Sixit: Walkthrough Guide

By: Star Garden Games / John Beyea

Sixit is a clever puzzle adventure game in which you can only perform six actions per game. If you make real progress, it’s saved. But you need to figure out the next six actions required to make further progress. It can be quite tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


I’m still working my way through the game, so bear with me. This is a work in progress.

Note that any items you equip get cycled through after each use. So if you equip the megaphone and the axe, you’ll have to use the megaphone first, then the axe, then the megaphone again until you run out of moves. So the order you equip them matters.

Part 1:

I acquired five tools and two keys in this video.

More coming soon!

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  1. Sam

    Please continue this.. I’m stuck 🙁

  2. TurtleDude

    I finished the game, but I only managed to get 4 of the 6 keys…

    1. Sam

      One is towards the left of where you equip your powers. Use fly and dash, jump on the bookcase, onto the other platforms and exit from the upper left.

      Another one that is tricky to find is via a quest. From the main room, fall down and dash left. You need to talk to the character on the platform there, then talk to the beaver in the room below her.

      1. John Nop

        I have done this and nothing happens.

      2. Jon

        One is towards the right of where we equip powers.. like a home area. We can jump or dash through the gap and off to the key area. We have to solve the puzzle which randomly changes its puzzle.
        One is down the area where we fall through the gap and land. We have to equip axe and cut the boxes and fall to the key area.
        I have been unable to solve both of these, unfortunately. 😐

        1. Abby Smith

          i do not know how to solve the mirror rooms, have you discovered the route through the maze on the top left of the home area?

          1. Abby Smith

            i figured it out, when you break the boxes to go down. on the left wall on the platform you drop on has eyes on it, talk to the eyes and follow their instructions

      3. PHFranczak

        It’s not the beaver you have to talk to. It’s her daughter. But I don’t know who that is 😞

      4. PHFranczak

        You have to talk to her daughter. ItΓÇÖs the door in the same building

      5. Abby Smith

        i talked to the beaver and the egg but nothing happened, is there anything that i have to do in addition?

        1. Char

          Hint: you want to talk to the door below the egg animal. Then it ask you to do a few more things which are quite obvious.
          One more hint: to talk to the oracle later you will need the feather.
          Still trying to figure out the missing link, nvm if you donΓÇÖt get this last sentence.

          1. John

            I also am stuck on the “missing link” thing. I was number 485 to complete it, maybe its a milestone or something?

          2. John

            Is the link an actual website link? and the password to access it is gleipnir?

            1. Loui

              Did you find out?

            2. Loui

              Also: I feel like I have to find the realm of the Pheonix, but I don’t know how.

              1. Loui

                I just learned from another forum that it is not possible to find the third pep. Apparently “the third pep” is me and you.
                So it’s like a metaphor for enjoying life I guess.

                Well, I was hoping to meet the great phoenix in another realm, so I’m just gonna leave this game a little dissapointed but also entertained. 😀

                1. Colin

                  The third Pep actually does exist and you can find him!

                  1. vini


                    1. Alfie

                      in da website

  3. Alex

    I cannot for the life of me figure out the fourth key, the one under the wooden boxes and button right when you land

    1. Alex

      Nevermind! I figured it out. You need to speak with the wall. The rest, I’ll let you figure out.

      1. Abby Smith

        what do you mean speak to the wall? like the block wall or the literal wall between the mirror rooms?

        1. Abby Smith

          nvm figured it out, the eyes on the left side of the wall is hard to see

  4. Kc mill

    I canΓÇÖt find the sixth key

  5. Abby Smith

    I have gotten one other key and have found the location but is unable to reach another key.

    location of circle key: far right of house must have all abilities unlocked. walk into centre and poke button, memorize the order of the coloured lights and what symbol shows underneath. reset and order your items in the order they appear with the wings at the beginning to jump over the gap. go back, there will be pressure plates over each coloured box. stand on the pressure plate and activate abilities on the correct spots it will lower the key. i already completed it before i found this site so i was unable to document.

    location of petal key: must have wings and lightning in a bottle. walk over and fly up on the book shelf, use LB into the wall turn around and fly dash on top of the window, fly dash onto the top of the information board. turn around and fly dash to the ledge on the far left. next room you will have limited moves to complete a maze. as of right now i have been unable to complete the maze.

    final 2 key locations are unknown

    1. Jon

      Order of the powers matters. When you reach the maze area, you need to have six moves available with power dash as first and wings as second. I completed it with the centre area than the far left one.

