‘Mitoza’ is a Weird Little Digital Toy Available Now on PC and Mobile

By: Second Maze / Gal Mamalya

As much as I like my challenging puzzle games and action RPGs, sometimes it’s nice to just play something on my iPad that’s more toy than game. I’m a big fan of playful experiences like CHUCHEL and Bring You Home that focus more on experimentation than clever puzzle solutions. Mitoza is similar and, though it released about a decade ago as a flash game, publisher Second Maze just revived it for iOS and Android devices. It’s not a long game/toy, but it’s completely free and utterly weird and worth playing through.

Mitoza is all about binary choices. You always start with a seed and then choose whether to plant it or have a bird eat it. Each choice either leads to another choice or restarting back at the the seed. That’s it, but there is some really bizarre stuff here that makes it worth trying to see all endings.

There’s not really much more to say, especially without spoiling any of the weirdness, but I’m so glad this thing exists. It should only take about thirty minutes to play through, but that’s thirty minutes well-spent. So grab Mitoza here and see what you can grow from that lonely little seed.

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