Adventure Escape Mysteries – Lost Ruins: Revenge on Atlantis – Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Lost Ruins: Revenge on Atlantis
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Lost Ruins: Revenge on Atlantis . When Professor Burns gets possessed by an ancient desert artifact, he sets out to destroy the underwater city of Atlantis. You need to stop him before Atlantis is lost forever. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 1. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1:

You can watch my video for Chapter 1 or continue below to my step-by-step guide.

1. Professor Burns found the lost city of Zerzura and brings Xochi and Peter along to show them. We’re at the gate and the need to get the soldiers to leave. First, pick up the crowbar. Then use it to lift up the rock and get the car keys and to open the crate and get the wire cutters.

2. Use the wire cutters to cut through the barbed wire fence. Then use the car keys to unlock the car. Before entering, take a look at the bulletin board and move everything around so you can see each piece of paper. Take a photo because they’re important.

3. Enter the car. Peter has the idea to use the radio to call the soldiers and command them to leave. We have the radio frequency from the bulletin board — 107.3. First, move the lion bobblehead aside and pick up the small key. Use the key to open the glove compartment and look at the notepad inside. Now change the radio frequency to 107.3.

4. Now we have to convince the soldiers to leave by answering some questions. There was a note on the bulletin board from Lt. Williams that said “No entry for anyone.” So when they ask who’s calling, choose Williams.

5. When they ask what’s your rank, choose Lieutenant.

6. It gets a little trickier now. The question is, “What’s your group’s call sign?” So look at the notepad in the car and notice next to Williams’ name it says Akkhra. There was a map on the bulletin board that also had Akkhra on it and it was near a lion head. So the answer is Lion.

7. Next, they ask “What’s our group’s ID number?” It’s not on the notepad, but we can figure it out from the other numbers shown. The first group ID is 124 and the next is 247. The last one is 506. Basically, add 1 to the first digit, 2 to the second digit, and 3 to the third digit. You then end up with 360 for the third group ID and 483 as the fourth group ID, the one we need. So that’s the answer. Then tell them to evacuate the area.

8. Pick up the shovel and use it to dig up the mounds of sand, revealing two stone heads. Look at the combination lock on the door. You need to imagine the red head in its rightful place on the red statue and the white head on its rightful place on the white statue. Then look at the horns on all four statues and press the buttons on the lock that matches them. Then head through.

9. First, pick up the spear, trowel and brush. Also, notice that when you press the button above the right statue, some symbols appear on the block ahead.

10. Use the spear to clear the rock jam above the left statue. Use the brush to clean off the mural on the right and take a look at it. Then use the trowel to dig through the rubble and get the bowl. Now, let’s use the clues on the mural to unlock the box below it. Count the arrows and spears on each colored section of the mural. You get 4 Blue, 3 Red, 1 Green, 3 Yellow. Enter that into the box and take the second bowl.

11. Place one of the bowls in the hands of the left statue. Pull the chain to fill it with water. Then pick it up again and place it in the hands of the right statue. Then place the second bowl in the left statue’s hands and pull the chain again. Now both statues should have full bowls of water and some stone tablets will rise up from the floor.

12. Press the button above the right statue again. Pay attention to the flashing symbols. Count how many times you see each one. It should be either 1, 2, 3 or 4. So the first symbol flashes 3 times, the second symbol dashes 2 times, the third flashes 1 time and the fourth symbol flashes 4 times. Then change the symbols on the tablets based on that order. It should look like this in the end:

13. Try to cross the bridge. We need to solve the Bridges and Gates puzzle! The goal of the puzzle is to get the two characters standing on the two entrance platforms with yellow targets on them. The starting platform is the only one that they can both stand on together. Use the colored buttons to open the gates along the way, and don’t run out of moves. You can watch my video below if you need help.

14. Grab the morningstar and the bow and arrow and look at the mural. Also, notice the animals on the wall and the symbols below the gongs.

15. Use the bow and arrow with the candles to light it on fire and then shoot a flaming arrow at the cobwebs. Then grab the charged drone.

16. Now let’s figure out the order to hit the gongs. Notice on the mural that each row has one animal and one symbol. That symbol is represented by that animal. So the three spikes go with the ox, the star-like shape goes with the lion, and the 8-pointed shape goes with the… dragon? So now look at the six animals on the wall again. Start with the one leading the others. It goes Dragon, Lion, Ox, Lion, Dragon, Lion. Find the gongs with the symbols that match them and hit them with the morningstar in that order. I numbered them below if you need help.

17. Now use the drone with the tiles. We need to solve the Disable Trap Puzzle. Place the rocks on the tiles so that all the tiles turn green.

17. The soldiers show up and throw Xochi and Peter into a pit and force the professor to open the tomb.

And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Click here to continue to Chapter 2 or choose a chapter below.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

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  1. Sarah

    I’ve just looked at my Haiku Games app – and I don’t have this, t’s still marked as ‘coming soon’ – when was it released…? I’m horribly stuck in Another Tomorrow (I have done everything I can at the bar, but it’s not triggering the next location. Emailed Glitch over a week ago, and, unusually for them, they’ve not responded, nor have they done so on Twitter), so was looking for something else to play.

  2. Harjot

    So I saw this too! I was thinking I didn’t get it either but then I saw a update waiting in my Play store! And now it’s worked!! Have fun!!

  3. Adrienne

    After tapping gongs in order nothing happens. The head’s eyes turn from blue to red, on some strikes, but nothing else happens….stuck here in chapter 1. Don’t want to, but guess I’ll remove the game then reload and start over. I’m not that far along, but I hope this doesn’t happen in any of the following chapters; IF I get to play beyond this one…

    1. Me

      Red is the end of the cycle. If you accidentally hit the gong before realizing the pattern, you might keep starting in the middle. Hit the gongs til the eyes turn red to clear the lock, then start from the right and work your way left.

    2. Brits

      This is happening to me too.. did you ever get it figured out?

  4. A

    Do not wait till the eyes turn red.. u need to hit the next going before it’s red

  5. aa3321543tw

    the answer of the first question is all wrong because 124 plus123 equal 247 but 247 plus 123 equal 370 not 360 so the answer is wrong. please fix it ok?

    1. lori

      it’s not the first three digit number plus the next three digit number, but rather that the individual digits increase by 1 or 2 or 3 depending on where they’re sitting. so don’t think of it as two hundred forty-seven, think of it as 2 – 4 – 7

      first set 2 – 4 – 7
      rule +1 – +2 – +3
      next set 3 – 6 – (1)0

  6. Dee

    Not enough Rachel, too much Xochi, and even as a possessed being, Burns is still a stick in the mud. PeterΓÇÖs awesome though, and the game was good.

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