Adventure Escape Mysteries – Psychic Squad: Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Psychic Squad: The Italian Affair
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Psychic Squad: The Italian Affair. You play as Jacqueline Falco, who talks to ghosts, and Khaled Nasab, who sees the future. Together, they solve crime for Interpol’s Psychic Squad. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 7. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 7, Location Unknown:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You’ve been kidnapped! Remove the two pieces of bent metal from your shoes and use them as lock picks.

2. Break the jar and the bed and pull down the tarp. Then pick up the bedpost and two handles.

3. Use the bedpost to break the bench and take the metal decoration.

4. Place the decoration in the window and it will cast a shadow. Use the bedpost to smash the spot in the center of the shadow and get another handle. Also, notice the dark squares on the four support beams. Count them and you get 4, 2, 3, 5.

5. Tap on the bars at the back. Bernardo will show up and talk to you. When he leaves, use the bedpost on the weak wall to the right to reveal a padlock. Enter the numbers from the support beams — 4235. The arrows on the lock tell you the order.

6. Grab the carnival mask from the floor. Then go back and use it to reach the handle between the bars. Now you have four handles.

7. Go back to the bars in the back. Notice the pipes. Add the four handles. Now they’re overloaded and the water is rushing out!

8. There are two parts to this pipes puzzle. The first one is easier, as you just have to turn off all the water. The second one is harder, as you have to send water up through all the exits and turn on all the green lights at the top. For the second part, you only need to send water up one pipe per exit.

9. The pipes will burst and flood the room. Pull the chandelier down and get the candle. Then tap quickly to escape.

10. Now you have to solve the Candle Climb puzzle. You need to climb up ladders, reaching a candle within every 6 moves. There are two parts to this puzzle. You can watch my video if you need help.

11. Now we’re in a new area. The water’s still rising, so close the trap door. Then grab the ring handle. Straighten up the table and the chair. Also, move aside the firewood and take the silver key. Notice there’s also something stuck in the fireplace.

12. Use the handle on the table drawer to open it. Take out the book. It has a strange lock on it. Also, use the silver key to open the desk and take out the whip. Look at the clue on the inside of the lid, too. Some years are scratched off, but 1750 remains.

13. Use the whip to pull the chandelier down. Take the four kit candles and candle wax from it. Also, notice the vertical and horizontal bars on the window.

14. Now to unlock the book. Look at the lock. Each dial refers to one section of the bars on the windows. The first one had an arrow going horizontally, so that tells you to count the horizontal bars in the first section. That gives you 4. The next one has a vertical arrow, so count the vertical bars in the second section. That gives you 2. The third one wants you to add up both horizontal and vertical, so 4 + 2 = 6. And the same for the last, so 4 + 1 = 5. Enter 4265 into the book’s lock to open it.

15. Grab the title page and Count Galvani’s book. Look at the title page to see that it was published in Venice.

16. Use the candle wax on the stuck drawer to open it, then take the chalk from inside. Place the candles, book and chalk on the seance spot to summon Count Galvani.

17. Here’s how to answer the questions:

I summon you by your name, Count… Galvani.
You died here in… Venice.
In the year… 1750.

18. Count Galvani appears! He gives you a dagger to help you start putting together his magnificent escape device. Pick it up and use it to cut through the vines, the chair, and the tarp. Pick up the fireplace tool, blade, and chemical jars.

19. Use the fireplace tool to grab the item stuck in the fireplace. It’s a yoke!

20. Put the yoke, bland wand chemical jars on the table and then take the escape device.

21. Use the escape device to break through the window and complete the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 7! Click here to continue to Chapter 8 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Xinn

    I’m seriously confused over the window sections and how to get 4265?

    1. Mr911

      Same here, 4265 is nonsense

    2. Tanone

      Count the bars horizontally then vertically and so on

      1. Axxxh

        Can u show by pointed arrow. Because i still dont get it why 4 why 2. Which one u count at actually? XD

        1. Gem

          It’s so stupid but it’s not the glass squares, or the frames, just the number of the thin bars.

  2. tommybunny

    Count Bars Not Window Glass

  3. Michelle

    I can only find 3 handles where are they supposed to be?

  4. biskutkookie

    Ok it’s took me a while to understand what you mean by count the bars. Actually it’s not the bars, it’s the line from the bars. Count the line in the middle it goes like this;

    First window ↔️ there’s 4 lines
    Second window ↕️ there’s 2 lines
    Third window ↔️ 4 + ↕️ 2 so total there’s 6 lines
    Fourth window ↕️ 1 + ↔️ 4 so total there’s 5 lines

    4265 the answer.

    Hope this helpful for those not understand.

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