Adventure Escape Mysteries – Psychic Squad: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Psychic Squad: The Italian Affair
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Psychic Squad: The Italian Affair. You play as Jacqueline Falco, who talks to ghosts, and Khaled Nasab, who sees the future. Together, they solve crime for Interpol’s Psychic Squad. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 8. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8, The Amalfi Coast:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. You’re at the honeymoon hotel where Bernardo took Zeudi. We have to get in! Knock down the flowers. Then grab the bent metal bar that was being used as a hook. Use it to pry open the front door of the car.

2. Look inside the car. Grab the key. Pick up the radio and match the frequency.

3. Press the button to open the trunk. Also, use the key to open the glove compartment and take the card.

4. Take the suitcase from the trunk. It’s locked, so we can’t open it yet. Use the card to open the gate. Khaled will pull up behind you. It turns out he was kidnapped just like you were! Head through.

5. Move the lions and pick up the statuette.

6. Now, notice there are 8 buttons on the door. There are also 8 sections in the stone carvings on each side of the door. There are five bunches of leaves, counting from 1 – 5. Pay attention to the location of each and press the corresponding buttons on the door. So it goes 22486.

7. Ruffalo comes out and says that Bernardo and Zeudi are already married. Show him the statue you picked up and he tells you Bernardo prays to it and it’s a statue of Venus.

8. Go back outside and enter VENUS into the suitcase to unlock it and get the suitcase evidence.

9. Show Ruffalo the evidence. He’ll believe it and lead you inside to the honeymoon suite.

10. Ruffalo head’s over the bridge, but Bernardo cuts it and Ruffalo falls to his death! Now we have to figure out a different way to get to Bernardo. We’re going to climb! First, we need two helmets, two ropes, two pairs of gloves, and two carabiners. Grab the two ropes, the gloves, and then the helmet off the bust. Open the right closet door and notice the t-shirt colored green, white and red like the Italian flag. Also, grab the carabiner below it. Last, look at the photos of hotel staff activities. Tap the photo that’s hidden so you can see it. Now count the number of green shirts, white shirts, and red shirts. You end up with 224. Enter that into the lock to open the left door and also get a second carabiner.

11. Grab the gloves and helmet from the closet. Then put them all on Khaled to prepare for the climb.

12. Now we have to solve the Climb the Cliff puzzle. There are two parts to it. In each, you have to move Jacqueline and Khaled’s circles up the cliff, but they’re tied together, so you have to move them each bit by bit.

I made a second video on my iPhone because the solution from my iPad doesn’t seem to work on there. The rope doesn’t stretch enough for it. So use whichever solution works for you.

13. Tap on the bench to see that it’s screwed down. Zeudi will appear at the window and give you a screwdriver. Use it to unscrew the bench. Now you, uh, have a heavy bench in your bag.

14. Notice the lock on the door and the word over it, AMORE, the Italian word for “love.” Look at the roses overgrown on a plaque. Move the roses aside to see some Latin that translates to “This temple is dedicated to Venus Physica.”

15. To open the lock, count the number of times you see the letters A M O R E on the plaque. You get:

A = 5
M = 1
O = 1
R = 0
E = 5

Enter 51105 into the door lock to open it.

15. The door is barricaded from the inside, so use the heavy bench to break it down.

16. Now we have to Trap Bernardo. This puzzle is a little annoying, but you can follow my video below if you need help.

17. Use the rope to tie up Bernardo. Pick up the Roman sword. Open the drawer and grab the white wine. Move the bed and grab the letters panel. Grab the ancient pedestal from the compartment in the back of the room. And last, move the TV and remove the red tablecloth. To reveal a shrine.

18. Place the ancient pedestal on top of the shrine. Then add the statue of Venus.

19. Go back outside and use the sword to remove the plaque to Venus Physica. Then go back inside.

20. Place the plaque to Venus Physica in the slot in the wall. A new slot will open on the shrine. Place the letters panel down and then use the wine to clean it off.

21. Now tap on the letters panel and spell out VENUSPHYSICA. You can go every which way between letters, including diagonal.

