Dungeons of Dreadrock: Walkthrough Guide

Dungeons of Dreadrock
By: Christoph Minnameier

Dungeons of Dreadrock is an incredibly clever game that mixes puzzle and action, broken up into 100 bite-sized rooms for easy access. It might be mobile-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. So if you get stuck on any of the levels, this walkthrough guide should help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


For now, I have gameplay videos I made, but I’ll try to refine this later.

Chapters 1 – 10:

Chapter 1, Every Year is a cutscene.

Chapter 2, Anger the Gods: Carefully move around the first zombie so it can’t attack you, and make your way to the sword to pick it up. Then kill all three zombies and break through the door to reach the exit.

Chapter 3, Ashes to Ashes: Head left to hit the first button and quickly run down to the second button, then left and up to the third button, all while avoiding the flames. Then run back up, again avoiding the flames, and go through the open gate. Head up to the fourth button and quickly run right and down to avoid the flames. Then go back up and grab the key. Again, make your way down to the bottom, avoiding the flames. Use the key to unlock the second gate and head through to the exit.

Chapter 4, Clack Clack Clack: Run around, avoiding the spider’s webs. Then get up against the spider and attack once and run away before it can hit back. Do this three times until it dies and then grab the key from its corpse. Use the key to unlock the gate and head to the exit.

Chapter 5, You Look Familiar: This one’s easy. Just run over the button and towards the exit. When the other human is free, she’ll leave her cell and kill the monsters for you.

Chapter 6, A Terrible Smell: Get close enough to the ogre so he starts to chase you. Then, when he’s far enough from the door, head towards it quickly and hit it a few times to break it. You may need to lead him away again in between hits if he gets too close. Once the door is broken, head to the exit.

Chapter 7, The Chase: The ogre followed you to the next floor! Quickly break down the door and outrun him to the next door. Break it down and escape. (I’m not sure if releasing the zombies changes anything.)

Chapter 8, Trapdoor: The ogre is still chasing you! Run around the trap door and kill the monster near the levers. Then use the right lever to close the trap door again. When the ogre lands on the trap door, open it again to drop him down. Then use the left lever to open the first gate. Head through pull the next lever to open the last gate. Sleep by the fire to recover and then continue to the exit.

Chapter 9, A Strange Dream is a cutscene.

Chapter 10, It’s a Trap: Read the scroll that says, “Spill no blood and you shall walk free.” Then head through the portal on the right. Immediately run down and over the button and hide in the little little alcove on the left. Let all the monsters get themselves killed and then quickly make your way to the exit, avoiding the flames again.

Chapters 11 – 15:

Chapters 16 – 21:

Chapters 22 – 30:

Chapters 31 – 35:

Chapters 36 – 43:

Chapters 44 – 52:

More coming soon!

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  1. Sara

    Stuck on level 73! I hope you’ll keep posting. 🙏

    1. J Daniel

      I am stuck on level 32. How did you solve it? I canΓÇÖt figure out where or how I am supposed to mimic the dance.

      1. Adam Augusta

        There are two subtle switches in the upper walls. TheyΓÇÖll visibly react when you bump into them.

    2. Adam Augusta

      You need to get the elf to shoot seven arrows at the portal before approaching the gate.
      It seems impossible because the elf seems to beeline for the gate himself.
      The trick is to realize that the elf prioritizes chasing you but, as an archer, will step away from you if youΓÇÖre too close to him. Get him to follow you around the pillar, and then keep him pressed on the bottom row while he fires up at you.

  2. Strider

    Level 73 was by far the hardest to figure it out.
    The archer doesnΓÇÖt shoot you when you are close to him.
    Make him move to the bottom row. Move left right to have him shoot 7 arrows direction teleporter and evade them.
    Then kill the archer.
    Move up and watch the troll getting killed by the 7 arrows.

  3. Sky

    Help stuck at level 83, Ivor keeps on missing the Ogre and dies.

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