Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Point-and-Click Adventure ‘Another Tomorrow’ on iOS, Android or PC

Another Tomorrow
By: Glitch Games

[Update: The giveaway has ended and all winners have been sent their codes!]

Glitch Games, the masters of puns, have been working on their newest game, Another Tomorrow, for nearly two years now. Those who have been eagerly awaiting another adventure game from them should be happy to hear that it will finally be out on Android, iOS and PC this Saturday, February 12th. I played through the full game over the last week and can confirm that there are indeed lots of puns and many head-scratchers. If you’re a fan of tricky puzzle games or just very British humour, you’re not going to want to miss this one. You can pre-order the game right now for $5.99 right now and play it as soon as it releases. Or you can enter my giveaway for a chance to win one of five (5) codes for your platform of choice to download it for free!

I have five (5) iOS codes, five (5) Google Play codes, five (5) Steam codes and five (5) codes of Another Tomorrow to give to twenty lucky readers. Please read the instructions below carefully to ensure your entry is accepted.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Make sure youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re following @AppUnwrapper and @GlitchGames on Twitter. You can also “Like” my Facebook page for an extra entry.

2. Share this link ( on Twitter or Facebook and include the hashtag #AnotherTomorrow and why you want to win a copy.

You can also share this page via Facebook for a second entry.

3. To make sure you’re entered, comment below with your Twitter/Facebook username and any methods you used to share, so I know you’re interested in a promo code. Also mention which platform you’d like a code for. Winners will be contacted through Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

The contest will end February 12, 2022 at 12 PM EST and there will be a drawing for twenty (20) total winners across all three platforms. Please make sure to use the code ASAP, as it does expire. To use an iOS code, go to the “Games” tab in the App Store, scroll down to the bottom, and press “Redeem.” Log in to your account and then paste the code in the text box. Then download and enjoy!

Good Luck!

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  1. Jordi

    Platform: Android or PC

    1. Mary Ellen

      Entered as @DaTwilightZone on Twitter. I’d like an ios code if I win!

  2. Eric

    You know I can’t resist a good AppUnwrapper giveaway, and there’s nothing better to give away than a Glitch Games game! Tweeted (@RustySabre). Preference would be an iOS code, but if you’re just dropping the names into a hat and “1st come 1st serve” than any target device would work for me.

  3. Chris Parker

    Twitter name Bowieboots – IOS please

  4. Victoria

    Platform IOS

  5. TheCrazyStupidGamer

    Hey. I’d like to get one if I’m lucky enough for Android. PC would be the second choice. @playrapper15 on Twitter.

    1. TheCrazyStupidGamer

      Its @Pkayrapper15. Sorry.

  6. Bruno Ramalho

    naovouporai no Twitter and Facebook
    Shared on twitter, follow appunwrapper and glitchgames
    iOS 🙂

  7. Fay

    My favorite hint site is AppUnwrapper. I would love to win a code for the new game Another Tomorrow. iOS preferably

  8. Lindsay

    Twitter @lindsaynichols, Facebook @lindsayjknichols – iOS pretty please!

  9. Jami Waid

    I am following @AppUnwrapper and @GlitchGames on Twitter. I liked your AppUnwrapper Facebook page. I tweeted the message(@alwaysJami1995) and I shared it on Facebook(Jami Waid)
    I am interested in the iOS version. Thanks!

  10. Michelle Peer

    @AlpacaKaraoke iOS 🙂

  11. Kim Pagan

    Liked and commented on all platforms with username thekimeffect and I have an iPhone. Thank you!

  12. brerlappin

    Entered as @brerlappin on Twitter

  13. CatReader

    No Twitter or Facebook, so I will be paying full price. Nice promo, though; good move for all involved parties.

  14. Rohit Bhatia

    Hi, Entered as @RohitBhatia29 on Twitter, on Steam platform for PC, Thanks

  15. Tereska

    Entered as @TereskaJansen on twitter
    iOS please

  16. Justin

    iOS please

  17. Robin

    I’m a HUGE Glitch Games fan AND an AppUnwrapper fan! I don’t have Twitter but I have liked your Facebook page and proudly shared the link to this page on my Facebook for my 582 friends like a shameless shill 😁 I would like the iOS version please! Facebook name: Robin Anna Powers

  18. Anu

    I love all your games! Liked AppUnwrapper, Glitch Games and FB page, and shared on Twitter with hashtag.
    Username @Trinkettes
    Steam for Mac please

  19. Alex

    @spiralgoddess on twitter and liked your FB page
    Platform: ios please. Ty!

  20. Alexius Aditya

    @adidlucu & Alexius Aditya on FB, iOS

  21. Raman Sharma

    Twitter handle – ramansharmakgp
    Promo code wishing for – iOS or Android

    Grateful if I get it 🙂

  22. Steph MoonageDaydream

    YouΓÇÖre always my go to resource for excellent reviews and insane puzzle solving skills. Would love to have a code to check out this game.

    Twitter is @StephMoonage

  23. Steph MoonageDaydream

    YouΓÇÖre always my go to resource for excellent reviews and insane puzzle solving skills. Would love to have a code to check out this game. iOS please

    Twitter is @StephMoonage

  24. Idle

    Twitter: idlesatire
    Preference would be steam 🙂

  25. Maurizio

    Entered as @uam on twitter. If I may choose and then IOS

  26. Jiggy Galactus

    @jiggy_galactus on Twitter. Interested in Android version (but Steam would be OK, too)

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