Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Sultan’s Inventor: Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Sultan’s Inventor
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called The Sultan’s Inventor. You play as Royal Inventor Zara, who is accused of murdering Sultan Omar. You need to help her prove her innocence! This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 7. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 7:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Zara is now at the Royal Bath House, trying to deliver evidence to Princess Amira. But wind blows away the documents! Grab the miniature boat, switch lever, empty bottle and net. One of the documents is in the plant on the right, another is near where you found the net, and the third one is up high on the left, out of reach. Notice the two other documents that aren’t ours.

2. Use the net to fish out another switch lever from the fountain.

3. Place the two switch levers in the slots on the back wall. Flip the right switch to turn on the ceiling fan and then grab the document that flies down. Flip the left switch to shut off the waterfall, revealing eight patterned tiles.

4. Let’s use the 8 tiles together with the two documents we found to figure out how to arrange all the columns. The document with the four columns has each section numbered. So number the 8 tiles 1 to 8 and then change the patterns on the columns to match them. It should look like this:

5. Now the fountain raised up and we can control the waterways by spinning the fountain. Turn it four times and note down which holes have water coming through in each one. Use the other document to to see which number each waterway represents. Then add them up for each set to get the four numbers for the combination lock. So you get:

1 + 3 + 2 = 6
2 + 2 + 3 = 7
1 + 3 + 1 = 5
1 + 1 + 1 = 3

6. Enter 6753 into the combination lock to open the control panel.

7. Now to solve the Waterways Puzzle. You need to press the arrows to move the tiles and make a path that connects the START and END. You don’t need to use all the tiles. You can use my graphics or video if you need help.

8. Now the waterway is active. Place the boat down, then the bottle, and then all three documents inside the bottle.

9. Now the boat with the documents goes to the Sapphire Room to Princess Amira. She reads them and learns Jamal is a traitor. They’re planning to execute him at sunset. But something isn’t right. Why aren’t they having a trial? Cyrus tells Zara that Amira was always the one sneaking around with Mustafa. Did she frame Jamal? Then he shows Zara the door to the secret room. We need to figure out how to open it.

10. Pick up the wall tile, towel, switch lever and oil. Move aside one of the pillows to get another wall tile. Use the net to fish out another wall tile and another switch lever from the water.

11. Use the towel to wipe off the dirt over the tiles on the right. Also, place both switch levers on the wall and flip them. One will shut off the steam on the left and the other will raise a fountain on the right.

12. Add oil to the rusty wheel on the right.

13. Notice different fountains turn on when you spin the wheel. Make note of the order. The lion has one that spouts up and one that spills down. Then the two birds are left and right. It goes: Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down.

14. Tap on the door and press the buttons in the same order as the fountains:

Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down

15. Take the wall tile from inside and notice more tiles on the wall. We now have both sides of the pattern we need for the Tile Wall Puzzle. Place all four wall tiles in the empty slots on the wall and let’s solve the puzzle! You need to press the white knobs to rotate the tiles until they match the pattern you saw on the wall. Then go through to the secret room.

16. Pick up the silver key and fresh figs. Open the drawer to get a blue round knob. Move a pillow aside to get a gold key. Move the curtain on the left aside to reveal a painting of Amira. Notice the perfume bottles at the top. And last, push in the white tile on the right to reveal a lock with blue knobs. We’ll come back to that.

17. Use the silver key on the silver platter and take the fruit platter. Use the gold key on the locked table and get the pink gem.

18. Put the pink gem in the slot on the small jewelry box. There’s a necklace with a missing pendant that looks like the one that was in Mustafa’s hand. Grand Vizier Jamal’s stamp is also here, so Princess Amira must have stolen it. There’s also another blue round knob. Grab it.

19. Go back to the other room and give the monkey fruit platter. Then take the perfume bottles he drops. Give the fresh figs to the mouse in the hole in the wall to get another blue round knob.

20. Go back into the secret room. Place the perfume bottles with the others and organize them based on the painting of Amira.

  • 21. Go back to the lock with the blue knobs and add the three you found. Then use the perfume bottles to figure out how to arrange them. Pay attention to the five bottles with gems at the top. Move the blue knobs to where the orb on each perfume bottle is located. It should look like the photo below in the end.
  • 22. Read the documents and find the vial of poison. Now we have proof that Princess Amira is the murderer!

    And that’s the end of Chapter 7! Click here to continue to Chapter 8 or choose a chapter below.

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    1. CJ

      Missing all three documents I got the fan and one other been trying to figure out where it is but it’s been a few weeks I think I got the one in the plant I’m not sure.

      1. JD Varner

        Did you pick them up in the first place? (As I recall, you get them, then have to find them in the bath. I believe the incriminating papers are all in the outer pool room (the room in which you start.

    2. Rachel

      Anyone had issues with the blue sliders from the perfume bottles? (Point 21). The order in the picture doesn’t work for me. Any advice?

      1. Lushia

        Experiencing the same problem and I’m unsure what to do.

        1. Tina

          Auf 5 der ParfΓö£Γò¥mflakons sind tropfenfΓö£Γòórmige Edelsteine. Die HΓö£Γòóhe der Kugeln an den Flakons sind bei den KnΓö£Γòópfen einzustellen. Bei der Darstellung mit Hilfe eines Rastete, Bei den die HΓö£Γòóhe der Kugeln eingezeichnet werden, tut man sich leichter 😉
          Hoffe das hilft 🙂

    3. Cindie

      I donΓÇÖt have the 3 papers either. I got the plant paper and the fan paper but not sure about fountain paper. I tried to put the first paper in the bottle and maybe it took it ? I donΓÇÖt have it so I canΓÇÖt go any further. I would reset this chapter if I could and not put the first paper into bottle. Maybe thatΓÇÖs the bug

    4. Lushia

      I’m currently experiencing the same problem with the perfume bottles. Unsure what to do, please help.

    5. Ceebee

      Im playing the Android version, the fountain / button bit… The water comes out of the right bird fountain first… It’s very annoying as the fountain sequence does not relate to the button sequence

      1. Jesse

        Same. Seems backwards…

      2. Laurel

        It does relate. In all of the games by this developer I’ve played, I’ve never found a genuine glitch or a totally nonsensical puzzle. In this case, the reason for the pattern is that the bird on the right is shooting water to the left, and the bird on the left is shooting water to the right. The buttons are based on the direction of the water, not the placement of the bird statues themselves. I hope this helps anyone else who is having trouble understanding it.

      3. Erica

        It’s about the direction th bird is pointing

    6. Charlotte

      You forget to mention the third blue gem was hidden in the end table drawer

    7. Samuel Stanford

      Where the eff is the silver key? Usually there’s a walkthrough video for the whole level and pictures with things circled but not on this one. Can’t find the darn key.

      1. Evan

        It’s under one of the pillows on the floor, in front of the table with the jewelry box.

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