EXIT – The Curse of Ophir: Walkthrough Guide

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

EXIT – The Curse of Ophir is a room escape game that takes place in the Hotel Ophir. You need to look for clues and solve puzzles to figure out the mystery. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


For now, I have video of my first playthrough. I’m also working on a step-by-step guide below.

Part 1:

Floor 1:

1. You’re at the Hotel Ophir. Follow the tutorial. Tap on the front desk and then pick up the Room Key. Open your inventory and examine the key more closely. Then tap on the locked box. You can change the numbers on the combination lock but we need to find the correct numbers first. Go back. Open the menu and use a hint, as the game instructs. That’s the end of the tutorial!

2. Pick up the Note from Hotel Staff and examine it. Flip it over and look at the back to see a clue. It’s telling you the code for the lock box is on the key.

3. If you look at the key, the numbers are rubbed off. But you can still go by the shape of the key itself. Tap on the key board to see all the shapes for the different room keys. Match the key you have to one of them and you’ll see it’s room 2-15.

4. So the code for the locked box is 215. Enter that to unlock it. Take the Elevator Button and Technician’s Instructions from inside.

5. The note explains how to access floor 2 of the elevator. First, tap on the elevator door and go inside.

6. Tap on the control panel. The elevator button will be automatically inserted. Pick up the Screwdriver and notice the burn makes and green plastic residue on its tip.

7. Now, let’s read the instructions:

If green (III), then as far away from red (IV) as possible!

Blue (II) crossed with yellow (V) and leave a space in between!

Purple (I) without neighbors or not at all!

So we know green and red have to be on top and bottom to give them as much space between them as possible. You can see scorch marks on the top one, and the screwdriver was scorched. It also has green plastic on it. That means green caused some trouble when plugged in at the top. So red should be on top and green should be on the bottom.

Blue crosses with yellow, with a space between them. So that’s pretty easy. Yellow should be second and blue should be fourth. Purple needs space around it or not at all. So don’t even connect purple. It should look like this. If you got it right, the floor 2 button should light up. Press it to go to the second floor.

Floor 2:

1. Get out of the elevator onto Floor 2. There’s a few things here to pay attention to. First, grab the globe from the stand. Notice the numbered lock on the stand. We’ll come back to it. Look at the painting at the back with a ship, plane and train on it. We’ll come back to that, too. Enter room 2-15.

2. There’s a lot to do inside room 2-15.

More coming soon!

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  1. Ruthie

    How to change the language of the game from German to English

    1. Chris

      The game uses the device/system language, so you could change that to English. If the device language is not supported by the game, it will use a fallback, in this case German, but in the upcoming patch that will be changed to use English instead.

  2. JL606

    I hated the globe puzzle. I was stuck forever because I had the 1 as a 7. I thought I was going crazy. That part was really bad design.

  3. Sara

    Has anyone gotten through the tunnel with the compass? I decided to view all three hints and follow the directions. It still wonΓÇÖt work. I donΓÇÖt know if they want you to pause the game, quit it or hard quit. I am playing on my iPad.

    1. Sara

      On the iPad, you have to quit the game, close the app, then hard close it by removing from your active apps (swiping up on the Home Screen). Then restarting the app, then you will see three paths and you choose Right. Now onto another insanely hard puzzle. This game is way too hard for me!

  4. Shannon

    The Morse code one is throwing me off. IΓÇÖve tried all the names I assume it would be. About to just try every year

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to go to the main menu. The flashing light is Morse code.

  5. Shannon

    Hahahaa now im stuck on the dang piano

  6. Shannon

    Oh my gosh. For the piano I had to make sure I wasnΓÇÖt backwards

    1. Terry

      Any help on the piano? The hints talk about the elevator and i cant get back to elevator

      1. AppUnwrapper

        IΓÇÖm not sure why the hint is referring to the elevator. But for the piano, you need to use the flame on the back of the page with the symbols on it and then circle the two that bleed through in the empty slots. Then youΓÇÖll have to play them in the right order. You change from p to f using the settings menu. Hope that helps!

        1. Terry

          I did that. The paper is blank now and nothing else has happened

          1. Sara

            You have to lower the volume of your iPad (or other) to play the first three notes then raise the volume to play the last three.

  7. Melissa

    I canΓÇÖt get past the end. Even the third hint about ΓÇ£the pattern on the back creates an outline of a pen with three squaresΓÇ¥ makes no sense to me. Anyone figure this out?

    1. Luna

      Hi Melissa,
      I too found the clue really confusing, and when I sought help on the internet I only found others who were also confused. The YouTube walkthroughs were of no help, and it appears they just followed the directions in the hint for what colours to use and where, without understanding why, and they clearly missed a step in the clue finding process. I say all of this as I share your frustration and confusion.
      I did however figure it out, and am kinda annoyed with how simple it actually was.
      So, when you hold the lighter over his forehead on the front of the portrait, you get the top right and bottom left corners as shaded blue.
      If you then use the blue pen to shade those corresponding corners of the frame, you get a diagram that shows the position of each disc.
      When you hold the lighter of the back of his head in the portrait, you get the top left and bottom right corners shaded blue. Erase what you had coloured in previously and shade these two corners instead. This gives you another diagram to follow which will tell you what colours to then put in eac corner of the frame.
      I have not explained that very well at all, and I too am frustrated with myself as I could have sworn I had already tried that multiple times.

  8. CatReader

    Do you have any walkthrough on EXIT – The Curse of Ophir that I have overlooked? The text/pictures walkthrough ends soon after reaching Harlane’s room and the only video I found ends just after solving the Golden Cylinder/cryptex (I assume for the first time, because it remains in inventory).

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