Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Sultan’s Inventor: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Sultan’s Inventor
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called The Sultan’s Inventor. You play as Royal Inventor Zara, who is accused of murdering Sultan Omar. You need to help her prove her innocence! This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 4. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Now we’re trying to get into the workshop. Cyrus spots us but promises not to alert anyone if Zara lets him into the workshop with her. He doesn’t believe Zara killed Omar. Pick up the book of musical notes and look at it. Also, grab the spear handle and blunt scimitar.

2. Use the blunt scimitar with the knife sharpener to sharpen it. Also, use the spear handle to reach the bucket on the shelf.

3. Use the scimitar to slice off a rope from the urn in the back. Take the lid off to reveal a snake holding a red gem. We need to play music to it, so we’ll come back.

4. Replace the old bucket with the new bucket. Use the rope with the pulley and then attach the pulley to the well. Lower the bucket to get a bucket of water.

5. Look inside the red urn. There’s a flute! You can’t reach it, so pour the water form the bucket into the urn and then take the mechanical flute when it floats to the top.

6. Now there’s a few places where we have to play music. The problem is, some of the notes in the book are smudged and we can’t read them. So let’s start with the easiest, the bull. It’s Dha Sa Ni Pa Dha. Go to the three-headed statue on the left and use the flute on it. For the first note, tap on the fifth hole. Then the third. The whole sequence is 53465. You’ll get the blue gem from the bull.

7. Now for the horse, which is Ni Dha Ri Ni Sa. We don’t know which one is Ri, so use trial and error to figure it out. You end up with 2 as the answer, making the sequence for the horse 45243. So now we know Ri is 2 and we have another blue gem.

8. Now let’s do the gryphon. It’s Ga Ga Sa Dha Ni. Once again, we need to use trial and error to figure out what Ga is. It turns out Ga is 1, so the sequence for the gryphon is 11354. Now we have all three blue gems!

9. Let’s move on to the cobra. According to the music book, the cobra needs the music notes Ni Pa Ma Ga Ni. We can now surmise that Ma is 7. That makes the cobra’s sequence 46714. Play that tune for it to get the red gem.

10. Place the three blue gems and one red gem on the door and then enter the workshop.

11. Pick up the walking stick and bird token. Also, notice the tapestry and the map of birds.

12. Use the walking stick to pull down the lever on the wall and get another bird token from the hanging bird.

13. Go through the doorway to the alchemy lab. Pick up the dented helmet, hammer and striped key. Move aside the two vases to get two more bird tokens.

14. Place the dented helmet on the anvil and use the hammer to fix it up. Then place the fixed helmet on the right guard besides the fireplace. Look at the painting that’s revealed.

15. Go back to the first room and use the striped key to unlock the tiger. It’s a musical instrument! And if you take a look at your music book, you have the notes for a jaguar, tiger and lion.

16. The tiger is Pa Dha Sa Ni Pa, which translates to 34653. Play that tune to get another bird token.

17. We now have all the bird tokens we need. Tap on the board with the holes on the wall. Place the five tokens down for a total of six. Now to figure out how to place them. Use the tapestry of the fruit tree together with the map of birds. Basically, see which bird likes which kind of fruit and then place that bird on the tree where that fruit is. But notice the tree is turned on the board so adjust accordingly.

18. The whole wall slides down, revealing a locked chest and another puzzle above it. Look at the chest. There are four animals on the lock. Notice four animals in the painting above the fireplace. That’s the order they should go in — bird, tiger, lion, peacock. Then look around the two rooms for the statues of those same animals and note down their eye colors. You get yellow bird, pink tiger, blue lion, green peacock. So that’s what colors you should set them to on the chest.

19. Take the key mold from the chest and look at the fish clue inside.

20. Go back to the alchemy room and tap on the locked chest below the lion head. Count the different fish from the other chest to get the combination for the lock. You have 1 shark, 3 anglers, and 4 piranhas. Enter 134 to unlock it. Take the red moon-shaped gem, red flask and yellow flask from inside.

21. Go back to the first room and place the red moon-shaped gem with the rest of the gems in the puzzle on the wall. Now we can solve it! You need to draw lines between matching symbols. The lines must go through all the squares, including the ones with gates. The gates show which two lines must go through the gate. Then take the blue flask.

22. Now, go back to the alchemy lab and place the three flasks down with the others. Now to solve the Filtration Puzzle! You need to place the correct shapes in each glass bubble so that the right symbols go into the flasks. When it’s all ready, pull the green lever.

23. Now we have refined mercury. Place the key mold in the furnace and add the refined mercury to get a duplicate access key.

24. Go back to the first room. Use the key in the automaton’s head to unlock it. Then you’ll get a flashback with Mustafa from four weeks ago.

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Arthur

    46714 1st flute tune needed

  2. Christine

    Stuck at the bird tokens.

    1. Katrina

      Look at the bird chart above the bed in the yellow room. It tells you what each bird likes to eat

      1. Christine

        Yeah I got it. Had to draw the three on a paper and place everything. But now with all the animals and numbers and colors, really stuck.

