Book of Myths: Walkthrough Guide

Book of Myths
By: Berkay Ferah

Book of Myths is a short puzzle game in which you play with words to find mythical creatures. It’s not long, but can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch my video walkthrough for the full game or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Title Page: Squeeze the word BOOK with two fingers so it disappears. Stretch the word OF to reveal a slot where you can slide the word MYTHS into.

Nessie: Nessie comes out at night. To find her, tap the down arrow. Drag the word SUN below the water to make the MOON rise. Then tap the up arrow to go back and you should see the word NESSIE in the sea. Tap on it to complete the level.

Ijakul: Ijakul uses magical herbal potions. Tap the up arrow and pull off letters from the flower. Drag them to the next up arrow to move them to the next screen. The goal is to spell POTION, so you need to drag a T and an I to the next screen. Then pull off a P, an O, etc. drag each letter to the one before it, until you have the word POTION. Then squeeze it together to go to the next screen. Here, you need to spell out the word COUGAR and then drag it to the cougar head. Then tap on the word IJAKUL to complete the level.

Drus: Drus contains both plant and human DNA and grows in a pot. Tap on the up arrows until you’re inside the person’s skin. Stretch apart the orange word CELL to get Orange DNA. Drag the orange DNA to the down arrow and then the right arrow and then the up arrow to enter the plant. Pull apart the green CELL to get green DNA. Pull apart both DNAs and then make a new DNA using a mix of the two colors. Drag that mixed DNA back outside and all the way to the left window, where there’s a pot of dirt. Drag the DNA to the up arrow and then drop the DNA onto the seed in the pot. Then tap on the word DRUS that grows.

Simurgh: Simurgh is like a Phoenix. If you plant a tree, it might best in it. And if the tree burns, the Simurgh will be reborn from the ashes. So first, grab the CO2 and drag it to the T to make it grow into TR. then tap the arrow in the upper left corner. Drag the cloud over the TR and squeeze it to make it rain. It should make the TREE grow and the nest appear at the top. Use both clouds to strike a big bolt of lightning at the tree. While it’s up in flames, pull apart the C and O2 and feed the O2 (oxygen) to the fire to make it grow and consume the tree. If you mess up, just try again. Then tap on the word SIMURGH.

Mahamaya: She is the goddess of illusion. Tap the left arrow twice and drag the W and D to the middle screen. Spell out WORLD and then drag it to the head. Then squeeze the word PERCEPTION. On the next screen, you can’t see the letters until you pick them up. Spell out ILLUSION and squeeze it together to find MAHAMAYA. Tap on the word to complete the level.

Leprechaun: He hides his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Move the ship around to make the letters S M O K E. Drag the O to the next screen. Squeeze the SUN to make the letters D L U C. Combine them with the O to make CLOUD. Then squeeze the CLOUD to make it rain and drag it over the SUN to make a rainbow. The LEPRECHAUN should appear. Tap it to complete the level.

Yeti: What little we know about it are from traces left in the Himalayas. Go right twice and pull out the F R O. Drag them to the next screen. Pull out the N P O T I T and then combine them all to spell out FOOTPRINT. Squeeze the word and then go right to find the YETI. Tap it to complete the level.

And that’s everything!

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