      1. Ali

        ΓöÇΓûæ get 5 of them by myself (i dont look i found all myself) i cant find last one can somone say where

        1. cal

          the last one for you istalked about above with th eegg creature door and beaver. also the trees on the entire other right side of the map when you drop down. Quite a rocess to get. how did you get the one above your head and to the right?

      2. Ali

        ΓöÇΓûæ found A Secret maybe is that code or something

        1. Hannah

          By shifting the alphabet 6 you can get ΓÇ£ The password is gleipnirΓÇ¥. Where would the password go though?

  6. PHFranczak

    I just found another key. All you need is to go talk to the Gator with the megaphone in the far right of where you fall. HeΓÇÖll ask for your help in investigating something and itΓÇÖs pretty easy to figure out

    1. Ali

      ╬ô├╢├ç╬ô├╗├ª have that key 😀

  7. gutteve

    Spoiler alert

    1. Canoata

      How do you enter there?

      1. Loui

        Did you find out?

  8. Ali

    ΓöÇΓûæ found 5 keys and 1 left (i dont look somewhere i find all myself) Can Somone Help me i cant found last one and i found this secret too is that code or something ?

    1. Ali

      This one

      1. imDying

        One of the most promising results I have found for that code is a Caesar (shift) cypher of +6 resulting in ΓÇ£The password is gleipnirΓÇ£

      2. imDying

        You can also reach the same result with a vigenere cypher with key ΓÇ£gggΓÇ¥

  9. Harper W

    So I cannot for the life of me do the maze for key number five however !!SPOILER!! key six is found talk to bifros once they are positioned correctly.

    1. Ali

      Omg can you detial how you find 6.key please i want open that door

    2. Jenna

      how did you get the one on the bottom right? i canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t seem to find it 🙁

      1. Joe

        More than likely you didnΓÇÖt do what Akna asked you to do. It is a tricky one.

      2. Alfie

        bifros is door

  10. Max

    How am I supposed to jump on an ipad?

    1. Ren

      You can’t. It’s not a normal platformer game. You have to use the wings item.

  11. Ren

    Can someone PLEASE tell me step-by-step how to get the wing key? I’ve tried that maze so many different times, so many different ways. Always short at least one move.

    1. Pixiecat

      Ok first you have to have the wings and dash potion you have to set it so you canΓÇÖt dash jump you dash jump form the bookshelf to the window sill and so on, till you get to the platform witch brings you to the maze before you go you have to set the dash to first one you use when you go through the door you dash and go to just before the first stump thing then you youse the wings to jump over the stump and the gap in the floor then you hold left and dash then you hold right till you get to the platform with the two different stumps then you use the wings to jump onto the 2nd stump then you fall and hold left to land on the pillar underneath the platform you were just on then you fall and as your falling you dash and land on that long platform thingy and then you hold left and use the wings to get the key

  12. Bounty

    The one with the maze is actually pretty easy, you donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t have to solve the maze at all. When you walk in, just immediately drop down. YouΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll get to the Oracle right away 🙂

  13. Bounty

    Omg IΓÇÖm an idiot, didnΓÇÖt realize there was another key

    Thanks tho *shame* >.<

  14. Foodie

    I can’t go through the part where you let the koala open the door, when ever I fo to the koala I have no more ability tries.
    Help please.
    Btw if you have the axe, hit the dog or cat thingy 2 times then your game would crash.

  15. EyE

    it seems “third pep” is reallt mysterious , some say its you (the player) some say they found a password being gleipnir, and i think it’s a easter egg set by the def to indulge the player more in the gameplay or give a simple game some depth, maybe even make space for future possibilities such as a second game that may be pep life as(spoler alert) storm and how he was created, maybe he is the result of negativity in the world etc etc …… really smart move no mattet what it turns out to be but maybe the last part is exaggerated (i got influenced by the deep lore that was contained in simple horror game such as *amanda the adventurer*), anyway the way to find the last key is to take dash and horn and while falling go left and dash while midst air and land on the platform on top of groot, i mean black rock , talk to the blue birdy and than go to the door right under it to the left and use horn and u will talk to the door, than just reset take wings and horn and poke, thsn go where the bushes are talk to the last one on the left poke the others and like that , the oracle is in a room to ure left in the lobby/starter room u must take the feather and wing and energy fly/dash on top of the bookcase than fly/dash to the tablet showing info and than fly/dash to the left ( this room also contains 5th key , there is enough ways to solve the maze in the comments) drop down and dont botger jumping and tickle the old bastard, the rest is ez.
    a thanks for those who read this to the end and
    PS: holy fuck i wrote so much whilst taking a shet, and please dont mind thinking im the dev cuz im not , thanks.

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