        1. Madi

          Mechanical animals around the workshop eyes are their colour the painting in the other room is their order,bird,tiger,lion,peacock . Yellow,purple,blue,green

  3. Arthur

    Cow tune 53465
    Horse 45243
    Griffon 11354

    If you know a keyboard Tiger tune

  4. Arthur

    Bird, Tiger, Lion, Peacock
    Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green

    1. Barbara

      Thanks! Had the animals but the colors escaped me

      1. Arthur

        It was the colour of the gem eyes in the statues

  5. Bradley

    Anyone completed the sender puzzle in chapter 5 yet? I just donΓÇÖt get it

    1. Jana

      Do you mean the senet with the hieroglyphs? I’m stuck at that one.

    2. Arthur

      Do you mean Senet puzzle, me too, I cleaned old tablet with wine soaked cloth, still meant nothing

    3. Mary

      the tablet has a grey figure and a black one, one facing left, the other right. that determines whether you should place a grey or black thing on the board (left facing pictures vs right facing pictures.)

      Next, for each “pair (snakes, shoes etc) you count whether there are the same amount on the tablet, or one has more than the other, and based on that you place the grey/ black thing in the “more” (>) , ‘equal” (=), or less (<) row. so if there's more left than right facing lion pictures, the pawn of the left facing lion goes in top row, and the pawn of the right facing lion in bottom row, etc

  6. Chrystal

    On the senet puzzle, the white/gray figure looks to the left, the black one to the right. The figures that look to the left go with a gray piece and the figures that look to the right go with a black piece. See the signs on the right of the box , they mean more than, the same and less than. You just need to count the number of figures looking to the right ( black) and to the left ( gray) and compare them. Take the first two pieces as a example.

  7. Marylin

    I have the 3 flasks but canΓÇÖt move them to the table. Help.

    1. John

      I also have the same problem. Help

    2. DeeDee

      They donΓÇÖt come down. You have to complete the puzzle without knowing what symbols are on them but if you get the rest right, they will be right

    3. Becky

      I have the flasks too and can’t place them on the table

      1. Becky

        Well I could still solve the puzzle without putting the flasks on the table but now it won’t let me put the key mold in the furnace so guess I’m stuck here forever

    4. John

      Just restart that level!

  8. Caren

    IΓÇÖm stuck on the salmani family puzzle. Can anyone help? Just canΓÇÖt workout the numbers for the door.

    1. Sarah

      Each family member has a large colored gem behind them. Count how many small gems of each color is in each picture and thatΓÇÖs your answer.

  9. Hayley

    I’ve solved the flask puzzle if anyone needs help.

    1. Purnima

      Yes please

    2. Elly

      Yes please… been trying to get that for ages…

      1. Elly

        Nvm… done it, and took a screenshot if anyone needs…

        1. John

          Yes, l like to see the screenshot.

  10. Ashley

    I canΓÇÖt get past the Purify puzzle with the flasks!!!

    1. Nicole

      I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t even put my flasks on the table 🙁

      1. Dana

        Yes. I canΓÇÖt either

  11. Katrina

    Where is the last tile in the bath house?

  12. John

    I also have the same problem. Help

  13. Andrea

    IΓÇÖve done and re done the carts over and over and nothing happens! Help.
    I found a solution online to check, and even then, nothing happens….

  14. Barbara

    The mouse has it.

  15. Bradley

    The bath house is beyond frustrating. Think I’m over thinking it but I can figure out the wall panels or the code setup for the boat… just can’t seem to figure out what to do.

    1. Brad

      Okay figured out the wall panels just after I posted but now have to rotate the fountain or something lol

      1. Brad

        Ignore all above finally figured them out lol 😂

    2. Kelly

      How did you figure out the columns? I found the tiles with the column pictures on it but canΓÇÖt figure out how to use it.

  16. Sarah

    My flute has disappeared. I played to the snake first but now have no flute for the other 3 gems. 🤷‍♀️

  17. Melanie

    IΓÇÖm stuck at the bartering puzzle in chapter5. Any help appreciated!

  18. Elly

    I just tapped on the table and bits above and they put themselves down… but I can’t figure out the order for the formulas… it’s driving me mad now!!

  19. Thelma Cristina

    Me plase

  20. Nicole

    My flasks do not go on the alchemy table, no matter how many times I highlight and move them.

    1. John

      Just restart the level and look at the video on the web site.

  21. Mazzie

    Is there an undo or back ΓÇ£buttonΓÇ¥? I used the flute first on the snake as I didnΓÇÖt realise there was an order in which to do it and then it disappeared so canΓÇÖt progress any further on the other animal heads. Any advice greatly appreciated

  22. Dana

    I have collected 3 flasks but it wonΓÇÖt let me place them at the alchemy lab? Am I missing something?

  23. Crystal

    Whoa, what happened to the title of this post? Adventure Escape Mysteries – The SultanΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s Inventor: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

    I know you still update this site, maybe fix that for all us catching up on Haiku games from 2 years ago?

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