22. Now Bernardo has to stand trial. Talk to all the witnesses to see how they might be useful. Then talk to the Priestess of Venus and choose which ones to be witnesses during the trial. Depending on your choices, you’ll then have more options as far as Bernardo’s sentence goes. Here’s how to choose to get all the options:

To establish Bernardo’s identity, I call… Galvani.
Bernardo’s past history of crime: Teodor
To prove Bernardo’s most recent crimes: Ruffalo
To establish Bernardo’s flight risk: Zeudi

Now you can choose his fate or restart the whole trial. Then watch the ending you chose!

This is what “Loss of wealth and charm” looks like:

This is what “Loss of wealth and charm, plus 75 years in an Italian prison” looks like:

This is what “Loss of wealth and charm, plus 1000 years in a statue” looks like:

This is what “Loss of wealth and charm, plus 4000 years in the underworld” looks like:

“Stripped of immortality and immediately executed” results in lightning striking Bernardo down on the spot. Not much to show!

And that’s everything! Congratulations!

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  1. Danielle

    Where do I go after I use the keycard on the gate

    1. just

      go into thru the gate

  2. LawrenceTheAkita

    I had him executed for his crimes, as that would give an eternity of the underworld, and loss of immortality.
    Unfortunately I didnΓÇÖt get a screenshot, but the priestess asks him to prepare for his death, and he is struck by lightning

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I did that on my iPhone and there just didnΓÇÖt seem to be anything to take a screenshot of.

  3. Paola

    I didn’t think to take a screenshot… I chose Aeliana, the friar, then I would choose zeudi, but I made a mistake and I chose the actress, then I chose Ruffalo. At the end I decided to chose the second ending. Now Bernardo is in an Italian prison, but maybe for more than 75 years, because all the documents about him went lost…

  4. Solange

    Please help I am so stuck. IΓÇÖm stuck on the rock climbing one. I tried both your options and the rope just doesnΓÇÖt stretch as far for me on either

    1. Shena

      Same for me. So frustrating.

      1. Maahir


    2. Barbara

      DonΓÇÖt worry about falling off. You have to go right to the end of the line.

  5. Para

    I did the “Loss of wealth and charm” ending. While I didn’t get to take a screenshot it’s basically Bernardo tries to get into a cheap nightclub but (for some reason) forgot all his wealth was taken and get surprised and angry that that happened.

    Really the writing in this story was weird. Like it’s implied that Venus was the one who gave Bernardo immortality and charm powers, but it’s never explained why she did that or why she sort of just ignored what Bernardo was doing with it. Why have Aeliana explain that Bernardo used to be a good person, but then have Bernardo’s motivation be completely nonsensical. Why have all the male ghosts described as handsome in the episode previews, as they’ll actually be love interests for Jaquie?

    It’s not the worst writing in Adventure escape for me (that would probably be Allied Spies) it’s just kind of strange.

      1. Nurya

        I got screenshots for this ending but donΓÇÖt know where to send them :S

      2. braden

        i didnt see your name at the end why is that

    1. ngannsubo

      Ikr? Since they did a great job in Haunted Hunt I thought they would be good at this type of genre. They also had a race for it so I got my expectations up…kinda disappointing if you ask me. Everything was so clich╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ë itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s just Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉmehΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗

      1. Karolina

        They do have other great games tho

    2. Red

      It did explain what happened to Bernardo. After Princess Aeliana’s non-murder death, Bernardo went crazy with grief. Later, Bernardo himself explained that he repeatedly married women and killed them in hopes they WOULDN’T die, meaning that one is also immortal. He said he actually does grieve (although that’s debatable), then waits a generation and tries again.

    3. ArienNaxos

      It is really weird. But what got me is that Bernardo got them fired by calling Interpol first! Like “hi, I know you want to arrest me, but it’s only because YOUR AGENT, WHO YOU KNOW AND HIRED, is crazy for me, A GUY YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. So listen to me, I’m totally not lying, pinky promise” xD

      1. DmonHiro

        That…. was very stupid on the part of the writers.

      2. Charliemilo

        Yessss,, this drove me nuts I almost dropped. Also that she would think her partner believed his lies and left her. And that Bernardo liquidated zeudis funds before he knew if she would die or be immortal (like didn’t he supposedly love them and want them to be immortal?).

