth canvas?

  2. Luca

    Where Is the 7th Canvas?

  3. Luca

    7th Canvas on cap.3??

  4. palex00

    The sixth canvas is right after the puzzle of the 5th canvas, under the bridge thing you go through, before the 4 lasers

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