Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Echo Bay Murders: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Echo Bay Murders
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called The Echo Bay Murders. You play as Detective Kate Gray, as she travels to the coastal town of Echo Bay to investigate a missing persons case. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 2. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 2, Cabin:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You wake up in the Stranger’s basement and he offers you a glass of water. Take it.

2. He leaves to take a call. While he’s gone, throw the glass of water at the pipe to break it and get a piece of broken glass. Use the broken glass to cut the ropes binding your hands.

3. Pick up the pipe and bucket. Look at the fishing lures magazine on the shelf and take the paperclip from the corner. Also, move aside the sheet on the floor and then grab the drill bit. There’s also a flashlight in the hole that we can’t reach yet.

4. Use the paperclip to unlock the door to the left. Take the folding chair and pipe from inside. Also, attach the drill bit to the drill.

5. Use the folding chair to reach the drill battery on the top shelf. Then attach it to the drill to get a working drill.

6. Use the drill on the wooden planks over the window. Take the pipe and notice the license plate that says PCF 4DW.

7. Use the drill with the deer head to access the hole behind it. Place all three pipes down and solve the Pipes Puzzle. Gray pipes can be rotated, while gold pipes can be swapped. In the end, it should look like this:

8. Now the sink is working. Fill the bucket with water from the faucet.

9. Pour the water down the hole in the floor and grab the flashlight that floats up.

10. Use the flashlight on the stairs to the right to see a door and a keypad. To get the passcode, use the license plate together with the fishing lures clue. The license plate was PCF 4DW. Find each of those red letters in the magazine and then note down the numbers next to them. You get 921 437. Enter that into the keypad to unlock the door. Then head through and upstairs to the living room.

11. It looks like the stranger left. Let’s figure out how to escape! First, open the backpack and take out your evidence notebook. There’s also a camera in there but the battery is dead. Take the battery. Grab the charger from the table and the map piece from behind the couch pillow. Also grab the fish trophy from the shelf.

12. Plug the charger into the outlet on the wall and insert the battery to charge it.

13. Put the battery back in the camera and turn on the power. You’ll see the photo he took of you and Darius. Look through all the photos to get more evidence for your notebook.

14. Look at the photo of the couple hugging again. Notice the crown of roses on the woman’s head. The go white, yellow, red, purple, red. There are also four animal heads in the room with the same colors. Press those heads in that order — Wolf, Goat, Bear, Deer, Bear. Then climb up the ladder that drops from the ceiling.

15. Use the flashlight to see. Drag it around the room until you see a small silver box to the right. Open it and take the key from inside. Also, find the gun and take that too.

16. Go back downstairs and use the key to unlock the chest. Take the gun and magnet from inside.

17. Now that he’s left, you can open the curtains and reveal new evidence. Also, grab another map piece.

18. Place the two guns on the gun rack. Let’s solve the Guns Lock puzzle. Notice the trees outside the window. They’re the clue for the order of the guns. Match the height and colors of the guns to the trees. Light trees are light guns and dark trees are dark guns.

19. Take the light bulb from the drawer that opens.

20. Go back upstairs and use the flashlight to find the lamp. Replace the bulb to turn on the lights. There’s another fish trophy under the blanket on the chair and another on a shelf to the right. Grab them both. Also, use the magnet to open the filing cabinet drawer and take the crowbar.

21. Use the crowbar to pull off the planks of wood covering the window. Use it to pull up the floorboard to get a wrench. And last, use it to pull off a plank on the left wall to get another map piece.

22. Use the wrench to remove the handlebars from the bicycle. Also, place all three map pieces on the map to complete it. Notice the sticky note on it. There’s also a locked box on the floor next to the map. We need to use the map to figure out how to open it.

23. First, let’s figure out the numbers for each black and white shape. The sticky note gives you all the information you need. The black shapes start with the circle at 25 and you add 5 for each one going up. The white shapes start at 3 for circle and you add 3 for each one going right. I filled in the info below for you. Once you have that, locate the two fish from the locked box on the map. Then see which two shapes/numbers meet at that fish. The first one is 50 & 27, and the other is 30 & 15. Enter that into the locked box to open it. Take the fish trophy from inside.

24. Tap on the trophy cabinet and place the four fish trophies with the rest. We’ll also get more evidence for the notebook. Now let’s solve the Trophy Puzzle. Use the trophies that are stuck in place to figure out the pattern. It should look like this in the end. Then take the harpoon.

25. Kate hears the stranger pulling up again and closes the attic door so he doesn’t find her. Use the harpoon with the harpoon gun to pick it up.

26. Shoot the harpoon out the window. Then use the handlebar to zip line out of there.

And that’s the end of Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Haiku Lover

    The solution to the pipe puzzle isn’t right. It says: connect the 4 pipes with no dead ends. In your solution, there are a lot of dead ends!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I dunno what to tell you. ThatΓÇÖs how I passed it.

      1. Chanz

        The solution is correct, cus they mean no dead ends in the connected pieces

    2. void_knite7

      Repeat or multi-use pass through areas technically don’t count as a dead end. I think by dead end the mean running a pipe into the wall

  2. Lynn

    Yeah the pipe puzzle solution is wrong

  3. Pat

    Pipe solution doesn’t work.

    1. Averi

      I think you have to look at the puzzle sideways.

  4. Barbara Needham

    Not all the pipe pieces have to be connected. Just canΓÇÖt have a connected one become disconnected. It actually doesnΓÇÖt use very many of the pieces.

  5. Barbara Needham

    But you are right posted solution doesnΓÇÖt fulfill the conditions

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I was surprised it worked, too, but now I’m on the next chapter and can’t go back. 😞

  6. …………….HIHI

    Plz can you do chapter 3

  7. milo

    is the gun puzzle not working for anyone else?

    1. milo

      i figured it out lol

  8. Carol

    The ladder won’t fall from above after pressing the heads in the correct order

    1. Carol

      I figured out what i was doing wrong, thanks

  9. Sharyn

    I cant get the camera to show pics. I have the charger in the outlet. Tapping on camera does nothing.

    1. Tamara

      You should tap on the arrow pointing < under the power button, take the battery. Then tap on the battery in the inventory and then tap the charger in the outlet. That will let you see the pics that give the code for the hatch.

  10. Ludwig

    I did not get the camera out of the backpack, yet it says ΓÇ£I donΓÇÖt need anything else from hereΓÇ¥. No backpack! I canΓÇÖt proceed! : (

    1. jule

      had the same problem. but when I restarted the level, I could pick up the camera. just had to do it immediately after taking the note book. couldnΓÇÖt pick it up later. dunno. probably a bug.

    2. Michelle

      You only need the camera to see the color arrangement of roses in her hair and the evidence folder.

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