      3. .

        Right? Interpol believed rhe crazy lie about Jacqueline being his ex. That’s so stupid! They could have at least done a background check if they believed him so much. Does he have some mind control power or something?

    4. marimaru

      do u rly care about the ghosts being called handsome?╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£ΓîÉ i didn’t see any problems with this game. it didn’t imply Venus did that to him at all.

  6. Karolina

    I used the same people for trial but in a different order and I also got all the options

  7. MaximumRide

    the last option (to execute him) was [locked] for me – how do you unlock it? I wanted him struck by lightning! (…not vindictive at all…. shh)

    p.s. thank you so much for doing all of this, your walkthroughs have got me through many a tight spot in many an ‘escape’ game. Couldn’t have completed the sticky ones without you/this site.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you choose the same people I did for each witness, you should have all options available.

      And glad to help! 🙂

    2. CMR

      I used different people in a different order and got all the options as well.

      To establish Bernardo’s identity, I call… Teodor
      BernardoΓÇÖs past history of crime: Galvani
      To prove BernardoΓÇÖs most recent crimes: Ruffalo
      To establish BernardoΓÇÖs flight risk: Khaled

    3. Shiny

      I am at step 11 but Khaled is not coming in the scene, so that I can put halmet on him. What to do?

      1. Charliemilo

        You got to tap on the photo of the mountain climbers in green.

  8. Quinn

    There are multiple ways to get unlock all the endings. My first setup was Aeliana – Theodor Zeudi – Jacqueline which unlocked the first four options, then I did it a second time with Theodor – The 1800-ish man you meet after the prison – The actress (because whoops misclick) and then Ruffalo. The second setup gave me all 5 options and I blew him into bits.

    No regrets

  9. Khan

    In my game, Khaled not appeared in front of Cliff to equip the gloves and helmet, what i do?

    1. Yoongi

      You have to move all the pictures aside and click on the mountain team in green, after the dialogue Khaled will appear.

  10. Beth

    How do I get back outside after tying Bernardo up and building the shrine. I have clicked everywhere on the screen!

    1. Cece

      Hit the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen

    2. Jdog

      Arrow in corner

    3. Amanda

      Same for me, IΓÇÖve been stuck on this one thing and I even restarted the chapter to check if it was a glitch. Literally nothing.

  11. minty

    For me I did:
    1. Teodor
    2. Galvani
    3. Valentina, actress
    4. Khaled

    And I got all choices

  12. Maahir

    wow i like game such such much

    1. Red

      It’s even better with this blessed walkthrough to get through the more… let’s call them “non-intuitive” puzzles. 🙂

  13. Red

    I didn’t understand the leaf pillar puzzle at first, even with the walkthrough explanation (although I do appreciate having the answer available!) I finally got it, so maybe this will help somebody else:

    The leaf BY ITSELF is #1, and is on the SECOND block of the right pillar. 2
    The PAIR of leaves is #2, and is on the SECOND block of the left pillar. 2
    The group of THREE leaves is #3, and is on the FOURTH block of the left pillar. 4
    The group of FOUR leaves is #4, and is on the EIGHTH block of the left pillar. 8
    The group of FIVE leaves is #5, and is on the SIXTH block of the right pillar. 6

    So #1 is 2, #2 is 2, #3 is 4, #4 is 8, and #5 is 6. [22486]

    1. RainbowBright

      I love you for this. Could not find where the 22486 came from. Phew!

  14. Red

    I called:
    Aeliana to establish his identity (since she knew him first),
    Teodor to recount his criminal history (since he had studied Bernardo in depth, and was also killed by him),
    Ruffalo to talk about his recent activities (since he was Bernardo’s right hand committing half those acts), and
    Khaled (who predicts the future, and has a background in criminal investigation and profiling) to comment on Bernardo’s probable future.

    The option to have Bernardo stripped of immortality and executed was locked with this combination.

    I’m rather disappointed the latent attraction between Khaled and Jacqueline isn’t resolved. Poor guy.

