Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – 100% Walkthrough Guide

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins
By: Maze Theory / Kaigan Games

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a “found phone” game for iOS, Android, Switch and PC from Maze Theory and Kaigan Games. You work with Petronella Osgood to try and find out what happened to Lawrence, the owner of the phone you’re holding. You need to go through his text messages, emails and other apps for clues to try and locate him. Some things can be easy to miss, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help or offer help in the comments section.

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This video will show you how to get the best ending in the game, including all bonus footage.

For the delivery, enter this info:

Order ID: 574320
Order Date: 02/13/2021
Status: Delivered

To search for Natasha in the missing persons database, enter this info:

Missing since: 02/17/2021
Home Address: 71 Timber Street
Age at disappearance: 45
Eye Colour: Brown
Sex: Female

The four corrupted files are a photo, an email, a text, and a website.

Make sure you read all the forum posts and download the file if you want to get all four TARDIS sightings!

To clean out the corruption on the phone, just find the four corrupted files from earlier and delete them. The browser is the trickiest because it’s a puzzle and you also have limited time to solve it. The main thing to know is that after tapping on the moth, tap/click on the word CUBE instead of on the cube itself. For the rest of it, you should be able to keep trying if you mess up, as long as you don’t run out of time.

Here’s how to convince Marguerite Quincy, the Records Administrator at the Metropolitan Archive to give you another copy of the “A London Citizen Displaced During the War” video:

Call this number on the phone (from the website): (020) 7946 0827

You’ll get a recording and can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4. 1, 2 & 4 just give you extra information. But 3 will give you a chance to enter the extension number, 1034.

Once you get through to her, you won’t be able to answer. So she’ll text you instead. Now you have to convince her you’re Larry so she’ll give you the video.

Here’s how to answer:

– Sorry, I’ve got a problem with the file you sent me.
– We met last week.
– It was good to meet and chat in your office.
– Yep, the old video footage.
– My computer died and I lost the file. Sorry!
– Thanks so much!
– Oh! What did you find?

And then you’ll be able to download the video and photo.

These are the four phone calls you get that are used for the cameras later:

Shark 1747
Watcher 9327
Angel 5801
Joker 9226

After you finish the game, stay through the credits for an extra scene if you found everything you were supposed to. Here’s how the stats screens should look at the end:

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Olivia g
3 months ago

Hey I’m having trouble finding a save button I’m using the mobile version

3 months ago

personnally I got the “tardis and the doctor” but not the “Tardis on bleak House”, but I managed to delete the corrupted angel fragments on time, but didn’t managed to convince Marguerite that I was Lawrence, though I still managed to convince her to give me the video by telling her that Lawrence was missing and that I was searching for him and that the video was the last thing he did before his disapearance,

I got a bit side tracked but I think that beside the first one (and maybe the second one too), each Tardis clue are unlocked by succeeding to a failable event

as for the whereabouts of Lawrence, I too think it’s unlocked by finding all TARDIS clues

Last edited 3 months ago by fenrirragnarok
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
3 months ago

Do you know how to solve the cube puzzle? I’m replaying the game, and I’m stuck on it, but don’t wanna talk to Osgood and move on until I get it…

Reply to  Xucihara
3 months ago

Click on the moth (top) the word cube, not the picture, the rest are questions you can answer that give you a chance to go back for again if you need to

3 months ago

I’m redoing the game, and I confirm what I told in my previous comment about “TARDIS and the Doctor”, we unlock the picture in the “download” folder once the angel is deleted

once we have the four TARDIS, Osgood tell us that it may be what she need to find the Doctor, she also tell us something about Lawrence, but I play in french, and not to sure how to say it in english
after the credits, a last video is played telling us what happened to Lawrence

3 months ago

I’ve just replayed and tardis and the doctor, and doctor on bleak house.( first play through I only got the main 4 objectives) Recorded the ending on the second play through so I could see what was different

After the dr’s phone call, Lawrence’s clip of meeting the Angel replays but it’s a longer version. Then Natasha’s video from the past replays, again a longer version. Then we find out what happens to Lawrence .

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
3 months ago


Reply to  Jen
3 months ago

To get the TARDIS on bleak house, you need to look at the photo that’s sent with restored video. I missed it first time around as I watched the video first . This time I looked at the photo and showed it to Oosgood before showing her the video

Jenna Howard
3 months ago

Where is the Tardis and the Louvre ???

Aj Bethke
3 months ago

Hey I am missing one of the four corrupted files needed to move on. Can you list them or screen shot the clues cuz I am soooooo stuck rn

Aj Bethke
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
3 months ago

I have Website photo and email. But I am apparently missing a fourth corrupted file?

Aj Bethke
Reply to  Aj Bethke
3 months ago

Ty!! Found it in Mo’s msg tyty

Louise Wade
3 months ago

You have the dates the wrong way around. The game requires them in the normal way (dd/mm/yyyy), not the weird backwards way you put on your guide.

Louise Wade
3 months ago

The first code word for a camera is Shark, not Shock, btw. The code words are all anagrams of the caller ID.

3 months ago

I was trying to ‘save’ one of the clues when the Angels called, and accidentally ended the call, and now I seem to be stuck…

Screenshot_20210326-202857_Doctor Who The Lonely Assassins.jpg
3 months ago

I am stuck at the Wester Drumlins images. I scanned one, but the screen is in corrupt mode and I can’t move on. I restarted once, but it makes you redo the entire last sequence. How do you get out of this? I can’t find anything else to scan. I have zoomed in on all photos thinking that may help but didn’t.

Reply to  Risa
18 days ago

All you gotta do is press the back button, if it doesn’t work try pressing it a few times

Matthew Clements
1 month ago

ok i am having trouble when mr flint video calls i cant see him any help would be grateful