Point-and-Click Adventure ‘Avolteha’ Finally Has a Release Date After 10 Years in Development (Preview Inside)

By: Roman Jahn / Picopeople

Picopeople’s visually striking point-and-click adventure, Avolteha, came to my attention years ago, back when I thought it would be releasing in 2018. I loved the claymation look of it and it reminded me of Amanita Design’s games, such as Samorost and Botanicula. But when that date came and went, I admit I forgot all about it. It seems the developers had not, and they’d been working on it all this time. So now, after ten years of development, Avolteha finally has a release date of May 31, 2022. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and made some gameplay video of the first fifteen minutes.

The most obvious draw of the game is its art style and so far it does not disappoint. Each area is rich in detail and looks like a physical diorama that you could actually touch. I especially like the cute and quirky creatures I’ve encountered, even the little lava guy currently blocking my path. As with Amanita’s games, there’s no dialogue, no words at all aside from the title. Instead, interactions and clues are given through animated speech bubbles. Everything has also been built specifically for mobile, so you drag and drop items and can easily zoom in on iPhone.

There are some bugs left to squash and some quality of life improvements I’d like to see, such as faster movement, but overall I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. I’m also glad the developers included iCloud sync, as I can try to make some progress as I enjoy the gorgeous spring weather today away from my iPad. I look forward to playing more of Avolteha and will have more impressions for you closer to release. The game will be out on May 31st and exclusive to iOS devices. It’s also available right now for pre-order if you want ensure you don’t miss it.

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  1. Viciouspink71

    Are you going to pick this back up since itΓÇÖs been released? I am enjoying it so far and finally figured out how to get past the little fire guy but am stuck in part 2. I agree with you that there needs to be faster movement from location to location. I also find it frustrating when I find where an object can be used but am shown a balloon that I need to walk closer to it to actually interact.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Unfortunately, I was having problems with the save system and never got any further.

      1. Viciouspink71

        Well bummer! It has been fun to play but I have run across several glitches.

    2. Sara Brown

      Hi Viciouspink71, how do you get past the little fire guy? I tried putting the water berries over his head instead of handing it to him but he still stamps it out.

      1. Howard17

        Stand near the fire guy and place the ΓÇ£water berriesΓÇ¥ on the little blue creature on the ceiling above and have fun!

  2. Mel

    I am stuck on how to get past the little hot guy! If anyone can help

    1. Viciouspink71

      Not to totally give away the solution…I will just say to try interacting with the blue creature on the ceiling of the cave above the little fire guy.

      1. Mel

        Thanks 😊

        IΓÇÖve also had some problems with the saving bit managed to work round them!

        1. Viciouspink71

          Hope that helps! No issues with saving here but I am now stuck in part 3. I will keep trudging on!

          1. Howrad17

            Looks like youΓÇÖve made it past part 2

            From my post….

            Help! Stuck in part 2. Is it a glitch? Cannot find flowers for the table in second house where the guy is cooking. I guess thatΓÇÖs why I canΓÇÖt get the third piece of the shield to move past the guy with the spear. Please help if youΓÇÖve gotten past part 2


  3. Sara Brown

    I preordered the game for my iPad. It crashed immediately after clicking on the little house. I contacted PicoPeople support and they are working on the bug. It appears this prepaid version has an issue and the fix will be to not have iCloud on at startup. If anyone else has this problem, contact them because they are very good at responding. I just wish I could play the game 🙁

    1. Mel

      I have pre ordered and have been playing on my iPad I just had problems with the cloud saving but no crashes

      1. Sara

        Thanks Mel. If you can, write to support and tell them because they are working on a solution to the problem I described as many users are having this issue. If they know you pre-ordered and donΓÇÖt have the issue, it might help them. In the App Store, the developer said he is working on a solution and v. 1.02.

  4. Howrad17

    Help! Stuck in part 2. Is it a glitch? Cannot find flowers for the table in second house where the guy is cooking. I guess thatΓÇÖs why I canΓÇÖt get the third piece of the shield to move past the guy with the spear. Please help if youΓÇÖve gotten past part 2

    1. Mel

      You need to make a vase in the steam machine – using the ladle a green crown like thing and some more moulten larva.

      ItΓÇÖs possible IΓÇÖm on level 3 but stuck again!!