    1. Sian

      I’m hoping for more Physic Squad games to explore their relationship more

      1. marimaru

        IKR! i’m a big fan of Detective Kate series n ship Kate n Murphy but also want this series to be continued n explored more.

  15. bees

    I also got all the endings, but I picked Galvani, Consolata, Ruffalo, and myself.

  16. Shawna Lane

    Khaled doesnΓÇÖt show up to help me climb the cliff. IΓÇÖve restarted the level and still canΓÇÖt get him to show up. Is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Erin

      You have to move the pictures around and touch the one that has the rock climbers with green t-shirts on it.

  17. Jammer29

    I try to use your walkthroughs sparingly, but I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these. Your explanations for the really odd puzzles usually makes sense when I go back and look. I like these kind of solve-itΓÇÖs, but as you pave commented, some of the puzzles really donΓÇÖt make enough sense to get on our own.

    Great job! Please keep up the awesome work!

  18. Laurel

    I’m late to the discussion but wanted to share my combo that also gave me all of the ending options (and yes, I opted to blow him to smithereens, lol. I just don’t trust that he wouldn’t find some way out of the other punishments.):
    1) Teodor
    2) Consolata
    3) Ruffalo
    4) Khaled

    So I wonder why some of the other combinations don’t unlock them all. Anyway, fun game overall, and I hope we see some future romantic developments for this psychic pair! I did have to use the walkthrough a few times (that numbers on the edge of the wooden box one was ridiculous!), and yeah, some of the story logic was weird. But the tough-but-doable puzzles (and most of them are doable, IMHO) feel so satisfying. Thanks as always, Appunwrapper, for the support through the tougher spots! 🙂

  19. Angel

    where can i find the battering ram? helppp

    1. Malia

      It’s the bench, if you haven’t figured it out yet. You get the screw driver from the girl out of the bathroom window. You have to solve the combo on the lock door

  20. Malia

    Yeah the numbers on the box was a reach and maybe if the bottle wasn’t in front of the box the entire time until AFTER you solve the puzzle you could see the clue! I mean really? I know it’s supposed to be difficult but the leaves on the pillars and the Amore puzzles were quite the stretch I wouldn’t have come to those conclusions without the walkthrough. There needs to be some directions not just shots in the dark.

    1. .

      Actually, I solved the Amore puzzle pretty easily. Ther was a really similar one before this, or am i thinking about Painted Worlds instead?

  21. .

    Tou seriously typed VenvsPhysica.

    1. .

      Also, for anyone wondering, I also got all five endings and I chose the last. Here’s the order I used: First Teodor, second: Galvani, third: Zeudi (she really saw alot, huh?) Fourth: Ruffalo.

  22. Cate

    This has been my favourite game so far!

  23. Laurence

    22486 is not working for me and I really don’t understand how to solve this puzzle. Any clue ? Thanks !

  24. biskutkookie

    For some reason I didn’t like how the puzzle /clue they want us to find such as the stone carving that has bunch of leaves 1-5 and then how exactly could get 22486 where’s the connection? I understand the part ohh count the stone but still how that’s make sense? And also the panel letters puzzle the ‘u’ from ven’u’sphysica doesn’t have there so using ‘v’ venvsphysica. I tried not to look the answer and wanted to do myself but then where’s ‘u’ and I looked up here ohh it’s ‘v’ I feel like what??! How? Why? and the arrangement of the letters even with anyway it just doesn’t make sense. Kinda frustrated for some game in this story.
    Ngl I love this Physic Squad but some puzzle game not make sense. Remember the model walk and they distract with baby etc 😂

    The ending of choosing who and the punishment is okay for me. That’s it. It feels like I have so many complain lol but for real I love this game just some point the puzzles in this game is out of the box.

  25. Tonya

    You say spelll VENUS PHYSICA BUT THERE ARE NO “u”s. That makes no sense. Even in your picture there are no u’s. Fail

  26. Tea

    I finished the game, I had Bernardo struck by lightning but now I’m just stuck in the empty room. Am I missing something or did the game just glitch? It says I’m not done. I don’t want to have to restart the chapter again

  27. nan

    the hill climb section has completely changed, from what you showed. can you try out the new one? I’ve been stuck there for ages

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