      1. Howrad16

        Thanks. I used the ladle and molten lava. Out the hot bucket in the door, but thereΓÇÖs one more door in the steam machine with what looks like water. Where do I get the water?

      2. Howrad17

        Where do I get water for the steam machine? Have the lava. Thanks

        1. Mel

          Use the arrow and the rope to hook a cloud on the first screen.

          1. Viciouspink71

            Have you gotten to the greenhouse yet? I feel like I have clicked everywhere and tried everything to get red paint!

            1. Mel

              Is that where the weird is creature with one eye looks at you ? I think I am after black paint and the octopus has something to do with it but canΓÇÖt figure out what!

              1. Viciouspink71

                Ok. You are still a bit behind me. Try using the octopus on everything in the room where you found it. I hope itΓÇÖs okay that we are using AppUnwrapperΓÇÖs comment space as our gameplay sandbox!

                1. Mel

                  Thanks again 😊

                  Yes I did wonder if it was ok to be asking for help here I couldnΓÇÖt find any help anywhere else and Appunwrapper is normally my first point of call for game help!!

                2. Mel

                  Lol thank you that worked it was funny the monster scared the octopus 😂

                  1. Viciouspink71

                    I thought that was hilarious as well!! 😂

                    AppUnwrapper walkthroughs are my go to when I get stuck! They are always fun to watch.

                    1. Howrad17

                      Stuck on wiring puzzle to open door in part three. Got the light on for the washing machine canΓÇÖt get the door light. Have the diagram on the wall from the lower floor but canΓÇÖt figure it out. Thanks!

                    2. Viciouspink71

                      Howrad17: I found the diagram to be confusing and not really helpful. I ended up flipping switches pretty randomly until I figured it out. Try this: top row 5th switch red, middle row 4th switch red, bottom row only the first switch green.

                    3. Howrad17

                      You are my hero! I was getting so frustrated! That worked, I can move on.

                  2. Howrad17

                    Mel can you tell me how to open the telescope? I replaced the wire, but the buttons do nothing. Thanks!

                    1. Mel

                      Make sure the power is on to it

                    2. Howrad17

                      Yes…both lights are on grid. Door and washing machine are open and on. How do I power up telescope. Changed wire in box, switches “click” nothing happens. Thanks!

                    3. Viciouspink71

                      Unfortunately, there is no light on the main switchboard panel to indicate the telescope panel is activated, if I recall correctly. I know I also flipped different switches on the main panel to see which ones I could change that didnΓÇÖt turn off the two red lights and then randomly pushed buttons on the telescope panel. I have to say that the whole switchboard thing was not a shining moment where logic prevailed for me. Maybe Mel can assist further with this one.

                    4. Mel

                      I used the wiring diagram I got my partner to help who is good with electrical wiring! From memory itΓÇÖs the bottom right switch that turns the telescope switch on and off.

      3. Heather

        IΓÇÖm stuck. IΓÇÖve used the bucket and put the lava in the machine along with the water. Machine is working, but where do I put the ladle and green thing?

        1. Viciouspink71

          Dip the ladle with the green glass in the lava well then place it on the left hand side of the machine.

  5. Picopeople Support

    All problems now fixed in version 1.02. Available now in the AppStore. Please update now.

  6. Heather

    Sorry stuck again! Where do I get the lamp shade?

    1. Viciouspink71

      Look in the house where you helped the guy start his fire.

  7. Mel

    I have got a berry for the red paint but I have been everywhere and canΓÇÖt figure out what to do with it!!

    1. Viciouspink71

      Let’s see if I can remember…did you take it to the lady in the greenhouse? I actually finished the game yesterday so thinking back that far for some details is a bit fuzzy.

      1. Mel

        Yes – she just tells me it makes paint!

        The artist seem to indicate I had to drop it….

        1. Viciouspink71

          Sorry, I canΓÇÖt believe I am blanking on this. Did you try moving the berry all around the white card in your inventory? I remember wondering how the heck I was supposed to make paint during this section of the game and the solution being easier than I thought.

          1. Mel

            Yes that was it ! Thanks

    2. Howrad17

      Feed it to the green monster to transport between the two levels.

      1. Mel

        Thanks but itΓÇÖs a bit on from that and itΓÇÖs an actual berry.

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